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  • nkalra Level 1 Level 1

    Whatever it is either hardware or software, I have switched to Nokia Lumia 925 n seriously happy now with the  type of battery backup I am getting now.

  • J-Justin Level 1 Level 1

    As I have mentioned before I have tried 9 tricks to save the battery, 11 tricks to save battery, then 17 tricks to save the battery and finally 21 tricks to save the battery, the numbers are Increasing each time and if it is something to be saved this much then it is definitely an issue now and the future.

    I love my phones 3GS,4 , 4s and whatever is being introduced to 5 and 5s is not doing justice or helping users. I set my iPhone 5s back to factory setting and I didn't even want to back up from my any back ups stored in iTunes as I thought something could be in my back ups, bugs or virus or thread whatever they call it. I use iPhone for purely 1 reason some certain apps are smooth as silk and not on Samsung, it is not the choice I would be happy to make switching over to another brand as I have been using iPhone since in university til now over 10 years and now I go to work, gym and parties with my hedious looking power juice portable charger which seems to be the the only solution. As a reminder, I set it back to factory setting. Started as new phone and have done it over 20 times already and re-synced everything over and over again and still it is charged fully 100% 12:00 mid nite and when I wake up at 6:30 am, it is left with 22-23% every single morning. Yesterday I didn't charge fully and see if it makes any difference and yes it did when I wake up I see a black screen a sign saying needed to connected to iTunes so basically it means battery is flat. It took up extra 30 mins and I was late for work. We miss the phones we had while "Steve jobs" was around :)

  • J-Justin Level 1 Level 1

    If you guys want to know where I got all these informations and want to give it a they are.

    Notting works for me but still I am trying to hope to save my daily life necessaity item "my phone'"


    11 tips to keep ios7 from destroying your battery life


    - turn on "reduce motion"

    - turn off air drop

    - stop searching for wi-fi

    - disable location service

    - turn off background app updates

    - turn off background app refereshing

    - disable auto brightness

    - switch off notifications and on only the ones you need the most

    - mails (use fetch instead of push)

    - turn off siri raise to speak

    - turn off 4G


    There is this newly article just came out, and it says 26 ways! oh dear...does it mean we got 26 unuseful but draining battery options in our phone? it is written by ZDNet. definitely people would have sincere trust in this article and they are reliable.


    I have read , done and compare...well like i mentioned I was late for work yesterday 30 min, trying to un- black out my iphone screen with itunes. So no it didn't work for me.



  • Alex R.S. Level 1 Level 1

    you may want to try getting your battery replaced by apple

  • 1234geman Level 1 Level 1

    I really believe it is a hardware issue. Why the **** should we have to turn off every feature on our phones( even though that made no difference at all. It is a motherboard issue, not turning off features issue.

  • J-Justin Level 1 Level 1

    I am with you guys...but I was using iphone 5 til February getting giddy with this motion icons feature and there was no options for me to reduce that on iphone 5 and it drained my battery ever since , I just changed to 5s one month ago, yes i could reduce the motion and relief of that motion icon sickness but now migraine trying to figure what else there to solve is a 1 yr warranty and I am stressed with what could be the next issue everytime they release an update on software. and there is always an issue with every updates, and if we don't update it says the phone may not work properly and slower, so it is the choice accepting it slower or dealing with issues..I don't think I can't be that unlucky to have two particular problematic  phones 5 and 5s right? I tried chatting with apple support online chat system/support team, they asked me to send diagnosis of my phone and after his verifications, he said there is nothing wrong with my phone and sent me a link how to "reset and "restore to back factory setting" and I have been doing it for past 2 weeks and sometimes twice a seems like definitely the software problem for a lay man like me.

  • jonc172 Level 1 Level 1

    I will wait to see if the iPhone 6 will be any better with its battery life.  If it's still poor I think I'll be dumping Apple and going Android.  If HTC, Sony, Samsung, LG etc can do it why can't Apple?!

  • pacorob Level 1 Level 1

    i advise you to look very carefully at apps that you have on your iPhone and can use your:

    - Settings > Privacy > GPS > only turn on for apps which you really want to use this (e.g. Maps)

    - Settings > General > Refresh in background  > I already turned that off completely for all apps to save battery

    - Settings > Notification center > your apps > be selective in which apps are allowed to show message on access screen, message center, sounds and especially push notifications.

    - Settings > E-mail, contacts, agendas > E-mail > turn off push, only set e-mail account(s) to 'Fetch' and set it to e.g. once every hour for all accounts.


    If none of these things work I would delete apps which can use your GPS and see if it makes any difference.

    As said in my case an app (Scoupy) had a bug which kept using GPS although it was turned off in settings > Privacy > GPS.


    Did you recently install app(s) please try to remove them one by one and see if it has an effect on the battery drain or not. Unfortunately there isn't another way of seeing which app is draining your battery. I wish Apple would add that in the next version because i also had similar problems and after searching for a solution for week (since iOS7.0.6 and still after 7.1 upgrade) I found the solution for it which in my case was an app (Scoupy) which had a GPS bug in it.


    Ever since iBeacon is turned on i think it's much more important that you be much more selective in which apps can or can't use your GPS and/or refresh in background.


    My wife and I went from 14 hours battery (drain) to 1,5 day with my battery on iOS7.1 with my iPhone 4S.

  • rmz83 Level 1 Level 1

    Today, again, receiving a phone call with 29% of battery my phone turned off during the call.

    This is not normal at all and I think we all should make some petition or something because I don't see a single iPhone 5 user without problems.


    This phone probably needs a recall or something, because I tested everything I could, disabled everything that wastes battery in the background, close all the apps most of the time and the problem remains.

  • nkalra Level 1 Level 1

    Seems like Apple's golden area has ended with Steve Jobs.


    Now any miracle can save apple they have lost their leadership in the market.


    There was a time when they used to rule the market with their outstanding product.

  • Malumoff Level 1 Level 1

    Stay away IOS 7.0.6 - 7.1.

    I had the same issue on IOS 7.1.

    I got new iphone 5s on IOS 7.0.4. Work perfect.

  • kulas Level 1 Level 1

    Guys, and gals, the hardware is not the problem.  In every update, there are some bugs in the other apps that are not compatible with the new IOS.  Please try this simple solution:

    1. Turn off wifi

    2. Close all apps

    3. Go to settings>general>reset network settings and reset it.  It will just erase the wifi passwords that you have accumulated over the years.  None of the other phone data will be lost.

    4. Wait for the battery to die down, then charge it overnight.

    5. In the morning, before pulling out the charger, do a hard reset (hold down the power, and home buttons for 10 seconds until the apple logo appears)

    Hope this works for you, coz it works everytime for me.  Good luck!

  • rmz83 Level 1 Level 1

    It's a hardware problem. If you read more carefully, people tested everything already, including restoring the device as a new one instead of restoring old backups.


    Today, for the 3rd time I did that with my iPhone 5 and I didn't installed any app. My phone indicated that I had 29% of battery. Then I turned of and on again and shown to me 40% of battery. After that I received a phone call and my phone shutdown. It's an hardware issue without a doubt.


    At least with the iPhone 5, people are complaining about battery issues since the iOS6.


    At this moment I have my phone being tested by my carrier (because its a locked phone) and it ***** so much not having the phone because here in my country we don't have any Apple Stores with Apple Genius that give us a new phone in the same hour. They say that I can even have to wait 30 days if its needed. This is crazy. This puts Apples reputation into shame.


    I've paid 699 euros for a Phone that doesnt work properly, have the worst battery life ever and now I have to wait from 5 to 30 days to get the my phone back or a refusbished one if they conclude that the phone really have battery problems. It's crazy. And I have no doubt that it's hardware related because I did all the software tests.

  • Level 1 Level 1

    i had this problem with my iphone5 last year. the apple guy just gave me all those bulls**t like turn this off and disable that function, while the battery can still only last for 3-4 hours without any apps running. when i use any apps, the phone became very hot. luckily it was under the warranty, according to apple that the phone itself was "no problem at all", i just did not bother to talk to them any more, and went to my carrier directly for replacement.


    lately after i upgraded it to 7.1, the problem came back but only happens if i use particular apps. i believe that this problem cannot be fixed by us resetting it, the only way is send it back to apple. for me it's more like a conflict between the iOS and some apps, once you trigger it, it'll enter a endless loop and totally run out the battery.

  • i will solve Level 1 Level 1

    i tried every thing to stop battery drain

    but the only thing u can do is to just

    replace ur phones battery and every thing works fine

    and pls dont install any battery related apps and dont

    keep on charging every now and then

    ur phone charged full from 5% to 100% in just 1:45 mins and

    less so keep it running down then charge dont play games

    while u r charging At below 10%