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  • Polekat22 Level 1 Level 1

    Checking in to say that last week, out of the blue, this started happening to me.  I have a 4s, since release date.  No issues until last week.  Been scouring the web for an answer and nothing. All the "fixes" are band aids and help temporarily, but the phone resorts back to hot/battery burn. 


    What does Apple charge for repair out of warranty? Of course, it seems it's a software issue and there may not be a fix.  No genius bar anywhere near my location.


    Frustrated beyond belief

  • FernandoJacinto Level 1 Level 1

    Well my family and I have have been using Iphones for almost 3 years now and have been big fans. My wife switched now to Samsung Note II because of battery issues. I now have the Iphone 5 (1 month) the battery life is really bad. I would choose the old Motorolla batteies over this. I'm sure some of you can relate, those batteries lasted pretty long. Anyways, I'll give this another couple of weeks and believe me we have tried everything. I have an extra battery pack and that meant I dished out $80.00 and have to remember to charge this and phone which meant I had to purchase another set of plug and cable (so I can charge at the same time). I'll give this another week or 2 and I'm switching over along with the others to Samsung. I love the phone but should have done my research.



  • Pixeleyz Level 1 Level 1

    In iCould Settings, documents and data, you can turn off "use cellular data" and it should save battery life.  The reason is simple and direct;  Using cellular data to back-up your videos and images to iCloud can potentially take hours of slow cellular transfer. So while your iPhone seems to be doing nothing, it is trying to move hundreds of megabytes of data over a slow wireless network.  This means your battery is working pretty hard, even when the screen is dark.  This data transfer is essentially like a really long phone call.  Turn it off, and data will still get backed-up to icloud, not only when you have (fast, efficient) wifi.

  • ArtyYeo Level 1 Level 1


    ***************  FIXed the Issue *************



    I saw someone suggested changing the eMail setting from PUSH to FETCH every 15mins.

    I tried it today and the phone as off the charger since around 6AM this morning and it's now 4:14P and I still have 83%. This seems to have fixed my iPhone5 battery drain issue.

  • takayamaguchi Level 1 Level 1

    I had this battery drain issue (battery went from 100% to 23% after a total of 6 hours of web browsing with wifi only) on the day 1 after importing data from iphone 4. So decided to wipe out all the data and set up as a new phone. So far, I've used a total of 10 hours from 100% and I still have 27%. Mostly I used iphone 5 for web browsing, texting, watching a few videos, and listening to music with wifi/3G connection. I know this comparison is unscientific but I can say, at least for now, that this fixed my issue.

  • cvea Level 1 Level 1

    Dear ArtyYeo , that is a workaround, not a resolution of the problem.  I paid the money I paid to have emails pushed to me.  If I wanted to manually check for emails and turn off all the various features of the phone I could go back to the Motorola StarTac and walk into an internet cafe to check my mail.

  • cvea Level 1 Level 1

    I see many posts saying that the solution is to turn off push email.  That is not a solution - is a workaround. My blackberry pushes all emails and retains battery life; why should I switch my brand new iphone 5 to "fetch" just to achieve a seemingly normal battery life?


    Tried all suggestions seen here (reboot, restore, restore as new, reset setting, reset usage, reset cellular usage); the phone still loses about 1% every 3 minutes or so doing nothing.  Yes, shutting down LTE and/or 4G and/or Wifi extends the battery life, but then why having an iphone?

  • ArtyYeo Level 1 Level 1

    cvea, I am afraid you misunderstood what I wrote.

    Switching to FETCH does not mean you have to fetch the mails manually, it is still automated.

    The only thing different is that the iPhone has initiated the fetching instead of the mail server.

    There's no difference from the user's point of view.

  • cvea Level 1 Level 1

    Hi, sorry I did not right my response correctly.  I agree that the automatic "fetch" conceptually does not change much - you get your new emails automatically every 15 minutes. 


    What I am saying is that you should not have to do that.  The whole idea of push email is that you get the email the moment it is received (I know, no big deal).  It's the principle more than anything.


    Only here there are 126,594 Views and 952 Replies, so it's clearly an issue felt by others.


    Shutting down the "push" function is like buying a sport car and then having to drive it with the air conditioning off to reach its full speed.  No big deal, but that's not what you signed up for.

  • tedStriker Level 1 Level 1

    I started experiencing a major battery drain of my iPhone 4S (iOS 6) late last week. I think I've found the culprit, although I do not know if it's specific to my phone or a more general issue. My wifi keeps toggling on and off every few seconds, which I'm pretty sure is what's causing the battery drain. I've had wifi turned off for about an hour now, and my charge has remained steady at 100%; earlier it was dropping at a rate of about 10%/hour.  Full disclosure: I dropped my phone at some point in the recent past, although I'm not sure if the drop correlates with the wifi issues. In any case, those of you experiencing unusual battery drain like me might want to check to see how well your phone is "grabbing" a wifi signal.

  • Akashkaul Level 1 Level 1

    The only thing you left out was to switch the phone off....Apple needs to find a cure...Closing everything is not the objective when it is the most expensive phone around.

  • Polekat22 Level 1 Level 1

    I too think its the WiFi. I had tried all of the "fixes" without success. Two days ago I turned off the "ask to join networks" under Settings > WiFi and have had normal battery use since. It's been two days now and my fingers are crossed

  • ArtyYeo Level 1 Level 1

    After setting the FETCH on an hourly basis, I left my phone uncharged overnite and this morning, it still has 71% of battery life.


    I don't know about your iPhone but for mine, switching to the FETCH option clearly solved this issue. Obviously, Apple still needs to solve the battery-draining problem with the PUSH option but as of now, the FETCH makes the phone goes back to behaving like a normal phone.


    I hope you guys would test this solution, or at the least, give it a try.

  • alterwisser Level 1 Level 1

    Here's my take on it. 32gb black iphone 5


    1. This is my 3rd iphone after the 3gs and the 4. 4's battery was very good. However, my old 3gs still has better battery life today (3 years old) than my brand spanking new 5


    2. I applied all of the common battery saving tipps (turn wifi and bt off when not using, dimm screen, manual email, little to no notifications and location services ... everything). Its a joke to even go that far, because why do I need this expensive, do it all phone ... if I have to turn off these functions just to be able to make a phone call in the afternoon?


    3. I exchanged the phone TWICE already. Battery is still horrible. It drops at a rate of 1 % every 1-2 minutes of usage. Faster with LTE on (switched off most of the time for me), especially Facetime. Mind you: this is with all battery savings tips used AND equally on wifi or 4g.


    4. Even when in standby and all Apps closed (even when icloud is not used for anything) I have a cellular usage rate of about 1kb per second (mentioned elsewhere before). Not sure that's part of the battery problem, just mentioning.


    5. I did the setup as new phone, did the network and settings resetting ... more than once.


    6. My last replacement phone came with the original iOS, so I did not upgrade to the latest version as some mentioned their battery life got worse after doing so. Did not help at all, battery life is equally poor with both.


    7. I did a side by side comparison with my wifes 4s. We closed all apps but safari and browsed the same websites for 20 minutes. I lost 3 times the battery %, AND she has everything on: BT, push, bright screen, icloud backup ... everything.


    8. I talked a LOT to someone from Apple support. We did plenty of diagnosis checks with my 2nd iphone. Conclusion: somethings wrong with it. Exchange. I got the 3rd one. Its the same crap, ONLY it takes a little bit longer to go from 100% to 99% after a full charge. After that it's the same rapid draining as before.


    But now, that Apple support employee claims, that per her diagnosis stats I get very good battery life. Are you kidding me? She then pretends I dont understand her "usage" stats, which differ from the ones we see on our iphones. She claims I would get 10 hours of usage. BUT the way she defines usage is, hours of battery life if I use the phone the way I used it on average the last 2 weeks (well, all of the phones I had). As I use the phone about 10-20 minutes an hour on average, that would be 100-200 minutes of net usage in my book.


    I am annoyed. And I dont know what to do. They are sending me back to the Genius bar (been there, done that ... did not help at all). My 30 days return window closes next week. Should I sit this out and continue to fight for a solution (or hope its really just waiting for an iOS upgrade) or should I return it and go Samsung? I seriously consider that ...


    ... But I am reluctant. I love(d) Apple. Been using their products since 1999, buying since 2002. Had 2 macs, 3 laptops, 3 iphones and about 6 ipods. Just bought an ipad as xmas present for my parents.

  • Rig9385 Level 1 Level 1

    iPhone 5 on AT&T here.


    Had my phone since the day it was released.  Up until four days ago, I have had zero issues with it.


    Then, all of a sudden, my phone was constantly hot, and, draining the battery like crazy. 


    Check out the last few days:







    From 100% to 1% in about 4 hours and 15 minutes (all three times)...with the majority of that time on standby (since I was trying to pin down what the problem was).  Ridiculous. 


    If a solution isn't found soon, I'm taking this phone in and getting a replacement.  I've tried nearly every solution posted in threads like these, and, haven't come up with a solid solution.  Seems like I have to disable EVERYTHING (data, Siri, Location Services, iCloud, etc.) to get my battery to keep longer than four hours.

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