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    I agree with whitewater, your times aren't even close to as bad as what I was experiencing..... IMO, your phone is fine.

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    I just got a new iPhone 5 replacement today at my Apple Store. Set it up as new right in the store. Logged in to my apple account and that's it. No restore.


    The battery issue is still there. Went from 65% to 59% just to get an app from the App Store, and broswed the Web a few minutes. This has clearly no relation with previous backup... Come on Apple, fix this.


    The "Genius" told me. If the issue persists, you will have to expect less from the product!!! Can you imagine! Such a messy answer from an Apple employee!!!


    Just to type this I lost 4%

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    I get a little confused. Are these times based on from 100% to 1% or have you plugged your phones in in between ?

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    Call apple immediately and tell them what you just wrote.  I just got off the phone with Apple and they want a person like you to talk to.  I suspect it's a hardware related problem on your phone.




    My times are always from 100% to 1-2% without charging between.

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    Check out this link that clearly seems to describe the issue: ular-signal-strength-796725


    I can also personally vouch for this article via my own "test" I accidently ran.  The "proof" is as follows:


    1.  I get bad 3G and LTE reception in my house and thought that I noticed my battery life was much worse.  It wasn't terrible enough to really stand out, but I did notice that I had to charge my phone a bit more than I anticipated.

    2.  I recently took a long flight to California and did not turn off my phone on the flight (oops).  About 2 hours into the flight I noticed my phone had lost about 15-20% of its battery JUST SITTING IN MY POCKET IN STANDBY MODE.  I also noticed that the phone would seem to find a Verizon network with two bars (yes, at 30,000 feet) and then drop off, and then find one and then drop.  It was obviously not finding a network, but attempting to continue to find something.  The large drop in battery life freaked me out as that is not acceptable and I jumped online to find this and the other couple threads on the Apple site. 

    3.  I then arrived in my CA city with outsanding LTE service (I had 4 to 5 bars of LTE nearly the whole time).  On one full charge, my battery lasted approximately TWO DAYS. 


    In my opinion, much of the stuff on here is wasted time and effort.  I didn't do anything different to my phone.  I always attempt to give full cycle charges (go to full charge after less than 20%), but nothing crazy.  If anything, turning LTE off may help, but I did not test that.  I'm still not sure what I will do at home where I don't have great reception or how to avoid this in areas that have bad reception.  I hope Apple puts out some software fix or something to address "bad reception battery drain". 

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    This is without plugging the phone in between these times..I let my phone die..Charge to 100%, then ran these numbers..



    Test 1 - 7 hours 54 min usage 1 Day 11 hours stanby

    Test 2 - 6 hours 54 min usage 1 Day 3 hours


    Test 3 - Different iPhone user, but good buddy of mine; 5 hours 32 min usage, 2 days 2 hours standby.



    Both set up as New...but some synching of Apps back..NOT FROM BACKUP.

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    I have perfect 4G and perfect LTE reception so that's definitely not the reason for my current (bad) iphone issues.

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    Ha ha, well that is my best time by far.  I do think there is something to the "low signal" stuff though, because that previous pic was at home where I get full bars of 4G (no LTE) and at work I only get 2-3 bars of 4G which I'm currently at...


    25% life with only 3.5hrs of usage!  And 9hrs of standby!


    Now I don't have the numbers but my iPhone 4 usually lasted 1.5 to 2 days at work without a charge.


    On a side not a friend of mine with a new Verizon iPhone 5 (his first iPhone) is at 86% with 2:15hr usage and 10hrs standby.


    So tell me there is not something wrong between my phone and his

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    Hi Whitewater2,


    What is the remaining battery% of both test?

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    Alright! Will do it this week!

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    It seems at this point there are good phones and there are bad phones. I don't get how it could be software related when some people are having incredible battery life. I just did a dfu brand new restore and i unplugged it from itunes after that and set everything up as a new phone via wifi... battery still horrible.  I get my replacement in a few days...REALLY hoping it'll magically be one of the good phones because this is really hard to deal with when you're a busy person always on the go But, for now I have done everything and beyond that I could possibly do on this phone.  It's obviously a bad phone.

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    I am also having the same problem although for the first week it was ok. Now I get 4 hours standby with a little usage.


    I did a 60 mile round trip for the apple store to suggest turning off all the notifications, Bluetooth, and other bits. I went into the store with 30% within an hour of their reccomendations the battery was totally flat!


    I've tried resetting the settings, improved a little but still shocking. Now trying a full delete and restore. If that don't work going back to get a refund tomorrow.


    I suggest everyone returns their phone to the Apple store (as i am tomorrow) and ask for a refund as these are clearly not fit for purpose.


    If everyone having problems returns asking for a refund maybe they will do something about a fix. Or even acknowledge there is a problem and advise on a timescale for a fix.

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    Just in case you all are missing it....


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    Hello Everyone,


    Just to share my latest record on this phone (3G Network not LTE) with everything ON (Notifications, SIRI, 1x email push, Cellular Data and WIFI) except Bluetooth. I don't have the need to use it. Usage behavior: Online radio, playing online games occasionally, frequent Whatsapp and frequent browsing on "Pulse News" app. Guess the stat is good enough for the phone in real world life but no where near where it is advertised.



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    I have a pretty good battery life when I turn off cellular data.


    Off: Siri, bluetooth, icloud because I don't use it.

    On: everything. ex) 2 push emails, 6 notification, gps, etc


    But if I keep cellular data on, battary drains so fast..... hope Apple will fix it soon.


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