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    Thanks Richie. Yes using this phone on 3G is not a good option. I use the phone in a very similar way to the galaxy s3 I had and I must say iphone battery last much longer. Even on 3G and or just wifi. Won't do any reinstall as new to this phone as I think the 3G drainnage wont go.

  • Song002 Level 1 Level 1

    SOLUTION: Just disable ONLY icloud safari on your iPhone.


    All other icloud connectivities are fine.


    (I'm sure someone posted this sometime aleady.)

  • galos Level 1 Level 1

    No, that doesn't solve it. Already had it disabled and didn't help. The only way to help somewhat, is to disable iCloud completely, but that isn't an option for most since it will also disable 'find my iPhone'

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    I upgraded my old phone to the Iphone 5 four days ago ( From Verizon ) . I let it drain down to zero the same day as purchased . Put it on the charger , and at 2 am the battery was at 100% . I unplugged it , Put it on my nightstand and went to bed.


    Got up at 10am checked my phone for missed calls and saw that my battery was now at 81% . So while I was sleeping I went from 100% to 81%,,,,,,,,,19% battery drop ( In 8 hours of me sleeping).


    5 minutes later , I checked again and it dropped from 81% to now 79%


    I called apple tech support , listened to each and every piece of advice,,,,,,,,," turn this off " ,,,," turn that off",,,,"close these out",,,," press these buttons ",,,,,,,,,," 4G will drain quicker ",,,,,etc,,,,,,,,,etc,,,,,,,,BLAH,Blah,blah.


    When my phone call was completed 1 hour and 15 minutes later , I was now qualified to fly a 747 ,,,,,,,,,,But still not finding a reliable solution to my battery drain . In fact , when first I placed my call to them I had 79% battery life,,,,,,,,,,,,an hour and 15 minutes later,,,,,,,,,,I was now at a whooping 49% of battery life .


    I returned my Iphone 5 to the Verizon store yesterday (at 1pm) , and had it replaced with a brand new one . The phone had 57% battery life . I took it straight home to now wait and observe it.


    I DID NOT download a single app , nor did I connect it to my computer , I did NOTHING to it other than simply bring it home.


    At 6pm , After 5 calls totaling about 57 minutes of talk time , My new Iphone 5 was completely dead.




    This is NOT what I expected after dropping $450 . I have an Iphone 4S , and an Ipad . And those devices can literally go days without a charge . In fact , my fiancee has the Iphone 4S , talks all the time , watches tons of YouTube videos , and is on Facebook constantly , and never even knew about closing out apps , and she goes to bed at night with about 15% to 20% battery life remaining on her 4S.


    I was astonished to see so many others having the same problem as I'am.


    I was excited buying the Iphone 5 , I was expecting a Corvette .

    Then told that I would have to turn the radio off , turn the lights off , remove the tires when not driving it , and use the windshield wipers only when parked in my driveway , in order for the engine to work " PROPERLY".


    As another poster had stated , What good is the Iphone 5 and all it's " NEW TECHNOLOGY" , if you have to " Turn this off",,,,,,,,,"Turn That off ",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and basically turn off all the functions that I had originally purchased it for in the first place ??


    I shouldn't have to babysit my phone . Nor should I need a 4 year degree , or enroll at DeVry to figure out how to properly get the most from my Iphone.


    Unlike many others here in the forum , I have til Tuesday to return this and get my money back . And I shall do so promptly.


    I'd rather eat the $35 cost of returning it , rather than be stuck with a stripped down Iphone 5.


    My only question is this , Who gets that $35 fee that I'll have to pay for returning it ??? Is it Apple ,,,,,,or Verizon ??


    Either way,,,,,,,not a bad way to profit off unsuspecting customers.


    Verizona and Apple are BOTH aware of this problem,,,,,,,,,,,,And Verizon didn't say a WORD about this glitch when I asked about the product,,,,,,,,,,And as for Apple,,,,,,,,,The specs on battery life regarding this darn sure don't fit the bill .


    As a LONGTIME Apple supporter,,,,,,,,,,,,,I'm disgusted,,,,,,,,,In this economy,,,,,,,,in these times,,,,,,To ask people to fork over a good sum for their product,,,,,,,They darn sure better delivery QUALITY,,,,,,,,NOT EXCUSES!!!

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    hey Bigsportsfan2, I had the same problem...  It's a software bug on the iphone 5 OS/or one of the OS apps that comes with it or with the Verizon version.  You could take it to the Apple store and have them restore a fresh copy of the latest OS version plus Firmware and don't forget to reset/update the Verizon version too, After they upgrade all to the latest versions go shopping and see if the battery holds before returning it.



    to fix it yourself… you have to totally restore the iphone to the latest version OS from itunes (you need a clean install not just an update. You must remove the old OS). That fixed my iphone 5 and I have not had any problems since, I love my iphone 5. Don't give up, it's not the iphone 5 but it's the software causing the battery drain which can be fixed. Try to Restore it first and don't put your backup in until you know if it's working or not. If it is working then put your backup in and test again.



    I am using version OS 6.1.4, Verizon version 14.2, and my Firmware is 3.04.25 Model is MD654LL/A…Compare your version softwares and Firmware with mine. you can find this info in Settings under General then choose About. I have no problems now that I restored and reset my Verizon carrier to the latest version… I have turned on all apps and locations after fixing and It still holds long battery life. I can go for days without charging my iphone 5 now vs before when I first got it was only a few hours. Once you get that bug worked out it's a CHARM!

  • Bigsportsfan2 Level 1 Level 1

    The specs you gave me are the same specs on my phone,,,Except my model # is MD658LL/A  ,,,,,,,,I have to GO to an apple store to have them FIX it ??

  • travis1906 Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same issue (Sprint though) and did every trick on here. Was on my third iPhone. What worked for me was doing a hard reset and restoring as NEW on iTunes NOT from my backup settings on iPhone. I was frustrated just like you and was ****** off that the phone reps and Genius Bar folks acted like I was a Martian and that I was the only one in the world who had this problem. It was like magic and it just started working like my 4S. Good luck.

  • onlyallmacs Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, but just updating will not get rid of the bug. Your iphone may of just been updated and not have a fresh install. try what travbis1906 just said "Hard reset and restoring as New" in iTunes and not from backup. You have to clean that bug out and it will work.

  • Bigsportsfan2 Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks Guys,,,,,,,,,,Trying it now

  • Bigsportsfan2 Level 1 Level 1

    Nope,,,,,,,Same problem draining

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    One of the things I also did was Reset Network Settings>>General>>Reset>>Reset Network Settings


    Bigsportsfan2, The bug is still there and not removed. If the above does not work...Try this, go to  Settings>>General>>Reset>>Erase ALL Content and Settings and set up as New again but don't setup mail yet, skip it. See what happens. If it's working go ahead and set up mail and see what happens. Someone here said Mail was the app that had the bug, it kept constantly checking for mail and draining the battery even when told not too. Regardless if you put in a clean install it should be 100% fixed.

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    Lately, my iPhone 5's battery has been dying extremely fast. I charged my phone up to 100% and ten minutes later it was at 72%. Also, my phone turns of randomely with plenty of batter life still left, as if it didnt have battery. I dont know what's going on with my phone  if anybody knows anything I'd appreciate it.

  • jellydog Level 1 Level 1

    If you are using Microsoft Exchange as a mail client, try removing it, reboot, recreate it. tore-method

  • jellydog Level 1 Level 1

    If you are using Microsoft Exchange as a mail client, try removing it, reboot, recreate it. tore-method

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    Can anyone help me in this.

    I'm getting a battery drain over usage (WIFI) like this

    1% every 3-4 mins . Whether its texting or using fb or messenger.

    Is this normal for the battery drain?

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