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    Thanks, that has been taken care of during restoring to new phone. Thanks, though.

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    Hello All,


    Guys I discovered something, I am sure this will solve the most of the battery drain out problems related to Wi-Fi usage on Iphone5 or probably S.


    I had 4 before switching to 5 that was a real beauty.


    Since I moved to 5 I noticed it is not utilizing battery it is eating the battery like any hungry dog.


    Firstly I noticed that most of the battery is drained out while it's running on WIFI. I have 1 exchange 1 gmail 1 yahoo account, gps=off, location services=off, auto app updates=off, brightness= 50%.


    For testing I switched off wifi for 3 days to observe the battery consumption, everything was running on 3G.


    I was shocked to see the battery response increased drastically; almost like Iphone4 I was able to get the backup.


    Then for another 3 days I was running on wifi at my office + home problem came back again.


    Then I tried another thing, this time I switched off 3G in the back ground while Wi-Fi was on. Worked like a charm.


    So bottom line while using the wifi 3G should not be enabled in the back ground seems like it tries to switch to 3G in the back ground.


    When using the wifi don't keep the 3G or the LTE enabled, this solved my problem. Now I am getting like approximately 16 hours of battery backup with normal usage of the phone.

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    None of which explains why I keep WiFi and 3G (and LTE now that I have a 5S replacing my 4S) and BlueTooth on all the time and my battery drain rate is quite acceptable.

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    I have had the drain issue for about a month since I upgraded to OS7 and tried several of the fixes listed here.


    Of course I thought it was an Apple issue, SW or HW.


    After trying to adjust most of the settings listed here as potential causes, which got minimal results,


    I deleted my FaceBook app.  I went from 8 hours standby back up to 3 days.


    So, it seems my battery is OK, it was the Facebook app that was killing it.


    Thanks for all the posts here.  Most were very useful.

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    Did Apple fix this for you? I am having same problem on my iPhone 5, going back to Apple 3rd time in 3 days! I want a replacement, It's out of its warranty but this problem is Apple so they should sort it out!

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    No it shouldn't be their problem...that's not how any buisness in the world works.


    Here is my earlier post to help with battery life:

    To improve your battery life with an iPhone 5 you should do the following with iOS 7:


    Open settings.


    General>background App Refresh -Turn it off


    Privacy>Location services>System Services - Turn off Location based iAds, Popular near me and Frequent Locations.


    Change your brightness to ~ the second "s" in brightness


    Also the usual manually fetch email.


    Then settings>iTunes and appstore and turn off automatic download updates if your really desperate.


    Also turn off notifications for all of the apps that you don't care to get live updates.


    You can try force quitting applications (double tap the home button and slide the ariel view of the app up),Turning on limit ad tracking (Privacy>Advertising - Limit add tracking) and clearing cookies - Settings>Safari>Clear cookies and data (which can remain active).


    Besides that nothing runs in the background unless background app refresh is active, you have notifications enabled or the device is searching for updates.


    Also make sure to power off the iPhone about once a week. (it is technically a computer, so it'll help keep things running smoothly)


    You can try following this using iTunes:


    Step six is CRITICAL.


    After your back to the home page you can restore from your backup. I would keep it "as new" for a measurable amount of time however to rule out hard issues (if you echo the steps I mentioned above while in the "new" state).


    Hope it helps "


    At the store they can tell if it's a hardware issue or not, if it isn't then replacing it would be a complete waste of time because you would restore from a backup bringing any settings that could be causing the issue over to the new phone.


    If those steps don't work folow this link:

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    Fantastic as in fantasy. Most of the advice in the article is wrong, and it doesn't address the real battery eater, which is a single rogue application.


    It's another of those "advice" articles that tell you to turn off all of the features of the phone that you bought the phone for.

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    They said is the battery, $79, I didn't do it because I am convinced that's nothing wrong with the phone. I played with it a little bit more, it's working fine now, the last thing I did was to disable LTE and wi-fi, left it like that for a few hours and then reenable the funtions. I know it makes no sense, but it works ever since, wich is 5 days. Good luck!

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    You're right, there is a rogue app or even something in the OS, Apple should aknowledge the issue an help people identify what causes their problem.

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    If the problem is caused by an upgrade to the OS or even an upgraded app bought from the app store, IT IS their problem, even if the phone is out of warranty. I guess that's why they don't aknowledge the problem, they know that legally would be their problem then. And make no mistake, they DON'T aknowledge the problem!

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    Well, there are roughly a million apps available for the iPhone. It would be an impossible task to identify the ones that can cause problems like this.

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    I could agree with that, although this is a big selling point for Apple, they test the apps before they accep them in the app store. However, while there are 1 mil apps out there, on my phone are maybe 5 non apple apps, all I wanted from their "genius" was to help me figuere it out wich one, if any, could cause the problem. Their attitude was " it's not the phone, it's you". There are system apps on my mac that use to run crazy in the background in Mountain Lion, they fixed that in Mavericks, so it could very well be the same thing happening with the phone too.

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    I concur 100% with JohnMo48! 


    I took a month break from Facebook which included deleting the app from my phone and I was amazed that I had over 50% of battery left at the end of every day.  I added the app back on to my phone and immediately noticed that my battery was not making it through the day again.  Deleted the app off again and the now my battery is back to having over 50% of life left at the end of the day.


    Thing is, I would check Facebook once a day for 5-10 minutes and then immediately hard close the app so it must still have something running in the background that is a battery hog.


    Also, my phone does not shutdown until under 5% now compared to shutting down between 20-30% when the Facebook app was on my phone.

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    Same problem with the draining battery AFTER THE iOS UPGRADE but I only have a 4S.  Very upset - apple should loan out a new portable battery charger until they can fix it.   I was at 35% this a.m. in the snow & my phone dies-- just great !!   My husband just got his second SAMSUNG & it has never had this problem.  I'll prob do the same if this isn't fixed soon.    Ny brother in law just gave up his work iphone for a Samsung too. 


    COME ON APPLE get your S together