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  • djbitty Level 1 (0 points)

    I also have to agree that Steve would have never put out such a poor release of a newly hyped product! Both iOS6 and the iPhone 5 have been a bust thus far!


    I had heavy usage on the iphone 4 and could go almost 2 days on a single charge. Even after the phone was over 2 years old! Just got my iphone 5 on Tuesday and extremely disappointed!


    My battery today is at 50% after 1hr 19min of usage and 8hr 13min of standby! HORRIBLE!!!

    I have the bluetooth, wifi, and location services all turned OFF in order to save battery life!


    My wifi will connect with my wireless router and receive an IP but will not connect to the network! My only option is to not use the wifi at all, thus increasing my data usage to 1.7GB in 2 days!!!!


    When setting up the phone on Tuesday, I was unable to load from iCloud back up because the phone repeatedly kept dropping the connection to the network. I ended up setting up as a NEW phone and loading all information manually through iTunes and the Microsoft Exchange account through my work!


    I have been a very loyal Apple supporter through the years, owning almost every Apple product made since 1996. This by far is my biggest disappointment in ANY APPLE LAUNCH! I will not return the device yet (if I do it will be my first ever!) in hopes that Apple produces a patch for the problems!


    One more thing, my 3rd generation iPad is having the same wifi issues with iOS6! However, it is not having the battery drain issues, which tells me that it is an iPhone problem, not an iOS6 problem!


    Unhappy LOYAL Apple Customer,


  • javier710 Level 1 (0 points)

    I was having huge problems with my 5 as well. I completely drained the battery and charged it up 100% and left it there another 5 hours. It's been 5 days now and my battery is awesome. I survived a whole day (14 hours) with my normal usage which is a lot. 8 am to 10 pm.

  • djbitty Level 1 (0 points)

    iPhone 5 tech specs according to


    LTE usage = 8hrs

    Standbye = 225hrs

    3G talk time = 8hrs


    My usage today


    LTE usage = 1:22

    Standbye = 8:33

    Talk = 0:22


    Apple Calculate % based on my current usage = 29% - 100 = 71% left

    Actual % left on phone = 47%

    Difference of 24% in battery reserve = POOR IMPLEMENTAION of software OR false advertising





  • Dizman7 Level 1 (0 points)

    I used mine till it died, left it off for an hour, then charged it to full while I slept (so probably overcharged by 4-5hours).


    It made a small improvement, standby time seems to not drop AS fast, about 1% every 1.5hrs now (was 3% every 30mins).  But using any app still eats the heck out of the battery, web browsing TEXT articles for 15mins drains 10%.

  • RAFREEB Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm on my third full recharge with a minor improvement but, nothing remarkable and still am having the switching off from wifi to my carrier in 3g. I have LTE turned off as my phone was getting hot and battery was totally drained in three and a half hours. So no LTE for me.

  • King_James_of_Akron Level 1 (0 points)

    True, after much debate I've decided to sit turn off the battery percentage. I'm taking the "ignorance is bliss" route because I'm going to be crazy if I don't. Nonetheless, I am sure it's a cellular data or an iOS problem and Apple needs to get its act together and issue a fix!

  • galos Level 1 (0 points)

    So I figured out that for my phone, one major contributor to the battery drainage is indeed LTE. Yesterday I used my phone rather lightly but had LTE enabled the whole time. Then today I disabled LTE and did the exact same thing. These were the results:




    With LTE enabled on the iPhone:





    and with LTE *disabled* on the iPhone:





    There is no doubt in my mind that LTE is killing this battery. Given that background apps and other apps use this data constantly, it will drain your battery.



    Second, when LTE is enabled and you are browsing the web or more specifically, using a map/navigation app, you can literally watch the battery percentage drop about 1% every 1-2 minutes. The battery also gets very warm when using a navigation app.



    I'm not too excited about this.



    On another note, someone had told me that they found something on their iPhone 4s that was burning through the battery and once disabled it helped. I was told it can be found in General -> Privacy -> Location Services -> System Services -> Setting Time Zone



    I went ahead and disabled that and will report back at a later time to see if that affects it as well.

  • trevj13 Level 1 (0 points)

    Something funny is going on with mine.


    Usage since last full charge: 3 hrs

    Standby since last full charge: 11 hrs

    Battery: 23%


    Problem is, it is 9:30 PM when I write this post but I charged it this morning at 11:00 AM.

    Where did this extra 1.5 hrs come from?!


    Anyways, I strongly believe that it is the cell phone signal strength that is killing my battery (I charge it every day)

    I cannot get LTE in my house, however my provider says there is full coverage but they "dont gurantee service indoors" which is understandable but I get 4-5 bars of LTE at the local indoor stadium (NHL hockey rink) which is a 40 year old concrete structure.

    That does not make sense to me. 1-2 bars of 3G in my bungalow house (lots of windows), while 4-5 bars of LTE in a concrete structure. 


    This is annoying because I spend the majority of my time at home and dropped calls while in a major city is frustrating.

    All in all, I think other things like notificatons and push mail might kill battery more than usual but what is the point of having an iPhone without using the features!

    Just have to wait for "tower and network upgrades" to get better signal. Stupid Canadian providers....


    As a side note, my iPhone 4 got mildly better bettery life and the same poor signal in my house.

  • Revearti Level 1 (5 points)

    @javier710 I've noticed an improvement too after letting the battery go through a couple cycles.  Twice, I've used it until it shut down, and charged it overnight, and it gets me through the day without a problem.  I use a bit of everything except for Bluetooth.

  • jsholdz Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm sorry to say but this is an abosolute joke! I am walking around with my power adapter and worrying about leaving the house because my battery is draining soo fast! I want my iphone 4S back! This new phone is not an imporvement at all, it has gone backwards, I am trying to be patient but when you spend $800Australian dollars on a brand new phone you expect it to work perfectly out of the box! Why have apple rushed this release without testing it! It's like they spend more time keeping the bloody secret than testing the device


    A really unhappy customer! I hope there is a fix VERY SOON or I will literally buy an android and never return to iphone!

  • ski4 Level 1 (0 points)


    i find that i have seen some improvement with a couple of cycles like that as well.


    yesterday was the first time i made it through a whole day with out charging mid day!

    i did keep lte off also but otherwise i used it fairly normal!!!

  • Philip.S Level 1 (0 points)

    I had 9 hours and 15 minutes. 4% left and i used it for music in 4 hours and the rest was normal use. I dont know what this is calld, if its good or bad.


    Hope that apple comes out with some information!!!

  • SillyBear Level 1 (0 points)

    A few people noted that their battery % increased after resting so I decided to test it this morning. For starters I was shocked that after charging my phone overnight, I was already down to 92% after 34mins of usage and 1.5h of standby. My iPhone 4 use to remain at 100% for a very long time.


    Anyways, after resetting, my iPhone 5's battery magically went from 92% to 96%. There's definitely something screwy with the software if you ask me.

  • RAFREEB Level 1 (0 points)

    Trev, I don't think my usage is being recorded accurately. I suspected it but tested it further last night. At 7:30 my battery had drained down to nothing and I did another full recharge. On 100 percent, I made one two minute phone call and used "notes" to shop from a list I'd saved there. Otherwise the phone was on standby. When I got home I listened to two songs on the phone and then put it aside unplugged for the rest of the night.


    My usage is saying that the phone was used for over 2 hours?? I'm sure it was not used for that length, 40 minutes tops..and that's being very generous... With 14 hours standby. It hasn't been 14 hours since it was charged at all. It's been about 11.  The phone drained 35 percent. I have LTE off, all push notifications off was on wifi *when it didn't revert* while using the phone. Brightness is at 50 percent...can't think of anything I've not turned off which can be. I actually need my brightness up some as my vision is poor but for now it's turned down to make the phone battery go some longer. Many of the functions that would make the phone exceptional and functional can't be used unless I want to recharge every four or five hours. I'm not talking about gaming or some intensive function.


    Also, when I set the phone up I backed up my apps manually through Itunes. AND I reset once after that and did it again just to check that everything had loaded properly. If the wifi, battery drain and other issues are all OS6 then I could adjust till a update is out. However, not having LTE when it was a hugely advertised benefit of this phone will still be disappointing.


    Revearti, I have noticed very minimal improvement after three cycles with LTE off and push notifications off and all functions "off" that might drain the battery. I am not leaving apps open after using them but, closing them each time. I've only used two of my apps since getting the phone for a very short time. When I am using the phone for anything, for instance I streamed two songs using Tune In Radio *they buffered constantly and switch off my wifi to 3g, btw* I could literally sit and watch the battery going down. With all the functions I have turned off on this phone now to make the battery last longer, I might as well have bought a cheap phone that does nothing but text and make phone calls.



    Either these phones are total lemons as they are functioning that way right now or it's the OS. Either way...some official response is due now. People saying "Apple is looking into it" is not a response from Apple.


    I've been accused of being a fan for Apple for quite some time now but, after this expensive, time consuming experience I am not sure I will be interested in further Apple phones and will be more cautious about other releases as well. I'm done rangling with this phone. Part of the attraction with Apple is that it wasn't a PITA the way Windows products were. And that was true, until now. I've spent every bit as much of my time *WASTED IT* on this as I used to addressing issues with other products from other companies. My time is valuable to me and so is my money. Justifying spending more for Apple products based upon their reliability is becoming a questionable thing to do to me now. I need a cell phone or I would not have purchased this product, however to say I dislike this phone is a mild statement. I really, really do not care for the product and without a fix soon will return it for an Android phone of some type or go back to an iphone 4 without OS6 on it.


    To top all of that off I don't care for the aluminum back on this phone. lol...the 4 felt more substantial and sturdy. I never liked many Android phones partly because they felt like fluff in your hand, too much like a plastic toy. Iphones were made well and you could tell that the second you held one. That aluminum IS going to scratch easily.


    Jsholdz, I agree with you obviously. In this economy when people spend this much on a product then some reliability and full functionality is not too much to ask. I resent having to hobble along with this product using so much less of it's functions until *IF* the issues with it are addressed fully. I expect no less than that for what I paid. Apple is a company that makes a LOT of money off it's loyal consumers. I've been an apologist in the past for what I considered minor issues. Headphone jack problems with my Macbook Pro for example but, no more.

  • SillyBear Level 1 (0 points)

    RAFREEB, I completely agree with each of your points. This phone was touted with LTE and I'm forced to either shut it off so I can use my phone all day or turn it on and hope I brought my charging cable. So far my iPhone 5 requires me to jungle way too many settings in order to get the most out of the battery.

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