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  • jonc172 Level 1 Level 1

    Sounds like a lot of hassle just to get a phone working as intended.  Turning off most if not all the useful function kinda takes the "smart" out of "smartphone".  I think at this rate the best way to prolong battery life on the iPhone is to switch the **** thing off and turn it on when you need to use it!  I think you'll agree that's not exactly a workable solution!  Come on Apple, sort it out!!!

  • kulas Level 1 Level 1

    Please try out my simple solution first, and stop complaining about this and that.  Complaining does not fix your battery life does it?  There are other solutions out there, because each of us use our phones differently.  So far, this is the simplest solution that I have used that works.  So chill out everyone and give it a try.

  • jonc172 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm not complaining, I've already outlined what I do to try and improve battery life in my previous posts.  My point is that we shouldn't have to keep doing these "resets" because of gradual cycle of decline in battery life.  We pay above and beyond the typical price of your average smartphone for the iPhone which is marketed as a premium product.  These kinds of issues should not be occurring on these premium devices.  Like I said, I will wait and see if the iPhone 6 is an improvement otherwise I will jump ship and go for a premium android device which doesn't have these problems.

  • kulas Level 1 Level 1

    Hi jonc172,


    Before you go on trying premium Android or Windows devices, check first the reviews and user experiences.  Good luck!

  • simmich Level 1 Level 1

    Suggest you let the battery completely die and only then charge it to 100%. I get a couple days between charges on my 5c this way. Hope it helps!

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    I've had nothing but battery issues since I got my first iPhone 5. I've had about three or four replacements and in the end just give up round about last March/April. The battery was just draining, and before my mum got her iPhone 4, I was even on my 5 and her 4 at the same time, and within minutes my 5 lost 3% and the 4 lost 0%.

    Anyway, my battery has got really ridiculous lately. Such as to a point I left it unlocked and it was at 19% battery from 100% after 1 hour, 40 minutes. Having to charge the phone up numorous times in a day was getting a bit of a ball ache and in the end I took a visit to the Apple Store last week.

    The guy working there did the daignostic and found that my battery well and truly was busted and as it was out of warranty, a new one was going to cost me £55. He also informed me that the problem I was experiencing and I know a lot of you guys are too, but the battery dying before it hits 0%, he told me that had been fixed in iOS 7.1 in which I was still having problems.

    Few days thinking about it, I looked on eBay, got a battery and tools for £5.95 and had my step dad install it for me from watching a video. He broke the silence switch and the screen but got the screen working again, it just has dust inside now which we are going to try and fix within time to come, but those two aside, today was my first full day on a new battery, and from being unplugged I got over 12 hours standby time and about 4 and half hours usage out of it. Which I know isn't brilliant for usage but I guess it is just a problem with the iPhone 5 devices. After this of going a few months getting about 4 hours standby time and two hours usage, I have to say it's making a fantastic difference though. I even got it to 0% without it going off. And I plan to try and upgrade to an iPhone 6 when they come out sometime this year hopefully.


    I know it's a long story, but basically all I'm saying is that I don't think the battery life is brilliant as it is, but for those with batteries dying before reaching 0% or just really serious drainage, then you need a new battery. And I recommend either paying the £55 to Apple for a new one, or just get one online and do it yourself or get somebody to put it in who knows what they're doing.

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    I think this is hardware issue. My be part new iphones broken.


    I've  had the same battery problem. I did a lot of recomendations, but my maximum time was 12h standby mode 'OR' 6h usage.


    I made replacement, although the apple guy did the daignostic and found that my battery well. Show me green chart...:-)


    I got new 5s and now today  Standby 1 day at usage 9:30h   -  14% remained.

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    So yesterday I got my iPhone 5 after almost 1 week when I had to  leave it on my carrier to fix the battery problems, and what did they  make? Nothing special, tested a few minutes (probably), installed the  iOS7.1 again and said that they didn't found anything wrong with my  phone.


    After I telling to them that I tested this  phone since the iOS7 and all updates until the iOS7.1 and with  everything disabled, (background apps, bluetooth, 4G, etc), did 3 fresh  installations and the problem was still there, they didn't believe in  me. So today, just one day after receiving my iPhone I got the same  problem again.


    With 30% of battery he turned off. Tried  to start the phone without luck so I needed to plug the charger and in a  matter of seconds he booted again with 19% of battery.


    I unplugged the charger again, and openned the camera app to test it and guess what? He turned off again...


    Fortunately I recorded a video to use as a proof just in case I need to contact a lawyer because this is really crazy, I said to the tech support many times  that I tested this phone and somehow they concluded that this phone  doesn't have any problem. And it's all under warranty. It's a shame. The  phone it's locked to MEO (former TMN) in Portugal and I can't even go  to a Apple Store to get a better support.


    So, 2 months with tests after tests (erase everything, battery calibration, fresh install, etc) ... nothing fixed.

    One week without my phone for tech support. Nothing fixed. Im tired of this sh...



    PS. At this moment I have already 3 battery logs... "LowBatteryLog-2014-04-03..."

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    Yup! As I have mentioned before, I had a online technical support from apple, the guys asked me to send the diagnosis of my phone by sending me a link and I typed in my phone license number and all that crap and sent it back to him. He said nothing's wrong with my phone battery either. Sent me two options, well the two and only two options available regardless what problems u r having with iPhone.


    1. Resetting all setting


    2. Resetting + restore to factory setting +start as a new phone


    I have been doing it as a bed time activity every single night for more than 35 days (yes I am counting it) and still I fully charged my phone at 100%. Switch off all apps and sleep at 11:30 pm. I wake up at 6:00 am every morning to go to work. I check the battery and it's exactly the same number, sometimes 14% sometimes 15% if I m

    Lucky I supposed. There were 3 times that it was total black out screen and had to connect to iTunes to start all that installing stuffs and late for work 30 mins... So u can sort of imagine how it feels yeah? It has nothing to do with hardware I suppose, I m lay man when it comes to IT but i have been using iPhone since iPhone 3 G. Now I m using 5s, twice coz first 32 Gb, now I changed it to 5s 64 BG I thought bigger the storage the faster the speed and apps size somehow relates to the speed of phone ? Unmmm nope it's all the same.... And yeah today when I woke up it is still     14 % battery....

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    I have NEVER had any trouble keeping my phone at or above 50% before this update. I have all kinds of other issues too. This update did a number on my phone. So bad to make me consider another phone, and I have only had an iPhones from the very first one (still have it)

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    So like I said previously, they didn't find anything wrong with my phone that simply shutdown with 30% of battery.


    So today I did my second test. After a full recharge, when my iPhone 5 got 30% of battery, I turned off and then turn on again, and this amazing thing happens.


    He went from 30% of battery to 51% of battery. Just like magic, as you can see in this video:



    I don't know what kind of tech support apple have here in Portugal but, seriously, there's nothing wrong with my iPhone? So now he has 50% of "magic battery remaining" and guess what? He will probably shutdown with 20% of battery because the system is reading a wrong battery number and probably because of a faulty battery.


    So that's it. A 600 euros iPhone 5 that doesn't work properly and they simply don't repair. What I should do? Buy an iPhone 5S to "fix this problem?" Off couse not! Better wast that money with a lawyer, because they are refusing to fix this and its under warranty.

  • Netgyrl Level 1 Level 1

    I just wanted to add a link to some helplful tips on maximizing battery life from a former Genius Bar Tech.  (BTW - the Exchange push notification was my battery bugaboo)


    Hope this helps some of you:


    The Ultimate Guide to Solving iOS Battery Drain rain

  • Doug Lerner2 Level 4 Level 4

    Also, contrary to what some have posted here, this article claims that quitting apps to save battery life actually has the reverse effect.


  • SWEngineer Level 1 Level 1

    Don't laugh, but it's really the last IOS7 update opened a few channels for NSA to monitor location and mic. I know it sounds nuts, but it's true.

  • SWEngineer Level 1 Level 1

    Ha, but seriously, why does Apple push out these updates an then fail to fix the problem.