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  • Stinkfist Level 1 Level 1

    I have noticed something interesting with my battery drain issue...


    My batter drain stops if I am listening to my ipod.


    Meaning my battery drops significantly slower when listening to my ipod as opposed to having it sitting there unused.


    I wonder why this is? Is the Ipod stopping something else from running?


    Anyone else able to see the same thing?

  • Vonhana Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same issue with my 64GB Iphone 5. However i took mine to apple and got it replaced, they asked questions like, "do you think the phone could burn you or cause harm?" I ended up walking out with a new iphone 5. However this replacement every now and then drains about 80% of its battery in 1-2 hours and gets super hot also.... looks like im back to apple for my third iphone 5 this week and if the 3rd does it i will be demanding my money back as i have invested $1000.00 in their device that at best lasts 6 hours of the day on one battery. My iphone 3GS would last 1.5 days. This Iphone 5 seems to be a joke.

  • 33man Level 1 Level 1

    Every day when my battery % is about 1-2% I take picture of usage information page, the wrap up of this:


    - Usage and standby time are wrapped together...

    - On 3G I have 16hours standby and 5 to 5:30 hours usage (1% remaining)


    I don't know if this is a correct battery drain but it is never 8 hours usage... So I don't know would be good if every one take a screenshot when 1% battery remaining. Just to compare each others....

  • sjfwhite Level 1 Level 1

    Those are pre-6.01 tips - they may help for some people but I really think this problem has a number of different causes.  In my case, how the wifi responds to dodgy networks.

  • justlikethat Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Guys,


    I was also facing the same battery draining issue since I bought iphone 5, The first day I loved it very much, its very light prior to 4s. The second day I didn't like because it didn't stand up to my expectation. (My expectation, battery should stand little longer that 4S as this has larger battery). There is no change in my phone usage style after 4s and 5, and my 4s battery stands for me whole day on my working hours. but iphone 5 stands only 3/4 on my work day. (Every evening I was retuning from work without communication)


    I tried below option but didn't help

    - turned off LTE

    - turned off all location service

    - closed all background running application everytime after used.

    - changed mail settings to every one hour


    I checked my couple friends who were having black color iphone 5, they said its better than my battery life. And I checked my other friends who were having iphone 5 white, some have & some don't.


    Ok guys, I am not here to blame the color of the phone, but its illusion for our eyes, the screen brightness and the outer frame co-relates. I mean the brightness and the frames around screen, when you have Black phone  with 50% brightness on screen, you feel the gorgeous retina, but when you have white to feel the gorgeous retina you need to have around 70% brightness in sunny day, I am not sure every one feel like this, but I personally. When I checked my phone it was having 70% in room light and When I took it to sunlight it is 100% brightness. I do remember for 4s was also had suggestion for longer battery turn off the auto brightness and I lived with auto brightness turned on in 4s


    To test this, I changed my home screen & lock screen to black colored texture wallpaper with out changing any brightness settings. I got 40% remaining after my working hours. I was so happy when I saw at home and I thought to share you guys.


    And my conclusion, brightness is culprit for faster draining battery, and I don't think so auto brightness has the bug. If you want to have only 75% brightness and the auto brightness enabled. Take the phone to sunny place and set the brightness to 75% and auto brightness on. Now your phone adjust from 0-75% depends on lighting, its relative. And always have some darker wallpaper and lock screen.


    May be you guys can try, good luck if it works....

  • diego.petracca Level 1 Level 1



    I don't know if this is normal but, when the 3G (in my country there is not 4G yet) data is ON and you are connected to the wifi, when you unlock the phone you can see for a moment the 3G icon that suddently disappear and get replaced by the wifi icon.


    My idea is that, when the phone is in standby, it uses the 3G data instead of the wifi.


    I am therefore now used to disable the 3G data when I am connected to the wifi but the problem is that, when you try to enable back the cellular data, you need to put the phone in airplane mode and put it back online, othewise the 3G icon will never get back.


    Does anybody have ever seen this behaviour?

  • Ca1eb Level 1 Level 1

    Had mine ip5 for a week,and the battery life was.....

    So i went to the apple store yestarday and got new one

    Set it up as new phone

    Didnt do any backup

    All the bluetooth and locations are off,email is on fetch

    And suprise-suprise,the problem is still there

    This morning after 1:30 min. of light use,and im on 70% allready

    My 2 years old ip4 is holdin better than this...thing,and i payed £600 for it

    Need fix now apple

  • sverzijl Level 1 Level 1

    >My idea is that, when the phone is in standby, it uses the 3G data instead of the wifi.


    That is correct. If wifi would still be enabled during standby, battery usage would be even worse. (Note that when playing music via wifi (i.e. Spotify), wifi will still be enabled when you press the lock button. It is only disabled if there are no active processes making use of it)

    But 3G data usage should be very minimal as it will only be used to receive push messages and e-mail _headers_ every 15/30/60-minutes (depending on what you configured).


    Just reset your mobile usage counters to 0 and leave your iPhone in standby for a while to see how much is being used. For me it uses about 15KB in 1 hour standby (during which I received a couple of boxcar/what'sapp push messages and 2 emails)

  • diego.petracca Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Sverzikl,


    Since the 3G communication is draining more power than wifi, I would expect that when the device is in standby it would enable wifi instead of 3G to check for emails, push messages and so on.


    In my opinion the device should not enable at all the 3G communication when it is in a place where it can connect to the wifi.


    When you disable the 3G and you are in a place where you have a wifi, the phone use only the wifi, even when it is in standby and this help a lot from the battery point of view.


    I hope I have been able to make you understand my point.

  • sverzijl Level 1 Level 1

    > When you disable the 3G and you are in a place where you have a wifi, the phone use only the wifi,

    >even when it is in standby


    I was under the impression it would fall back to GPRS and still not use Wifi in standby for push messages, but it seems to use Wifi in that case.

    In that case I fail to see Apple's logic to disable Wifi in standby

  • DjShine88 Level 1 Level 1

    I felt like i should add my piece in as well.


    I got the iphone 4 when it first came out - and since it was the first iphone i ever got - i didn't restore it, just done it as a new phone - and the battery life was EXCEPTIONAL... i didn't mind that it never really lasted an either day with all the internet searching i did etc - it was just a very very good fone.


    Fast forward 2 years later - it got stolen... heartbroken.


    Then the iphone 5 was announced and i couldn't wait to get my hands on it - 32GB black.


    As such - because i was used to the iphone only having 6 hours usage from the iphone 4, i thought it was quite normal... after a while - i kept thinking, they announced that battery life would be WAY BETTER... why is it still getting just barely 6.


    fast forward again - i am on my 4th iphone 5... first one was because of Wifi problems, and at the time i wasn't having major battery problems but it didn't go past 6 hours usage, 2nd one because of careless production scratches ALL OVER IT, the wifi and battery still wasn't brilliant... 3rd one - battry problems... and the 4th one - i'm still in the middle of testing - got it about 5 days ago.


    To test it - i done many different things which i have to say ATE UP AN ABUNDANCE of my time (this is both with the 3rd one i had and the current one i had).


    First few tests:


    • Restored from itunes back up
      • LTE ON (even though i have none)
      • EVERYTHING on iCloud on
      • WIFI off


    Did that for a day, measured the battery usage... and then the next day after a full overnight charge:


    • LTE Off
    • safari sync, passbook sync off
    • wifi off


    After a few days later i decided to do itunes back up via iCloud - and then do as they suggested and backed it up from iCloud.


    then did the same test as above - except the back up was from my iCloud instead of from itunes.


    Ran the same conditions.


    Only recently - i decided to bite the bullet and DFU restore the handset as BRAND NEW.


    i had to do all my apps one by one, restore all settings and so on.


    and did the same test as above.


    each time i did these tests - i let the battery die out (as advised by some member from the forum).


    my average daily life - tweetlist pro for twitter updates - as well as browsing through pictures, foursquare for some check ins, reading some news sometimes on Pocket, maybe about an hour of browsing safari, imessages, not too many calls, and sometimes cloud based back up with dropbox.


    not many games - not many other apps... the odd time check ebay.


    Here are my results so far:


    from iTunes back up - it is the worst. with the first test (LTE on, all iclouds on) it only eats up an extra 30 mins compared to having some of those items switched off . The most i have gotten out of it - roughly 5 hours, 30 mins usage - standby maybe about 8 hours.


    from iCloud back up - a slight improvement with similar results on both tests (LTE ON & LTE off etc) with the battery lasting maybe up 6 hours (5 hours and 49 mins to be precise) and standby of more than 10 hours.


    from DFU restore and set as new - BEAR IN MIND, i'm still in the middle of testing it out - but with the first test (LTE on and iClouds on) - i have been seeing the battery standby take a MASSIVE LEAP to sometimes 20+ hours - 1 day, but the usage itself staying on borderline to 5 hours and 20 mins. i still have the second test to do.


    This is not the type of QA i expect from Apple - and it's not just my iPhone. Since updating my Macbook to Mountain Lion - my macbook has gone from 7hours battery to 4 hours. same with the brand new Macbook pro i got - that was essentially made for Mountain Lion update.


    i wasn't very happy to begin with to do up my phone to brand new again - but i have a friend who got a brand new 64GB iphone - and with everything (icloud wise) on, and just 3g usage because his network has no LTE capabilities - and he plays games heavily and etc - he has gotten 10-12 hours usage out of it.


    I do think it is a software glitch to be honest, my phone never really gets hot like the way everyone mentions. One of the things i have noticed though - because i have my iMessages synced to my macbook, the battery drops VERY QUICKLY if my macbook is in front of me and iMessages are coming through on both devices.


    i have a feeling that it may be an iCloud based sync issue...


    Overall i'm happy with my iPhone, it's a very nice fast phone, but the battery life is pretty abysmal. If i go out for a day out shopping - i'd be lucky if it lasted ANYWHERE near what i wanted, whereas for my iphone 4 - it would have lasted much longer throughout.


    i will post up the second set of results soon, until then - this is just my side of the story.


    If Steve were still among us, he would have seriously murdered someone right now for the QA testing.

  • DjShine88 Level 1 Level 1

    oh i forgot to mention - did a test with everything on EXCEPT for mobile data - and just wifi on.


    got about 10 hours usage out of it and impressive standby... that was with ios 6.0.1 though.


    with iOS 6.0 - it struggle to connect with many networks.

  • PCMACSAVVY Level 1 Level 1

    Feeling frustrated with my Iphone 5 battery not lasting even four hours with a full charge, I tried everything suggested from other folks, but the only thing that worked for me is turning off CELL under general settings off all together when I am connected to WI-FI. So far this is the only option that is working for me making my battery last as supposed it should be.


    I hope Apple came with a  fix shortly for this annoying bug in IO'S 6.0 family, this is most likely a software issue on the OS not a problem in hardware.

  • Kaka Dongguan Level 3 Level 3

    Hi Friends,


    I have found a solution for my iPhone battery life: recharge the mobile battery until reach 80 to 90%. Make a full recharge justonce a month (IOS 6 User's Guide). It takes few days to see the improvements.


    Hope it will be helpful

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