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    Yes, that's it. Glad you've refreshed my memory on that, I remember it all the more now

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    Thanks, @Ed10. That is a useful post. It was traditionally called "memory effect", meaning the battery capacity would decrease over time if you didn't fully discharge it occasionally. It has nothing to do with computer memory.


    However, this was a characteristic of Nickel-Cadmium cells exclusively. No other battery technology since the time of NiCd has exhibited "memory effect". Even Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) does not suffer from it, which is why all hybrid cars used NiMH technology until 2012; some are now using Lithium chemistry batteries, like the iPhone and iPad and most laptops. My 2003 Prius is still going strong on the original battery after 11 years.


    NiCd batteries are rarely used anymore, because of the environmental damage done by dumping Cadmium into the environment. So you can forget what you know about memory effect; it is outdated and doesn't apply to modern battery technology.


    NiMH and Lithium batteries have the opposite problem; if you fully discharge them regularly they lose capacity. They "prefer" to be recharged before they are completely drained. That's why Toyota designed the Prius to never go below 20% State of Charge. So it is better to recharge the iPhone before it gets so low it shuts off. However, the iPhone and iPad will not "let" you fully discharge the battery. When it shuts off below 1% there is still plenty of reserve in the battery; Apple just doesn't want you to use it, and risk damaging the battery. What IS bad for the battery is to let it shut off, then NOT recharge it. Over several days of being idle the charge WILL go to zero, and the battery will be damaged. At the other end it is perfectly safe to leave the iPhone connected to a charger after it reaches 100%, because the charging circuit in the phone will shut off.


    Lithium chemistry batteries have a problem all their own; you can't tell the state of charge from the voltage output, as you can with other battery technologies. This means that they need a smart battery monitor that measures current in and current out. Over time this gets out of calibration; to recalibrate it you must run the battery all the way down (in spite of what I just said above), then charge for 4 hours with a wall charger. Apple recommends doing this once a month. But the reason to do it is to calibrate the battery gauge, not to prevent memory effect. And the battery isn't really fully discharged when it shuts off; it still has ample reserve to protect the battery.

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    Everyone stop.


    1) Go to batteryuniversity(dot)com and educate yourselves before regurgitating bogus information that's been spread around for years.


    2) stop replying to trolls


    3) apple has not and I feel very confident that they will never respond to this issue. Get over it and move on, even if it means switching phone manufacturers. Many have already started doing that and I'm sure many will continue to do so. Showing companies that you're tired of their shenanigans is most effective when performed by your wallet.

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    Even though I had bluetooth turned off on all three devices (I have no bluetooth peripherals), merely upgrading forces bluetooth on. That could be an unecessary power drainer.


    This happens both on the iPhone and the iPad. And also happened when upgrading to all the previous iOS 7 versions. It happened today on my iPad 2, iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 when upgrading to iOS 7.0.3.


    So just a word to everyone - if you don't need bluetooth on, after your upgrade make sure to turn it off. Because for some reason the iOS 7 upgrader loves turning it back on again.



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    I have had this problem for some months now.  it just started one day phone getting very hot (to the point of being quite uncomfortable in my pocket) and draining battery whether im using the phone or not at a fairly consistant rate of 1% every 2min.


    i have tried everything in this thread and nothing has worked.  I can conpletly turn off all icloud, bluetooth wifi, push, use of mobile data for every single app etc and still 1% every 2min.  The only thing that works is turning of the overarching mobile data button. I leave this off and just use the phone as a non smart phone turning on the mobile data every now and again to check email. 


    Wifi is fine i can be at home using wifi and as long as the mobile data is turned of i have great battery life. the second i turn it on hot and back to 1% every 2 minutes even though it is till using wifi.


    Anyway does anyone know if the 5c has this problem? 

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    the draining is bcos u have enabled  location

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    Nope, just turned off location services and it drained 13% in 20min and got very hot.


    I have tried every possable combination, the only thing that works is turning off mobile services. I just have to keep it off, turning it on occasionaly when i need to, to check email. 


    If im in wifi zone with mobile services turned off battery is normal and all apps, mail etc works fine. The second mobile Data is on then phone overheats and approx 1% every 2 minuts.  It's funny, turning location services off seemed to actually use even more battery 13% in 2min is 1% every 1 1/2 minutes. even worse than normal which is a pretty constant 1% every 2min.

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    That is weird when u turned off location it drained even more?  hmm..

    I have no credit on sim right now so i have mobile data off am using wifi home .. thing is when phone is in sleep wifi goes off auto. ,when data is on it is still on even in sleep .. leave location off turn mobile data off.. and wifi too and try use phone without internet connection ..

    And set email to manual ..

    What do u think? when u been using 6.1.4 was better ?

    7.0.3 is probably buggy .. i noticed the audio sound gone bit less louder when on max.. 6.1.4 was prob best iOS ..

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    Just been playing with it since message above,surfing over wifi, screen turned down to 25 percent, and had 98% now 94% so it is NOT wifi problem.. ! Ok sorted ..

    Thing is there is no clearly stated on iphone whether it has turned GPS on or not.. it is included in location group.. on my android phone i have gps off bcos that is the most draining function on smartphones !

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    Is it normal for the battery to drain down to 88% after 29 min use age and 31 min stand by.

    No heavy useage watched one small clip and then just normal browsing.

  • Ethos Evoss Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    on stand by?  that is a lot ! i have STILL 42% after 4 days

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    I have had the same problem. Not being that tech savvy after asking numerous people at telstra shops in NSW etc asked an apple dealer in Cairns and he switched the setting from 4g to 3g as he said it's continuously searching and because 4g is not in many places it drains it quickly. It has definitely helped. I get closer to 24 hrs now as opposed to 6. He turned off some other thigns too but I don't remember what...sorry. But I think the 4g thing was the main drain.

    Yes it's pretty disappointing.  Seems Apple doesn't give a ..... that so many people are having major problems.

    Guess profit is all that matters but they might lose some customers.

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    Its not 4G for me Catherine. 4G on or off it makes no difference with me. On standby with all apps closed and in my pocket 1% drain every 2 min.  0G is the only thing that works for me.

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    Call Apple, they have quite a few iPhones with a battery drainage issue..They are replacing them..

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