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  • dschlo Level 1 Level 1

    I am now having battery issues with my iPhone 5.  Nothing was updated, added, changed, ect.  The battery drain started this past weekend, the battery life up to that point was great.


    I've noticed the drain is faster when outside on Cellular data vs at home on WiFi.

  • dschlo Level 1 Level 1

    Also, I just noticed under Usage that even though I'm not using my phone the usage time is identical to standby time.  Something is constantly running even though I've deleted all running Apps.

  • rmz83 Level 1 Level 1

    Today with 24% of battery, I received a phone call and on the first minute my iPhone turned off completely.

    There's something really wrong with this phones.


    For those who didn't read my previous comments. I did everything, even a clean install without restoring any backup. First I thought that fixed all the problems, because everything was working fine and better than ever and now this happens.


    Software or hardware related, Apple should take this problem more seriously because it seems to be a very wide spread problem among the iphone 5 users. Before buying this phone all my friends have warned me about the iPhone 5 battery problems that they had and I thought it was something wrong with their usage (having everything turned on like wifi, 4g, bluetooth, background apps, etc) but now I can see that it's really a problem with the phone.


    So for me, no more tests here.  I did everything that I could do to fix any bug related to an app or backup.

    But Turning off with 24% of battery it's obviously a huge problem with the battery or iOS power management.

  • lrs411 Level 1 Level 1

    My iphone 5s is in its last week of 1 year warranty, having the same problem with fast draining battery, took it to Apple store they replaced the battery under warranty and I am still having the same problem  I get about 4 hours of battery life out of a full charge.  This is most annoying.

  • xoxo.Leslee Level 1 Level 1

    I've had the lock button issue. A month or two before my warranty was up they replaced my phone with a new one, well not new "refurbished" I'm guessing. Sure enough a month after my warranty is up, my button goes out again. Since my warranty was up I took it to a local cell place here & they changed the button for a decent price.

    About a month or so ago, my battery started to drain like crazy. Sure it was tolerable if I carried my laptop with me everywhere so I could constantly charge it... Up until a week ago. It just went down the poop hole recently... I could have it fully charged before going to bed & about 4-5 hours later it would be at 3%. Then it started to randomly just "die" & when I plugged it into a charger, it'd miraculously be charged 20-40%. So I've taken it to that local company to change out the battery & I'm hoping this will solve my problem & not be a complete waste of $30.

    I've had the iphone 4, 4s, & 5. I have a few other Apple products, which I absolutely love. But these issues with the iPhone 5 is just too much. & I'm sad to say I may switch from apple to another brand soon if these problems persist. I guess I'll wait & see if the 5s has as many problems to determine whether or not I get the next newest apple phone.

  • BerBehr Level 1 Level 1

    This fixed my iphone 5s, thanks for posting.  I was about to delete and restore everything on my phone until I saw this!

  • Toxicthug Level 1 Level 1

    Since the ios 7.0.5 update my battery life on my Iphone 5c has went from 100% to 48% on standby mode in the space of 6 hours. I've tried everything from closing apps to turning off notifications! If anyone can help i would really appreciated!

  • Bobmaca Level 1 Level 1


    I am also having the same problem with my battery. Everything was fine with my phone until a week or two ago and now over night in the space of 6 hours or so the battery dies by about 30-40%. My phone is currently out of warranty and this is my 2nd phone in just over a year. My first phones lock button broke and I was given a refurbished phone as a replacement. I have restored my phone twice and still nothing has fixed it. Come on Apple help out your customers.

  • jonc172 Level 1 Level 1

    I have recently been having the same issue with the battery on my iPhone 5.  This is what I did to go some way to almost cure this problem:


    1. Use the phone until it powers off by itself.

    2. Plug in the charger.

    3. As soon as the phone starts to boot up, remove the charger cable.

    4. Use the the phone again until it powers off and keep repeating the previous steps.


    The thing I noticed that after the phone powered off at say 10% and then plugged in the charger, after boot up the phone was back to reporting anything up to 25%.  After several minutes of usage without the charger, the battery would suddenly drop back down to say 9% and after several minutes of usage it powered off again.


    I repeated the above steps many times so that eventually percentage gap between the initial reported percentage on startup and the percentage before shutdown was as small as possible.  I think I got down to 4% on initial startup before shutdown occured at 1%.  Even at this point I still repeated the steps several more times just to make sure that these were the lowest percentages I could acheive before the shutdown.


    I can only conclude that there is some kind of 'synchrosation' issue with what power is reported initially and what is actually left in the battery.  The above steps, in theory, will drain the battery as much as possible to bring down both the initial reported percentage on start up and the percentage before shutdown and bring them closer together.


    Now my phone can pretty much last the whole day with moderate usage and now shuts down at a more realistic 1-4%.  I cannot say how long before it'll go out of sync again, but for me, at least I know what to do if this starts happening again and before the gap gets too big to make this a less time consuming process!  Also I will only now full charge my phone when it get below 10% and charge to 100%, usually at the end of the day and overnight.  I aim to minimize instances of partial charging as much as possible.


    I will be interested to see if this resolves the issue for other, and in anycase at least try this before spending money on a new battery!  Hope this helps.

  • Ed10 Level 1 Level 1

    Many, but not all of the previous 100 notes here seem to be describing an issue where the phone "thinks" it is out of power, but may not be.  There's nothing like a float in a gas guage that can actually tell how much is left - this is done, it seems, with a bit of software and hardware and some guesswork to display the percentage left.  And when the that guestimate goes very low, the phone shuts itself down, even if there's a lot of energy remaining.  It would be nice if there was some option like "shut down everything except the screen - when that goes off, I'll plug in and restart the phone" mode.  [With a non-Apple cable, my phone doesn't want to charge, so it seems the phone can disallow power coming in.  If that's the case, this discharge-all-the-way mode could be entered with the phone plugged in, and when it runs out it could automatically reset and recharge fully.  But let's not wish for too much at one time.]


    This idea of continually discharging and then fully charging once could tell the software to reset properly, so this is definitely worth a shot for most.


    Hopefully the next battery technology used for phones will give more accurate feedback on the energy levels remaining.

  • Bobmaca Level 1 Level 1



    I have tried your suggestion but this has not helped at all. I tried it 10-15 times but each time my phone comes back on it is only at 4-5% and not up to 25% like you experienced. Thanks for you suggestion but I think I'll have to bring it to a place that will try and repair it and spend some money.

  • Ed10 Level 1 Level 1

    And, after discharging completely 5 times did you charge it to 100%?

  • jonc172 Level 1 Level 1



    After you have got the percentages to the lowest points, then do a full uninterupted charge.


    After doing doing this myself, last I checked I think I got 4 and a half hours on usage (mainly internet and email) and 14 hours on standby in General > Usage since last full charge and had about 36% left. Also since doing this, I no longer get any discrepencies between the percentages when plugging in the charge cable or sudden drops in percentages.

  • Bobmaca Level 1 Level 1



    Yes I gave this a go 2-3 times and still no success with resolving my problem. I have since taken my phone to another repair shop. They took it for 1 day and changed the battery and charger port and this still did not work. They cannot find where the problem is. I'm thinking the phone cannot be repaired.

  • xoxo.Leslee Level 1 Level 1

    When I took my phone in to get the battery changed, the employee informed me that changing the battery wasn't guaranteed to work. Apparently there have been customers where it was their motherboard causing the problem. Or something like that. So I asked her if there was anyway to resolve the problem if that were it, sadly, she said there isn't if that's the case.


    I hope it's not for you. Good luck.