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  • iMeichow Level 1 Level 1

    Apple: I'm happy to help with diagnostic testing on my iPhone 5 - contact me please.


    I have the same issue as these guys here: max 4.5 hrs usage per day, dies before end of day with lte on. With lte off using 3G I get better battery life (so its def the lte). Tried all the other restore and iCloud tips already.


    I don't mind if this is a software bug which can be fixed in 6.1 but if this is hardware I need to know ASAP so that I can exchange the phone. Does anyone know how long we have for hardware exchange?


    I am going down to HK IFC store today to Genius Bar. Keep u posted.


    (I drained 3% battery just typing this message)

  • iMeichow Level 1 Level 1

    Btw the other clue to what's happening is that the iPhone 5 gets very hot when using and getting its battery drained. It feels like lte heating up and/or some process running intensely in the background.


    Anyone else's phone get really hot?

  • Handsfull Level 1 Level 1



    That's what we all want to know...if it's hardware related.


    Problem is....if they admit it now....sales drop instantly = Stock prices drop. 

  • ski4 Level 1 Level 1

    Yes mine as well does this

  • Benjamin's Mom Level 1 Level 1

    Mine did exactly the same thing. Heated up to where you almost couldn't hold it. I returned mine and will wait for a fix and new phones to buy again.

  • RAFREEB Level 1 Level 1

    Handsfull, given the amount of money this company has and makes I think if they put off making an announcment due to fears about sales drops or fears about stock holders it would just be bad marketing on their part. This issue is already all over the net. it makes Apple look BETTER to come out and address the issue head on. I hope they see it that way. I know I felt better that someone saw my posts here and called me to try and track this problem on my phone. They are working on addressing it and with a fix or upgrade to the IOS they will have to say something. I have WAY more confidence in a company that comes forward on something like this than one who tries to hide it.


    Yes, my phone got really, really hot when I first had it. it's not doing that so much anymore though it runs warm for certain things. Something my iphone 4 never did even when I was watching movies or playing games. I turned off LTE and mine does not get that hot now. This release has several issues going on.


    For those of you getting fantastic battery life, that is really GREAT! However, posting about that on this thread kind of doesn't help much. We know that some phones have no issues. That really bothers me because it means that perhaps it's NOT the IOS but rather a hardware issue on some of these phones. Which is what was reported by a foxconn worker. :S I'm not inclined to believe that completely yet but, I'm withholding judgement totally on what this problem is.


    What I can say is that if after all this testing it turns out to be a hardware issue I expect Apple to address that satisfactorily on such an expensive device purchase. That too is in their own best interest.


    Benjamin's Mom...good move if that's what you need to do. And you stole my old internet name?? *JUST KIDDING* I have a son with that name though.

  • iMeichow Level 1 Level 1

    So I went down to apple store IFC hk today to see a Genius. He offered the same dosh we all know about turning off this and that and restoring etc. basically had no solution.


    Finally after a lot of complaining he offered as a last resort to help me restore my phone which I said "feel free". He did it and hasn't helped.


    My phone is now completely empty ie. after restore , zero ph numbers, zero photos, iCloud not activated yet. NOTHING zip. In idle mode I noticed that it did only lose 13% in four hours (not bad) but as soon as I used it to browse (lte on) it has dropped from 42% to 37% in a matter of 15 mins. So I don't think anything has changed. There are zero apps loaded on this phone. How could the battery be running down??


    As to the hardware/software argument the Genius (reluctant to use that word now) used some iOS diagnostic tool via wifi to read my phone's stats and got a "normal" reading for my battery condition which apparently verifies that my battery is not faulty ie. not hardware. I'm not sure and doubt that is a conclusive test to show this isn't a hardware problem. Not sure if u guys agree?


    This is frustrating. Anyone buying a $700 phone should not have to deal w this battery grief.


    (FYI battery dropped by 5% just TYPING this message on a non-loading webpage. ***?)

  • RAFREEB Level 1 Level 1

    Imeichow, the phone is over 850 here plus 13 percent tax for the 32 gig phone, so quite a lot more. Another little bone I have to pick with Apple since I am in Canada and for over a year the Canadian dollar has been at par or worth MORE than the U.S. dollar yet many of the products are still listed as higher here. Not amused.


    At any rate, I'm not sure I agree that it's not a hardware issue on SOME phones. Why? Well some phones are getting fantastic battery life running the exact same OS so how can it be the OS? I hope I am wrong about this as a hardware issue with this many phones will require a full exchange for functioning phones and I'm not sure Apple is going to do that. If they do not I will swear off ever buying another product fromt them as I will feel that I was blatantly ripped off for quite a lot of money. But before we do down that path of thinking I'm willing to let them track the drain on this phone but, I would NOT want them going by the usage stats listed on my phone which are almost always wrong. The person helping me even said they are not accurate. On my phone they are listing quite a lot more time used than I am actually using the phone.


    Reports of how the issue is not solved going to a Genius bar are why I'm not going yet. It's 160 miles r/t. I'll go when I'm ready to turn the phone in if there's no fix coming soon. Otherwise,I'm wasting time and even more money going back and forth.

  • Dave11011 Level 1 Level 1

    Hello everyone, i have had a very similar problem with my iphone 5 battery life, where basically it would drop by 20/30% within an hour which is incredible, however i think i have a solution to all you frustrated iphone 5 users, i did all the things below and now my battery life is awesome!                                                                                                  Usage: 6 hours, 20 minutes                                                                                                                              Standby: 18 hours, 50 minutes                                                                                                                          Battery: 40%                                                                                                                            Within this time i have watched a movie 'The inbetweeners', used facebook, and several other apps... So here are all the things within 'Settings' you need to change including the obvious:

    • Brightness- 30%
    • Bluetooth- off
    • Notifications:  - set a 'Do not disturb' for over night

                                 -Turn all wigets off in notification centre, these eat your battery

                                 -Turn off all notifications for all the possible apps you can, so all games e.t.c i only recieve

    notifications for: messages, phone calls, reminders, facebook, ebay, football scores

                                 -For the apps not in the notification centre turn off all the settings on them so 'banners'

                                 -Try to turn off sound for some notifications, i have for 'Ebay'

    • General: -Go to 'About' , then 'Advertising' and turn ON 'limit ad tracking'

                        - Go to 'About', then 'Diagnosis and usage' and choose 'Dont Send'   

                        - Set 'Auto lock' to 2 minutes

                        - In accessibilit turn off 'LED Flash for alerts'

    • When not using: -Mobile data, turn off 'LTE' first and then turn off 'Mobile data'

                                    -Turn off 'WIFI'

    • I only use 'Siri' when playing golf, so i turn 'Siri' off
    • Privacy: -Go to 'Location Services', turn OFF all uneccessary apps, so games, safari, e.t.c

                        - At the botton of 'Privacy' go to 'System Services' the turn OFF: 'Genius for Apps', 'Location based iads', 'Mobile Network Se..', 'Setting time zone'

    • iCloud: -Turn Off all apps EXCEPT 'Notes' 'Reminders' 'Find my iphone'
    • Email: -Go to 'Fetch new data', Turn 'push' OFF

                     - Set 'Fetch', Hourly/Manually


    Once you have made these settings it is important to let your battery run out until completely dead, and then from then Charge your battery up to 100% and let it run down until completely dead, do this 5 times and this will re-calibirate your battery and each time you will see and increase in your battery life!!!!


    That is everything, and to be honest guys these settings dont really restrict you, if you adapt them slightly to suit you, you can also do things every so often like double tapping the home button and removing minimised apps.


    I HOPE THIS HELPS YOU.... My battery went from AWFUL to easily able to last a day doing everything i want........ please reply to let me know if it has helped you, this took me ages to create for you guys

  • Garybravo Level 1 Level 1

    As a temporary fix whilst Apple is (hopefully) working on one or more solutions I turned off cellular data whilst I'm inside with wifi access and the battery life is so much better (infact still at 100% after 40 mins usage and 2hr standby!).


    Hope this info may help in fixing the problem (e.g. if phone automatically disabled cellular if it has wifi?).


    Again note to Apple - would be happy to be contacted to run diagnostics for you.

  • grenhall Level 1 Level 1

    Are you kidding everyone here? You've basically turned your iPhone 5 into the same phone I got as a loaner from my service provider, Sony Ericsson Cedar. It's not a viable solution. Return your iPhone and get one that allows you to enjoy it. Not suffer every moment you use it. Jeez...

  • Garybravo Level 1 Level 1

    @grenhall - just turning off cellular data when you have a wifi connection does not take away ANY functionality as far as I can see! As I said this is temporary whilst awaiting a fix.

  • RAFREEB Level 1 Level 1

    I did turn off cellular while on wifi for a long time. It did improve somewhat my battery life but, I would not say it was equal to what I was getting on the iphone 4 I had before and the battery was still draining on stand by over night. It does help some so if you want to do it until there is a real fix I see no harm in that. However, long term if I had to do this just to finagle battery life along with all the other turn off this and that I'd not keep this phone. Too much trouble and too expensive for that. I would just go with a no function but calling and texting phone for super cheap.


    Gary Bravo, don't be surprised if you do hear from them. They have picked several people from this thread at random. I imagine they will do what they can with those they are tracking now and then pick a few new ones.

  • Dizman7 Level 1 Level 1

    The fact that many ppl have been contacted and are running the diagnostic software is a good sign.


    BUT I bet you they are going to purposely drag their feet for another week or so, so that the 30 day return period expires for all those millions of people who bought one in the first week.  That way they won't have mass returns when they annouce they can't fix it, or that it's "normal", or that there is a new revision or something.


    Just my opinion, I honestly hope I'm wrong.  BUT they better **** well at least publicly acknowledge the problem BEFORE they annouce/reveal the iPad mini which I believe is due to be unvieled in the next few weeks.


    On a related side note, I've read that the S3 has similar issues, with battery draining and overheating, along with it's own, like mic cutting out.  So I guess we aren't alone.

  • Dave11011 Level 1 Level 1

    i dont understand APPLE! As much as i love their products, i just dont get them, they have all this brilliant technology to create an amazing phone, yet they dont have the common sense to include a bigger battery, as much as i think the iphone 5 is great product and it looks great, im sure every iphone 5 user like me, would have much prefered the iphone 5 to be the same thickness as the iphone 4, yet to have a flat battery at the back so that the battery life is improved dramatically, this would make so much more sense and would satisfy customers so much more, than just making it as thin as threy can, IT IS THIN ENOUGH! We need battery, i actually cannot believe that Apple can be so intelligent to create such a product yet so stupid not sacrifice like 2mm for a larger battery, SERIOUSLY, the one thing i wanted with the iphone 5 was a better battery, and they have completely failed to do that, which lets the whole phone down. They have lied 100% about the capabilities of the battery life, 225 hours of standby and all of those on the website is FALSE, why advertise something that doesnt live up to the expectations, WHY COULDNT YOU PUT THE CORRECT FIGURES ON, Whic is around 20hours of standby so people know where they stand. I cannot believe it, i actually cannot believe apple dont have the technology to include a larger battery because i can be 100% certain that if the battery life was as good as its expectations, nearly everyone who has the product would be raving about it and saying how good it is, but having to turn off all the features is not good enough, and defeats the object. APPLE YOU NEED A REALITY CHECK, and review the customer needs, because you have failed to meet them. Not impressed.

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