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  • RushenAmerikan Level 1 Level 1

    Hey guys just wanted to put my two cents in. I've exchanged my iPhone 5 64gb once already and replacement phone showed the same battery drain problems (best I got was 5-6 hours tops). Now I've tried the DFU restore, disabling many things in the settings BUT I've just turned off the iCloud in settings , aka Delete Account at the bottom, and I've been noticing a HUGE difference , maybe it'd just me but I think that's the main problem. I've been using Siri, wifi, location services, 3G and so far using is 2:30 and battery is at 75% which in past terms would of meant 30-40% battery. Deff helped me and hopefully will help you.


    *Delete iCloud account in settings and hopefully it help, post in feedback if it did,  I'm curious if it helps

  • tom4jax Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same issue with the battery performance.  Not nearly as good as my 4S running IOS 5.  Called Apple Care's iphone help number .. the tech asked me a lot of questions and had me install a Battery Life App which he emailed to me.  I am going to put the phone through my normal paces between now and Tuesday when he will call me and we will work on it further.  He gathered info from me for the enginners so a fix may be coming if it is a software issue.  I will keep you all posted.

  • JLAU133 Level 1 Level 1

    My Best Record:


    Notification ON: Weather Widget, Share Widget, Phone, Messages, Reminders, Calendar, Photos, Facebook, IM+Pro, Skype, Tango, WeChat, Whatsapp, Viber


    Email/Calendar: PUSH for 1account


    Diagnostic: OFF


    Siri: ON


    Location ON for find my phone only


    iCloud ON only for photo/document and photo stream


    WIFI and Cellular Data: ON all the time


    **Hope this gives some indication on the battery life in term of general usage/scenario.


    I would love to see if mine stats is considered acceptable compared to other folks here. Thanks.


    Update: Still have extra 16Min usage before it went dead. So total 10 Hours and 16 Minutes.



  • mfritter Level 1 Level 1

    After 2 different restores and the battery problem getting worse, I went to Apple and they replaced my phone right away... I set it up as new and haven't added the iCloud account.  I don't need it anyway and I have suspicions about it.


    My Apple genius told me I shouldn't have to turn off a ton of settings and push on my single exchange account.. he said I should be able to use it the way I want to and it's ridiculous to have this phone and not be able to use it.... EXACTLY!  Maybe because we were both from NY living in TX that we agreed on so much!   He did tell me to let the battery completely drain a couple of times which Im doing. 


    Anyway... So far so good... had 8% battery drain over night which I still don't think is right but it's way better than the 30% the night before!  Im going to turn off cellular data and see if that helps.  I did notice that when I'm connect to wifi and I turn the phone on when it's in standby... I see an LTE icon change to WiFi... so is it connecting to LTE while it's in standby??? Not Good.

  • macserverbuster Level 1 Level 1

    Just adding my name to the list. Come on Apple fix this. Bottom line we should not have to disable apps and services to save battery life. The device should be able to handle the average use of features and apps long enough to get us through a workday without recharging. As some of you have mentioned rebooting makes the battery perecentage go up a few points on my iPhone 5 but then it quickly drops back down. Love the product but very disappointed in the lack of battery life.

  • seanlee Level 1 Level 1

    I've noticed that too! When I wake my phone up in my office and I'm supposed to be connected to wifi it displays LTE for a second then switches... Not sure if that has anything to do with anything but it seems like its using data while sleeping or something... Weird!

  • jdimi34 Level 1 Level 1

    Verizon? If so complete network update.

  • mfritter Level 1 Level 1

    Yep Verizon... I got the update yesterday and not sure that has helped.

  • dyeylet Level 1 Level 1

    no one is even coming close to this apple do something!!!!!



    People are paying 900 plus tax for these devices how much longer are we supposed to wait with all these Icloud battery drainege problems you made enough money from us to get a team of experts to fix this issue in a week or make a recall... As for anyone reading this post we need to write to the news papers to get this in the press!!! People should      know why over 21328 people are complaining about battery issues !!


    Power and Battery4

    • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
    • Charging via USB to computer system or power adapter
    • Talk time: Up to 8 hours on 3G
    • Standby time: Up to 225 hours
    • Internet use: Up to 8 hours on 3G, up to 8 hours on LTE, up to 10 hours on Wi-Fi
    • Video playback: Up to 10 hours
    • Audio playback: Up to 40 hours
  • Daughn Level 1 Level 1

    Make that 21329 people complaining about battery draining.  My iPhone 5 went from 100% to 80% over night just sitting on the nightstand. 

  • CoreyBB Level 1 Level 1

    The only way to keep battery at 100% is to turn off cellular network data off over night. It's pretty bad considering my two year old iphone 4 still holds 100% sometimes 99% over night. Hope there's gonna an update soon.

  • mcpope Level 1 Level 1

    Throw my iphone in the ring too!  No where near the 4S battery.  Hope a "software fix" hits soon

  • bennys33 Level 1 Level 1

    Having the exact same issues.  Started from new, tried turning things off, etc.  Was ok for a couple of days, and then last night I charged to !00% and lost 22% while it was sitting doing nothing and wifi turned off.  Since then its lost another 20% and I haven't used it for more than 15 minutes.  Really don't feel like going to through the hassle of exchange, but I guess that's my only route at this point.


    Very very disappointed Apple.  Tempted to dump the phone altogether.  This issue needs to be address, and right now.

  • Realmaverick Level 1 Level 1

    This issue is weird. Today I've been using my phone at home, mainly web, email and Facebook. All over wifi. But cellular is turned on. 


    1 hours usage and 5 hours standby and my phone is on 90% battery.


    I can not put my finger on why other days its terrible.

  • smaki77 Level 1 Level 1

    I agree 100% - I got 8 hrs and 20 min on Saturday - 100% at 11AM on Saturady and it lasted till Sunday at noon!!!_ I was excied - last week best I got was 5 hrs and 14 min usage. Today back to the poor battery - At 53% with 2 hours 33 min.


    I dont get it - this really ***** - love the phone but hate the battery life - I dont know what to do - wish APpple would reply and say they have a fix going

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