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  • Qjuantum Level 1 Level 1

    I believe there is something wrong with the batteries themselves, my wife's iPhone was also showing the webbookmarksd process and her battery life is as expected, in my opinion and after doing several restores I strongly believe is a hardware issue, the batteries are defective in some iPhones

  • ACECORP Level 1 Level 1

    Update from yesterday's post:


    I let my phone completely run out of battery last night.


    • Then I fully charged it to 100%, disconnecting it from the charging cable at 10:30pm.
    • I also turned off "Auto Display Brightness" and set it around 50%.
    • I also turned off push for email, and use 1 hr fetch instead
    • I also turned off push, badge, and notifications for the majority of my apps like news apps, magazines, games, and other non-important applications. I still have ALOT enabled, just not all 300+ apps.


    After doing that, I engaged in hard usage of listening to 77WABC Radio Internet Based App for hours and hours on end over WIFI, some game playing, email, and web surfing.


    After all of that my battery situation is as follows:


    Battery currently at 24%


    Time since last full charge

    • Usage: 7 hours, 38 minutes 
    • Standby 14 hours, 35 minutes


    This is MUCH better than what I got yesterday.


    I have a feeling that a 2nd complete battery discharge and 100% recharge will cause further improvement.


    I'll post updated results tomorrow.

  • dyeylet Level 1 Level 1

    I also purchased an iphone from   at&t   64 gig white iphone 5 battery drains just by looking at the phone i turned location services off and disabled email exchange and gmail auto fetch the mail only checks when I open the mail app also woke up at 10 am today using the phone twice to make a 10 minute call and to check email with another call for about two minutes the phone dropped battery life by 2 pm down to 55 percent no apps where used LTE was on But this is horrible I can not believe the battery life is so bad this phone needs to get charged twice every day first half of the day and then the second.!!!! Im returning this phone for a replcaement dont know what else to do tried a restore tried a clean erase start nothing battery drains to fast i tried to disable notification and location service still battery is draining in 3 hours to more then half.

  • Chrismtw Level 1 Level 1

    I'm finding the same thing, massive drain on wifi, normal drain with wifi off.

  • dyeylet Level 1 Level 1

    I have charged my iphone twice already since  I bought it and waited for it to fully shut off via the battery power drain then I recharged it again fully before next use battery starts dieing within the first 2 minutes of unplugging the phone from the charger battery drops to 97 percent. and thn any type of usage within the next hour like email check  2 phone calls or a quick websearch via LTE with wifi off drains battery to 86 percent. this is within the first 30 minutes of use and unplugging from charger.

  • ACECORP Level 1 Level 1

    Based on a complete analysis of these posts, it sounds like there may be a couple of different problems.


    (1) Defective Battery Hardware


    (2) IOS 6 software glitch(s)


    (3) Usage & Drain happening as a result of using a number of different features together which drain battery power.


    I think the folks who are getting only a couple hours of battery may suffer from two or all 3 problems.


    Folks who may be getting poor battery performance but not as bad as 2-3 hours with minimal use may suffer from one or two of the issues above.


    To eliminate # (3) from the picture entirely so that you can zoom on on # (2) or # (3) above, I think loading "The CARAT App" from the App Store may be worthwhile.


    I did that and will include my findings as they relate my my battery situation with my next update after a 2nd full cycle recharge. 

  • OGPangster Level 1 Level 1

    I was at the apple store yesterday and the rep said my battery drain is because I restored from an old backup and for me to back up to icloud and wipe everything out and restore from icloud. I did that last night and turn off a few services, turned off passbook backup, turn off locations for most of the stuff and reset network settings.

    Today i had my iphone 5 charged to 100% at 11:00am. I watched a few videos, checked emails, checked LTE speeds, looked at the new feeds and listen to music. Now it is 3:21pm and my battery is down to 18%. Seems wrong.

  • dyeylet Level 1 Level 1

    Yes this is exactly what I was told to do by apple and AT&T same problem battery life draining way to fast 10 am full charge I unplug by 3 pm i'm at 35 percent and the phone does not make it to the night time. I check email briefly read a few posts and make a few calls iphone 4s had better battery life!!

  • mfritter Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem - massive drain!!! This is my first iPhone (bought the 5 on Friday) and I'm really not happy at all.   I'm on wifi, text a little, check some mail and use the phone and don't have a lot running in the background (I dont 'think).  I started at 100% at 8am this morning, was on 3 phone calls that lasted a total of just under 2 hours and I was down to 50% before noon. 


    I stopped pushing my exchange email and thought that might help but after I did that I was on the phone for less than 10 minutes and my batter drained 10%.  I guess I'll try to fully drian the battery? 


    PLUS I was at about 10% battery last night, I plugged in and at some point my phone completely shut down while it was plugged into the charger and hence no alarms this morning!


    I'm not iPhone savy at all... someone please help!  Sounds like this is not normal??? Should I just take the phone back and get a new one?

  • briangie Level 1 Level 1

    I called Apple technical support. The only thing they said is that I am not in an area that has LTE, so that will drain my battery. I turned off LTE. They were supposed to call me tomorrow and check, but on the email it says they are going to call a number that was mine back in 2009. I guess they have that from when I first purchased an iphone 3?? Anyway she had asked for my number, and I had given her my current number, but because of the number on my call back email being wrong, I won't be getting that call. :-( Probably doesn't matter anyway because other people on here said they turned off LTE and it did not help.

  • Revearti Level 1 Level 1

    I noticed my battery draining fast, so I'm doing a test for the new couple of days.  I have a 32 GB Black AT&T.


    When I first got the phone, I Restored from Backup.  I saw the battery drain faster than I thought it should for a couple days.  I used it to 1% and charged it in full.  The next day, I left everything on (LTE, Wifi, Notifications, and Locations) except for Bluetooth.  I talked to a friend for 40 minutes and lost 10%.  My AT&T phone was receiving an LTE signal during the entire call.


    Today I restored it without a backup from a fully updated Mac Mini with Mountain Lion using iTunes.  I have nothing on the phone.  It wasn't fully charged when I restored it.  It was at 87% after the restore.


    So far here are my screenshots.  I'm not using the phone.  I'm just waking it up to take a screenshot of the lock screen.  I'll update this post later tonight.


    2:45 PM 87%

    4:32 PM 83%

  • deanhuff Level 1 Level 1

    I've done multiple restores bit as new phone and from iCloud.  I even did a dfu reboot to fresh install with no change.  I called apple today and the rep told me not to do DFU reboots unless the phone is in a completely locked state and you can't get the screen to turn on.


    I've got an appt tomorrow at the apple store, we'll see if they replace the phone.


    In my case, it seems that my battery only really drains while I'm using it.  The battery has dropped 15 percent in the last 18 minutes of use.  Prior to that it dropped 3% while being locked for 1.5 hours

  • bejer3my Level 1 Level 1

    I also have the same problem. It drains more then my iphone 4s.

  • gmori7 Level 1 Level 1

    What do you guys think of my yesterday's battery performance?



    I thinks it's getting better after the fourth cycle charge. It is still just 5 hours 45 minutes of usage..

  • edge0329 Level 1 Level 1

    Been having the same issue on both phones we purchased.  Restoring and setting up as a new phone helped but didn't solve it.  Have had disccusions with three support reps trying to get to the problem.  Then I discovered this last night:



    This may be the real reason.

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