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  • seanlee Level 1 Level 1

    Hey Guys,


    so i had the bad battery drain too... anyways I went to apple on Friday at lunch and got an exchange (for different issues, speakers), i was a little reluctant cause i didnt want other issues.


    Dont know if this helps anyone but I'm in Perth, Western Australia, even though i exchanged my original handset and had bad battery drain in the start too. what i found that worked for me was turning off LTE, and iCloud (deleted account as i dont backup to iCloud anyways so wasnt an issue). My friend had the same issues too (battery drain), so i told her the same thing and it worked for her too and the battery seemed to get better as she used it. i know this isnt a fix or anything, its temporary until an update.


    i know some people have tried everything to solve this but maybe the problem is different for different countries? depending on carriers and/or internet providers etc, and some just maybe defective. i'm confident that apple will bring out an update soon and probably hearing us scream about these issues too... they love user feedback so i dont believe that noone from apple would have a glance at these forums once and a while just to see whats going on.


    Anyways i got my new handset and the battery seems to be great so far. i havent done a cycle as of yet to calibrate the battery... waiting for it to die... i lose about 6% overnight, not great  but considering i used to lose 10 -15% at the start... its much better for me!

  • King_James_of_Akron Level 1 Level 1

    I can attest that turning off LTE works. I've done this too with my new iPhone 5 (I returned my old one for a brand new phone yesterday) and the battery life is perfect! I still have iCloud since I don't like babying my phone by turning off necessary features but I have been very stringent as to which apps would have notifications and location services. BATTERY IS AWESOME NOW and I suggest that you all return your phones for a brand new one free of charge!

  • RAFREEB Level 1 Level 1

    shimulnov 12, I hate to say it but, I agree with you. Mine drained 30 percent over night while it was "sleeping" My iphone 4 on a "lessor" OS never, ever did that. I have LTE off, icloud off, all push notifications off, and I've done a full recharge four times now. It IS some better than when I first got it which was astoundingly scary bad. But it's not up to what this phone should be. I wouldn't mind if it was a little less than advertised with everything on and running but, it's well below advertised battery time with everything off. AND I have to make sure my cell data is off when I'm at home on wifi or the phone keeps going back to 3g on it's own and bumping me off my wifi for some bizarre reason. My iphone 4 never did that either. Once I set it to go on my wifi it stayed there unless I turned off wifi. So with all these issues in play I really think many of these 5's were not ready for prime time usage. It's rather sad really since it's one of the big roll outs since losing Steve Jobs. I'd like to see some kind of announcement about these issues from Apple. Because we really don't know if an update is going to fix all this or not. I will wait for the update but, if I am still having ANY issues at all the phone will go back and I will go get a damned Android which I said I would never, ever do. They may have slight issues too but, nothing like what I'm seeing from this 5. I cannot go around worrying over my battery life all the time especially not when I'm on the road traveling.


    On the 4 while waiting for flights I've watched two full movies that were on my phone. Played around with my apps. Made phone calls and still had PLENTY of battery when I landed at my destination. I cannot imagine any such scenario with this iphone 5 at all. Travel is stressful enough without adding a "Oh crap! My phone is going to die" issue to everything else.

  • lavetta Level 1 Level 1

    I'm based in Hong Kong and just left the Apple store after an appointment there. They offered to replace my iPhone 5 at any time, although they did not believe it would make any real difference - their recommendation was to wait for the next iOS update as the problem is being worked on.


    On my phone I could turn off LTE (4G) however, I would then be in 2G mode which would be a waste on my phone! For some reason, I can't just have 3G (on my wife's iPhone 4S she doesn't have the option to switch off 3G - I think these are settings linked to the carrier).


    I didn't take the new iPhonr offered... I'll wait a bit for the next iOS update - I simply can't believe that this is an issue that cannot be addressed by Apple - it's way worse in my mind than the Google Maps or antenna issues with the 4 (I had a launch iPhone 4 and tbh never had an issue). Fingers crosse them or I will downgrade...

  • Air Fire Level 1 Level 1

    Have you tried turning off the Auto-Brightness? It has a lot more control over the level of brightness of the phone in iOS 6 than 5.1.1, sometimes I've checked mine and it is right up at the maximum. That could explain fast drain of the battery.

  • AppleTech978 Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah Its A Glitch Mine Does The Same Thing Also It Can Be That Your Over Charging it But Yeah Mine Does the Same 

  • askmasteryoda Level 1 Level 1

    Lavetta, switching off lte means going back to 3g not 2g. Anyway check your signal, if the lte signal is below 5, please switch to 3g. If 3g signal is under 5, please compare the signal with another phone but using the same network provider.  If your 3g signal is lower than the other phone, I suggest you return your iphone to apple store.

  • Garybravo Level 1 Level 1

    I'm also experiencing extremely bad battery life- fully charged this morning and battery died late afternoon with minimal use - what is wrong with this phone/software? Apple have a problem here much worse than a map app!!

  • miturnbo Level 1 Level 1

    I have had my iPhone 5 for a couple of weeks now and have had no issues with battery life until this weekend.  What triggered it was the use of the turn by turn maps.  I started out at 100% battery life and used it for no more than about 15 minutes and then closed it down but my battery drain continued to fall throughout the day terribly.  I have typically been able to go from a 100% charge to no lower than 60% in a typical day doing just about anything I want to do with the phone.  After using the turn by turn map though it was at 33% by evening and even putting it in standby mode it was dropping about 1% every 15 ~ 25 minues doing nothing at all.


    I finally had to turn it off since I had no way to charge it and at this rate it would be completely drained by the next morning.  I had already closed the maps program out of memory but it didn't matter.


    Now after turning the phone back on and recharging it again, it seems to be back to normal.  Oh, one other thing I may mention is that the back of the phone got pretty warm by doing the turn by turn directions.  It was definately crunching the cpu heavily.

  • lavetta Level 1 Level 1

    miturnbo - that's interesting to hear that your battery has been fine - do you have the 4G/LTE switched on?


    It'd be interesting to hear stories of people who have LTE, etc on and aren't having issues making it through the day on a single charge!

  • Garybravo Level 1 Level 1

    Turning Siri off seems to have helped; I disabled it last night and phone has held charge overnight not plugged in/charging. You could try just turning off location services for Siri (settings>privacy>location services Siri) but I just turned Siri off itself (settings>general>Siri).

    Interesting to hear others thoughts / experiences.

  • miturnbo Level 1 Level 1

    Siri is turned on.  LTE/4G is turned on.  Actually until using the GPS this weekend I've been rather impressed with the battery life.  Seemed to be on par if not better than the iPhone 4 I had previously.


    Are you guys letting the battery get down to below 30% or so and then charging all night?  When I do a quick charge for an hour it seems to do worse than when I let it charge all night.  Haven't tracked it really.. only perception at this point.

  • nmcdonald1995 Level 1 Level 1

    To get a decent battery life on any Apple iPhone you need to do the following,


    Turn off Siri.

    Turn off Location Services.

    Turn off Mobile Data and 3G so it will restrict everything to WIFI.

    Turn the Brightness down.


    But doing this really does ruin the iPhone experience. I have a charger in my Workplace and Home just incase it ever runs low.

  • Handsfull Level 1 Level 1

    How many more recommendations will we hear to turn off mobile data/Siri/etc.???


    C'mon everyone. 


    I have another recommendation....


    I've found if I don't drive my car I can save gas.


    There are people like myself who are on the road every day. They're not sitting stationary at an office for eight hours on Wi-Fi.

  • nmcdonald1995 Level 1 Level 1

    I should've also said, I am ideed sat in an office, but because I work in a Educational Centre the WIFI is extremeley limited, so I don't use it. Also if you are in a car you can get a car charger, they don't use alot of power from the car at all.

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