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  • Toddw911 Level 1 Level 1

    I also had it on the 4 with no problems either.  I'm just telling you what worked for me iPhone 5. You can try it easily and if it doesn't work, then the Facebook app is easy to reinstall.

  • King_James_of_Akron Level 1 Level 1

    The Auto-brightness does make sense. ill get back at yall tomorrow to see if turning this off works. Going to try LTE on for first time, notification center for only those i use (mostly the default configuration) and location services strictly for those I really need (Siri and maps)


    contrary to what it is supposed to do, auto-brightness is supposed to be a battery saver but Dave brings up a great point. Sometimes i feel the ambient sensor gets too active in setting the ideal backlight which I assume would use a ton of battery.

  • jshank83 Level 1 Level 1

    It has to be something with the signals. When I'm at home (on wifi) I get pretty good battery life. My usage will be over 8 hours easily before it dies. That is actual usage time not counting standby.


    But, at work or many other places (no wifi) I barely get 4 hours of usage if I'm lucky.


    Things to note.


    At work it switches between LTE and 4G a fair amount. And I am not on my phone much but barely get through the 8 hour work day before it dies.


    I don't know if the wifi has anything to do with it or what but like I said I prolly get twice as much battery life at home compared to other places.

  • brsm1990 Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X


    I previously had this problem.


    I fixed this by removing everything from notifications but my messages and phone.

    Then change your mail to manual when you go into the app instead of constantly pulling.

    Turn off things such as icloud which backs up your data and remove apps that use your internet connection.

    Turn off the gps on the phone so it isnt tracking you.


    Have to remember that its using software that has yet to be perfected and hardware that is new to the community. Consider yourself beta testing until its perfect."


    What kind of a nonsense response is this?  Disable all the features of the phone to make it work?  What's the point of paying hundreds of dollars for a top of the line phone if it doesn't work?  Beta testing?!?  This is not a beta test this is apple's flagship product and it sells at a big premium to the competition.  It should work now and it should work perfectly!

  • Toddw911 Level 1 Level 1

    I agree with you, but I understand how titis could happen.  As most of the apps are not written by Apple, there has always been a delay in the support updates provided by the app authors.  To fix the customer beta issue, maybe Apple could delay the release of new hardware in order to test all the available apps.  This would be expensive, but it would beat losing customers.

  • RAFREEB Level 1 Level 1

    It is NOT the Facebook app. I deleted that app the first week I had the phone as I don't even have a FB account and haven't for few years now so I got rid of that app on my phone. If it worked for you Todd it could be one thing that helps somewhat but, that's not the total culprit here. My battery life still isn't great and it hasn't been despite having no Facebook app on my phone.


    I have no clue what it is and have tried all the things suggested in this thread. I'm done being a "tester" as I just don't have time for this sort of thing this month. Apple did call me, it was a pleasant experience but, the engineer had no answers for this issue yet. There's nothing really to be dne until they figure out the cause and release an update.


    For the person who went to the Genius Bar and had the agent there point to the "UP TO" section of the advertising. THAT would have really, really made me mad. It is a slimey way to handle this issue and certainly not what I would expect from Apple who certainly did not stress the "UP TO" section during the launch of this product. I think that anyone at a Genuis Bar making such a remark to you should be fired. I"m not big on firing people but, in this instance after you made such an expensive purchase, and went out of yoru way to go to the Genius Bar that remark is "Mad Men" territory. If that's the way Apple is going to do business then there's NO reason to stay with them as they are not selling a superior product and the response to probems is to basically tell you they said "UP TO" in the ad as a way out of battery life issues? Apple has marketed themselves as a company you can expect more from when you PAY MORE for their "it just works" products so for that person to point out the "UP TO" section of the ad for this phone shows clearly that you cannot expect more and therefore should not have paid more. Nor should you bother buying Apple products in the future expecting anything more than you would get from Samsung customer service or Sony or anyone else. Most people who liked Apple, liked them due to the fact that their products were sturdy, worked well and when they did not the customer service was above reproach. Clearly, according to the person at that Genius Bar this is no longer true. It sounds like nothing so much as Bait and Switch.


    I was in Best Buy this weekend buying a t.v. and I talked to the sales person in electronics about my iphone 5. He told me they have had a lot of returns due to two things, battery life and scratches. It's everywhere, it's a big problem.


    I'm going to wait and see if there is an update. I know they are workng on this but, the thing is if I end up having to go five rounds with my carrier to get another phone if the update doesn't work, then I'm done with Apple. I do not pay this much for a product to have to go through all this crap. So if an update doesn't work, then I'll just buy cheap phones that do nothing but, make calls and text in the future and save myself a ton of pita problems and a lot of money.

  • Realmaverick Level 1 Level 1

    I am absolutely seething. I want to smash my iPhone 5 to bits.


    It's confirmed that Apple are soon to release 6.0.1. The bugs they're fixing are as follows:


    1. Horizontal snowy lines
    2. Camera flash not flashing
    3. Connectivity issues
    4. Fixes to passbook


    Not a freaking word on the battery. So they've not even acknowldged it.


    I am now past the date of being able to cancel my contract OR swap my phone. I seriously want to stamp on the piece of ****.


    The issue is mobile data basically destroying the battery. Works fine when on wifi with mobile data turned off. But I get about 4 hours usage if connected via 3G.


    Just to add to how ****** off I am by Apple, they released a 4th gen iPad, a few months after I purchased my 3rd gen iPad, making it already dated.


    I fear Apple are now becoming just another company, without Jobs tight control over it.


    Feeling bitterly disapointed in Apple. I want to sell my iPhone 5 and iPad 3 and go to Android. Something I never thought I'd say or do

  • RAFREEB Level 1 Level 1

    Wow!! Not a word about the battery issue with the update? It seems like we're being screwed over then doesn't it? Surely all the engineers who worked on this can't be happy with an update that doesn't address the very issue they have been working to resolve the last few weeks? I don't like this at all. Maybe they feel that the battery issue is related to one of the other problems they are updating but, at the very least that should be mentioned in this update release. I'm getting more and more leery of this response or lack of it. I KNOW they were working on battery life issues as my phone was one of those tracked.


    This battery life issue ought to have officially mentioned by now and thier ad should be changed until it is. The idea herw as BETTER battery life not worse no matter if it says "UP TO" or not. And the battery on this phone is certainly NOT better and in most cases is worse.

  • jshank83 Level 1 Level 1

    Seeing I think the connectivity issues are what is killing the battery I am hoping by fixing those that fixes the battery life.

  • Internexus Level 1 Level 1

    Realmaverick: Time for some anger management classes.  Go ahead and get an Android and I'll watch you come running back when you realize what a real POS phone is.  I came from the Android world and even with the iPhone 5 battery drain my battery lasts typically 2.5x longer and sometimes more than my Android ever did. 


    Sometimes things just don't come out perfect, give them the time to correct the issue instead of running around your room with your pants all in a wad about something you can't do anything about.

  • Internexus Level 1 Level 1

    "The update may entail things such as a fix for the horizontal lines bug on the screen when the keyboard or app folder is open, as well as a fix for the camera’s flash not going off when it’s supposed to. The update should also improve WiFi support and fix minor issues with cellular data, as well as address a bug that allowed access to Passbook details from the lock screen."



    Notice "improve WiFi support and fix minor issues with cellular data".  If the problem is stemming from the cellular data then perhaps it's already on the table for the fix..

  • Hawk815 Level 1 Level 1

    Apple doesn't care about the people anymore those days are all but over. I don't care about having a slim phone just give me a batter that doesn't drain like water in a bath tub. This is ridiculous.

  • Toddw911 Level 1 Level 1

    Rafreeb,  sorry that it did not work for you.  It seems as though there are different problems. I got maybe 1.5 days with the app and I am now ending my 5th day after it was deleted. 


    Another thing that I did notice is that the battery level seems to be incorrect.  If I charge just to 100%,  then the battery level begins to decline immediately.  However, if I let it charge overnight, then the level remains at 100% for most of the next day.  I did let the battery discharge completely before charging as was suggested on another post.


    Just trying to help!  Maybe the someone else can benefit.

  • RAFREEB Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, thanks for the suggestion anyway. I've done the discharge on my phoen several times now too. Fully letting it drain to zero then recharging. It helped somewhat but, I'm still  not seeing the battery life expected out of this phone. I'd be happy with the same battery life I got with my iphone 4 at this point.


    I hope this update does address the battery life and perhaps that's something Apple is attemtping to do. We'll see once we have updated what the battery performance looks like. I told the engineer who called me that I had no intention of going to a Genius Bar since they wouldn't know anymore than he did and that I would wait for the update. IF there was no improvement after the update THEN I would be looking for another solution to this issue.

  • brsm1990 Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    Apple's customer service flatly refused to replace my phone I went to the "mom and pop shop" here in Singpaore that handles all Apple's warranty stuff because believe it or not they have no presence and no shop here.  It's in a warehouse.  Nice people though, they actually quickly and efficiently replaced my phone with only two questions asked "What's the problem?" and "Did you try to restore?".   I will update everyone on whether or not the replacement has any effect on battery.  I don't currently have an opinion on whether this is hardware or software, however if software I'd think the problem would be more widespread.  Everybody is running all the same software, it's conceivable not everyone has all exactly the same components inside the phone...

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