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    Yeah that *****. I'd take it to Apple and demand a new phone.  When I first called apple aout it months ago they said there are batches from certain areas that have faulty batteries and that they will replace the phone if that is the case but it was a matter of going back and forth and them trying different things.   At the time I wasn't near an Apple store. I am surprised Apple hasn't addressed the problem. You'd think a company with billions of profit might care ...apparently not.

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    My first new iPhone 5s had a weird mic issue and I got a brand new one (not refurb due to reporting it before 14 days after I setup a new Verizon contact). I did the plain old "back and restore" directly from iPhone settings.


    The new phone's battery seemed to drop rapidly... not so fast that it wasn't usable, but twice faster than the original iPhone. Talking 10-15min to apple support, and the phone dropped ~5%... 2% right in front of my eyes when I was getting the serial number as I was talking. Browsing the web on the built-in safari app would mean about 1-2% drop every few min or 2...very frustrating seeing your battery drop like that… maybe they should get rid of the % like Android.


    I called Apple Support and was suggested to:


    1. Update to 7.0.4 OS (just came out last night) - Apple said OS fixes bugs that might cause battery performance issues

    2. Restore iphone using itunes (instead of directly on settings) - Apple stated this helps with 'battery drain bug

    3. Disable services such as LTE, Bluetooth, location services (send diags), do manual fetch on email, etc… see . Use wifi whenever possible over anything else.




    Number 1 didn't seem to do anything

    Number 2 seemed to help!

    Number 3 = win. Turning LTE drastically improved my battery life


    I did metrics using a stopwatch to time % battery drops.


    1% drop every 5-6min browsing or video streaming = ~9-10 hours of playback… like advertised.


    1% drop every 9 min of talking with 5 'circles' of signal = ~7 hours of talk time… like advertised.


    3% drop after 45min of listening to music on earphones = ~24 hours of music play back… like advertised.


    5-10% drop after on standby all day = ~10-15 days on standby… like advertised.


    Okay - even if you are an avid iPhone user… it is HIGHLY unlikely you will exceed the above metrics in a single day before you charge for the night.  I was able to replace the same numbers on 2 iPhones with the same settings (they literally matched like a clock).


    To conclude - check your settings and don't immediately jump to the conclusion that "my battery is bad and I need a new iphone.' Do steps 1 to 3… if that doesn't work for you, call Apple support.


    Side note: My wife's brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 can't make it more than 7 hours without getting a battery low warning AND SHE HARDLY USES IT AND HARDLY HAS ANY APPS. Android doesn't have the awesome 'standby' power savings feature. stop ******* about 'I should have gotten Android. Don't get my wrong… I am an Android user for last 3 phones over 6 years… that's a long time in the mobile world. I like my first iPhone a lot better than any Android device I ever had...iPhone is much better designed and usable no matter how much time you customize your Android's 1mil options.

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    I got fed up with my issue and of Apple saying it's me, not the phone. I will do what you suggested! The way I see it, although my iP5 is out of warranty, their updated broke it, so they should stay behind their software if not behind their phone. I agree, we should not have to turn off feature after feature just to be able to use the darn thing for a dy! I was getting 3 days between charges on my first iphone, and 2 days on the one I have now befor I upgraded to iOS7!

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    No thanks, I have an Ip5 already!!!!

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    50 Mega Watts (MW) transmission power?!? That's why my battery dies in a couple of hours!

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    I pretty much have the same problem, although I have not tried to disable cellular data. My phone gets warm to the touch and drains the battery in 3 to 4 hours. More so, in setting-usage it shows usage time as being hours even if the phone stays in standby, not being used. Sometimes the usage time is identical with the standby time. All my stuff is Apple, so it will be quite hard to switch to a different platform, but if they continue to ignore me and say it's me, not the phone, I will switch back to Windows (ouch!). After all, we buy Apple because "It just works!"

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    Even if the phone is out of warranty?

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    To improve your battery life with an iPhone 5 you should do the following with iOS 7:


    Open settings.


    General>background App Refresh -Turn it off


    Privacy>Location services>System Services - Turn off Location based iAds, Popular near me and Frequent Locations.


    Change your brightness to ~ the second "s" in brightness


    Also the usual manually fetch email.


    Then settings>iTunes and appstore and turn off automatic download updates if your really desperate.


    Also turn off notifications for all of the apps that you don't care to get live updates.

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    Have you tried calling Apple?

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    I did, I also went to the Apple store, basically their answer was, it's nothing wrong with it, disable all the features you paid for, charge it overnight and come back if it still does it. Did all that and then some, I'll go back on Sunday.

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    Did all that, didn't help, basically it's something working in the background, even if the phone is not used, in stand-by, in settings and usage, it will show usage time as being almost equal to stand-by time, although all the apps are closed in the background. Anybody knows how to tell which processes are opened and how many resources they use? I have an app telling what is running in the background, but it doesn't tell what's used by each app.



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    You can try force quitting applications (double tap the home button and slide the ariel view of the app up),Turning on limit ad tracking (Privacy>Advertising - Limit add tracking) and clearing cookies (which can remain active).


    Besides that nothing runs in the background unless background app refresh is active, you have notifications enabled or the device is searching for updates.


    Also make sure to power off the iPhone about once a week. (it is technically a computer, so it'll help keep things running smoothly)


    You can try following this using iTunes:


    Step six is CRITICAL.


    After your back to the home page you can restore from your backup. I would keep it "as new" for a measurable amount of time however to rule out hard issues (if you echo the steps I mentioned above while in the "new" state).


    Hope it helps

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    How do you clear cookies?


    Thanks for reply.

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    Settings>Safari>Clear Cookies



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    Of course :)

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