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    Yes, I wish Apple would post a response.  I called Apple this morning.  Nothing really suggested, although I did turn off bluetooth afterward, and now after 5 hours I still have 99% left.  Have Wi-Fi ON and Cellular data on.  Really, all I turned off was the bluetooth.  I use it very little - probably a fraction of 1% of the time.  But still looking for an answer from Apple - from all the posts and complaints, I would think they would address this problem!

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    Well guys finally today i had an Apple service personal call me regarding getting as much data as possible from My iPhone 5 to submit to their engineers , I told them that i was returning my second Iphone 5 and that they should read the posts I assume  your posts are not in vein and APPLE is trying to address the battery issue I hope !! But I would keep posting problems and issues.  By the way after getting the new iphone 5 replacement i DID REMOVE ONLY one thing I deleted the ICLOUD in settings completely and that increased battery life by 20-30 percent and I turned of wifi everything else like my exchange and gmail and apps I was running . SAW A HUGE DIFFERENCE but not good enough .


    their is an issue with ICLOUD delete the ICLOUD completely and dont use it to retain battery life , this IS NOT A FULL FIX BUT 100 PERCENT HELPS!!!



    I still think apple should recall the devices until a fix is found. Also noticed when I'm in a good LTE coverage area where my bars are full on the reception the phone doesnt discharge as fast!!

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    This is a bit of an odd observation and perhaps totally irrelevant but I clicked the featured tab on the App Store and noticed the scrolling banner. I then returned to the home screen and waited 10 seconds, reopened the store and noticed the banner had continued to scroll continuously in the background, even while the app isn't currently active (but it was running in the background).


    I don't imagine it would take up much better, but then you never know, if its been coded in some inefficient manner and is constantly making calls and checks.


    Most of all, I wish Apple would address this. I'd be far less annoyed. But ATM its as though the issue doesn't exist and that just makes me want to take this thing back.

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    Try turning off your apps you're not using them to limit battery usage.  Some apps are battery hogs.  This is the app developers fault not the device.  Read


    Double click the button on your iPhone5.  These are the apps that are currently running on your device draining your battery.  Hold your thumb on the touchscreen over the app icons until the minus appears next to your open apps.  Start closing the apps that you're not using.  Click on the button twice to return to the normal screen.  I do this once in a while when I notice my phone battery is dying faster than normal.  I noticed that the map app uses up a lot of battery on my new iPhone 5.  Apps that use the gps seem to drain the battery faster.

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    I have two iphone 5 devices in my household. One black, one white with ATT. Deleted icloud, turned off LTE, Bluetooth, location services, and use the same amount of apps that was on the iphone 4 and the battery dies really quick. This is unacceptable to turn apps and services off on a device in order for it to function against what was advertised. Some people say that their battery is fine, while others experience the same problem. If some devices are faulty then apple needs to address this. image copy.pngSee below for my usage 

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    Hey guys just wondering if these stats are any good...


    53% battery left, 4hrs usage, 12hrs 49mins standby, 1hr 10mins calls


    I have LTE and iCloud off... It's getting better-ish...


    Just wanted to know what u guys think though?



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    Hey guys its horrible my iPhone 5 is getting much worse.. Only for my 12 minutes bus ride, the battery drained by 5%! I literally saw each percentage going down, one by one. This is just unacceptable. I also have twice a day a lost in cellular signal. Even if a turn on and off airplane mode or cellular data, t is not getting back. I must reboot my iPhone...

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    With the new replacement phone (and starting as a brand new device and no iCloud account).... I've gone through one complete discharge cycle and am now charging up from my second.


    I still drop 8-9% overnight with LTE the first night and wifi and no celluar data the second night.  I have one exchange account on a 30 min fetch cycle, I use about 3-4 hours of talk time and I have about 3 things in the noticication bar, I don't have music playing, no games, just basic email, facebook and I haven't even used the maps yet. . I'm finding the phone calls drain the battery the most which is pretty surprising since it's first supposed to be a PHONE before anything else.


    At 1%... I had 7 hours 47 minutes usage and 1 Day 15 hours standby. 


    A lot closer to the specs but I still feel like it's a battery eating device!!! I have to be very concious of what I do and what I set up to get those specs and that's really annoying!  I have 2 more days to make the decision to return it for good and go back to a droid...  (sigh)

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    When using your laptop, do you keep all your applications open all at once while it's running on a battery?  No, of course not.  I used to turn off the energy sucking apps on my iPhone 3GS as well.  There's no reason to have an app running on your phone all day especially if you're not using it and all it's doing is depleting your battery.  It's not that hard to do.  It's simple physics.  If you don't want to drain your battery then be aware of the limited energy available.  Conserve the energy by turning off unnecessary apps.  If you use a lot of apps it behooves you to learn how to turn them off instead of getting angry at the device or the company that makes it. You'll have the same problem with any other smart phone.

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    We are not dumb, of course there is no app running in background. We investigated way further than this.

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    I would go to Apple and get a new one and set it up as completely new.  Mine has been a lot better with the replacement.  Tell them you've done all the troubleshooting and multiple restores and show them some usage logs.... that's all I did and they replaced it immediately without question.

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    I have a 16GB Iphone 5 and the battery is terrible! I didn't back up from a previous restore and I dont think I should have to turn all the features off to increase battery life! It's ridiculous. I had an Iphone 4s and did not have this problem.


    The other night I went to sleep with 67% battery, turned on "do not disturb" and woke up to a dead iphone! Like literally had turned off and had the battery and electricity bolt on the screen! That's a joke. I am not happy.


    I really hope there is a fix for this.

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    iPhone 5 battery issue is caused by LTE. Because this signal is on different band, depending where you are located, less signal will make your iphone keep searching for better signal hence more power is required. I tested this myself and managed to increase my battery usage about 3x. I usually recharge every day and now every 3 days. iPhone 5 battery is much better battery than iphone 4s. Please check my detailed solution about iphone 5 battery issue on

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    I have returned one White iPhone 5 32GB because the battery life was about 1/3 i was getting with my old Two-Year iPhone 4.  I got my new White one today, and I am having a similiar issue.  18%, USAGE 5 hours 8 minutes, stand by 13 hours. 

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    Maybe the moderators here can merge the multiple giant threads about the poor Iphone 5 battery like this one and others. Or maybe Apple is happier to keep this as a small problem and tell everyone there aren't any reports of iPhone 5 battery problems? If you extrapolate there has to be over a million iPhone 5's worldwide with this problem.

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