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  • jiricek84 Level 1 (0 points)

    My 16 GB iP5 is also draining like a ****. I did deep debug. Restore as a new phone is not changing anything at all. I did a restore as new phone even without logging into the iCloud account (in order to exclude possible syncing problems). Also I have downloaded and runned app called SysStat Lite from App store, and the CPU is OK (only 1-2% usage). Also I tried make at least 5 full recharge cycles (drain to 0% and fully charge to 100%) with no diffrence. Draining is no also related to 3G, EGDE, Wi-Fi - it is always the same. So I am now pretty sure its a hardware problem, the battery cell must be defective. I have ordered new 64 GB model from only Apple Store (as we have no retail store here in our country) and once It will arrive after 3-4 weeks (and I hope It will be 100% OK), I will let replace this faulty crap in T-mobile.


    But the draining is not the only issue I have. Also the Power button is rattling when you shake with the iPhone - it sounds like a chinese plastic toy And now it seems the diplay is starting to be loose in left down part.


    I am very dissapointed with Apple it seems they underestimated the outpot control! And I hate that Apple is absolutely quiet about this issue - there are thousands and thousands angry customers - battery, display issues, camera issues, loose parts etc. Hope they will fix this very soon.

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    This is just unreal. I woke up today at 9am with 70%. Took a 10 min shower and when I checked again I had 65%. My class started at 9:40 and I've been monitoring this threads since class started and am down to 40%. I've lost 25% batters in 45 minutes of web browsing. That is just unacceptable. How are you all getting replacement phones? I waited 2 weeks just to get this one.

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    yes the rattling power (top) button is a joke!!!!
    i am days away from returning my AT&T Iphone 5. what a disapointment. this is my 5th iphone andi've never been more disapointed with the hardware. Not to mention AT&T locking features like they are Spirint. I say do not buy, and thats a first for me

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    I think I may know what's going on in at least one scenario. Apple did not set a timeout value when mail or messaging is unable to make a connection. In certain locations (despite signal strength) the LTE or 3G or wifi connections appear to hang. In doing so, the mail or messaging keeps trying to send the message without success and burns up the battery. There is no way to stop sending the email or text message until you either turn off cellular network and wifi together or reboot the phone.


    What's equally more disturbing is that the iPhone 5 is not handling networks well at all. This past week I've had to reboot my phone or turn off all radios and turn them back on about 3-5 times per day, just to send emails and text messages. What makes no sense is the example I have for today alone. I'm sitting in the same office all morning and I can see Verizon's antennas on the building next to me. I either have full bars or one shy. Without even leaving this room, my email will be working fine but 15 minutes later it can't send the email. Sometimes turning the cellular network off on my phone and then turning it back on fixes it and I can send the message and sometimes (like this morning) I had to reboot my phone. Once it comes up it sends the email fine until it breaks again.


    For the record, I have no games loaded on my phone and the only apps I leave running in the background are the iPhone apps you get by default with iOS (mail, messaging, calendar, etc)


    This seems like its not handling the network well or switching between networks). As far as I'm concerned, this is really horrible stability. I've had better stability on my older Palm Pre. Not pleased with this at all.

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    is this normal problem?


    25% left


    usage - 2hours 57 mins

    standby 5 hours 38 mins


    I m trying to test it as the phone cant seem to last a day without charging.


    I m currently streaming youtube movies on LTE.

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    I'm just going to keep saying it because it's beyond important.  Posting here is awesome - but you HAVE to call apple! They deny knowledge of this (I think they are trained to say that) but you just have to call them and don't settle for a product that isn't matching what they advertised!

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    FWIW, my 3GS phones are getting horrible battery life after updating to IOS6. I think it's the software, not the iPhone 5...

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    I must be very lucky. I'm getting great battery life and none of my buttons rattle. After 4 hours of light use it drops to 93% thats texing and phone calls. I do have LTE off,but I don't think that changed the performance that much. My mails on manual push and location services on passbook on as well as 24 other apps. so its working hard. Siri is on too. Crossing my fingers I have had mine since day one.

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    HI everyone,


    So here is an update on my situation from yesterday.


    Last night i was on the phone with Apple and went into the Apple store and exchanged Iphone #3 for poor battery. Whats interesting is I think that the Apple employees are trained to lie to you. I had 2 diagnostics performed last night and each stated my battery was operating "normally" even though I was only getting 4-5 hrs of usage per charge, as confirmed by the diagnostic, which is far below the advertised numbers and our expectations. In each case, the apple tech guy gave me some excuses and stated the battery was fine but went ahead and replaced the phone anyway. This leads me to believe that they are aware of the problem, know it exists and are deliberately lying to us all. Otherwise why would the replace a perferctly good phone with a "normally" operating battery??? Also, I am not convinced its an IOS issue entirely either. My mom upgraded her iphone 4 and has seen no decrease in battery life. Same for me and my Ipad 2 - i upgraded right away and have not experienced any battery drain issues with it.


    Bottom line is that either 1 of 2 things happened - either apple knowingly released and sold us an inferior product or they had a massive breakdown in quality control, are aware of it and trying to cover it so they can shirk on their responsibilities to their customers. In each case, the behaviour from apple is equivalent to an ostrich sticking its head in the sand.


    Something else to consider....Would you guys be surprised that all of the positive iphone reviews and comments were paid for and written by apple? I wouldnt be and I am starting to suspect that is the case. Anyway something else to think about.

  • tony1960 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey Jennifer. Sorry to hear about your phone problems. I don't work for Apple I'm a UPS driver. I have iPad 3 and 2 both running ios6 no issues with battery life. My old iphone4s my wife has and battery life is the same with iOS 6 not great. My iPhone 5 has been wonderful and the battery life has been exceptional. Better than the 4s and equal to my old iPhone 4. Just saying

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    Man I wish I did... my iPhone 3GS (both of them) have horrible battery life since updating to IOS6

  • bldfire Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm having the same issue over the past two days. Today I'm already at 75% after 1.5 hours of usage and standby... Over the course of typing this, it dropped by 2%. Seriously Apple?!

  • Benjamin's Mom Level 1 (5 points)

    I have been dissapointed with both my iPhone 5 and with Apple. Purchased 2 new 5's on Sunday 10/8 and my 32G White's battery drained after less than 3 hours of minimal use. Then to make matters worse, the phone heated up to where it was almost untouchable. Tried unsuccesfully to exhange with Apple and even though I purchased Apple Care, they were unwilling to help without sending in for diagnostics and refurbishment.


    The phone was only 1 day old and I called support and they wanted me to send it in, not have a phone for 2 weeks, and maybe just get one that's had the firmware reloaded. To top that off, the "supervisor" hung up on me. 


    Gah! Not good enough, so had to return it along with 5 other people yesterday.  They didn't say anything about working to resolve any know problems. It's frustrating and now I'm back to using my 4 while my husband is using his 64G Black with push notifications on 9 email accounts with minimal drain after a day of use.

  • jenniferfromyellowknife Level 1 (0 points)

    That almost sums up my story of dealing with apple except I must have lucked out and got to deal with decent apple support guys. Honestly this iphone 5 release has to go down in history as one of the biggest debacles ever.


    Remember you heard it here first guys. This will be the beginning of the end for apple. It happened to them once before. They became very arrogant, ignored customers and provided poor products with worse services. They needed jobs to bail them out but now that he is gone who will be their visionary and bail them out. NOONE!. I can honestly tell you guys that I will never purchase another product from apple again and I will go out of my way to tell everyone I know the same thing. Whats funny is we were about to purchase ipads for all our employees but cancelled the order upon hearing the issues people have been having. Not worth the risk of experiencing a business interruption.


    Anyway, I am not a troll. I have been a loyal apple customer for the last 7-8 years. I have the Ipad 1, ipad 2, 2 macbooks, the apple tv, the iphone 3gs, the iphone 4 and now the iphone 5. My experience with this new iphone has been nothing short of terrible and has upset me to the point that I will never buy apple again.


    Goodbye apple. Hello every other company. I am open for business.



    To Apple --- F***k you. You are a poorly run unethical company. You treat employees like garbage, lie to your customers, produce expensive sub par products and are a giant bully that cannot compete so has to resort to litigation.

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    Jennifer I love your post after retunring 3 iphone 5's and going back to an old iphone 4s from ebay on ios 6.0 I can say the same I have all computers apple tv etc. from apple but after this horrific experince I am glad to say I'm done with apple I love the fact that they fked up my buying experiance for all their products because of the three iphone 5 64 gig returns I had to do . Fu--k you apple from me toooo!!!! over 200 thousand people in different post complaining about battery issues apple has done nothing about it. I can wait to wirte to cnn, wired magazine , macrumors about how fking sh-ty this product is from apple.

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