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  • Marin Lisa Level 1 (0 points)

    This is an addition to my previous post -


    For some of us experiencing these problems, this is not Apple's fault entirely, nor our carriers. It is a most frustrating problem caused by both parties. But not enough of us have complained to all the companies involved where this is known big problem. Please contact all respective parties.


    I had a lot of information to give to Apple regarding my experience with two sets of iPhone 5's on two carriers. The case manager asked me to write a detailed description and send it to because the engineers do investigate problems. You may wish to do the same.

  • deijmaster Level 1 (0 points)

    So why am I getting 26+ on Bell with my iphone 5?


    Have the screenshot to prove it....

  • Pete boston Level 1 (20 points)

    I can get 20/30Mb+ when I am in a strong signal location.  My primary issue with the iPhone 5 now is how it performs in 1-2 bar LTE signal strength (or non-perfect) areas vs. other LTE devices.  Interestingly enough, I had the opportunity to use the phone in NYC (key areas like Time Square and 34th St.) vs. Boston and found that I unless in super-strong signal strength areas, transfer rates were not great.


    While I am only able to compare AT&T Galaxy S III to. VZW iPhone 5 here.


    The AT&T Galaxy S III is doing 19.04Mbps down 14.92Mbps up (-87 dBm 53asu) 4 bars

    The VZW iPhone 5 is doing 5.51Mbps down 0.46 Mbps up  (1st try) and 3.70Mbps down 5.18 Mbps up (2nd try) (-92 dBM) 4 bars


    I realize this is not a perfect comparison since it's also comparing AT&T to VZW, but it's the best I can do since I don't own a non-iPhone 5 LTE device on VZW.

  • Pete boston Level 1 (20 points)

    Here's another sample I took from heart of the big Apple (Times Square NYC). Take this data for what it's worth since it's unfortunately still an AT&T vs. VZW comparison test, but it's just more examples of horrific iPhone 5 performance when not sitting next to a cell tower.  For those who have swapped HW, did you find a noticable increase in cell strength?  I just don't want to ask Apple for a second HW swap when the first did nothing. I really find it hard to believe that VZW's coverage is that much worse than AT&Ts not only in Metro Boston, but also NYC.


    -93 dBM  (1-2 bars LTE) Download 1.48 Mbps / 0.78 Mbps up - Verizon iPhone 5

    -92 dBM  (3 bars LTE)    Download 9.63 Mbps / 0.43Mbps up  - AT&T Galaxy S III

  • fenderwrx Level 1 (10 points)

    I received a phone call from Verizon Wireless. They're sending me a new SIM which shall arrive tomorrow. Hopefully that will solve my issues.

  • Pete boston Level 1 (20 points)

    One more sample from another location in NYC:


    AT&T Galaxy S III - 30.77Mbps down, 15.06Mbps up

    VZW iPhone 5 - 5.51Mbps down, 0.46Mbps up


    Both were showing 4 LTE bars, I did not check the dBM readings.


    The "best" LTE network isn't really this bad, right? I'm just curious whether someone has thoughts how much of this is VZWs fault vs Apple's. I really cannot believe that VZW is this bad throughout both Boston & NYC, which is why I'm blaming the iPhone 5.

  • dmulcahey Level 1 (0 points)

    Honestly, I think VZW is this bad. They slammed AT&T for their network performance.... I never had any data issues with AT&T. I have found myself with no data coverage a few times now with VZW. I went to a VZW store over the weekend and they pretty much shrugged me off... Very disappointing. As soon as I can get my hands on an iPhone 5 on AT&T I'm terminating my new VZW contract and porting my number back to AT&T.

  • Kevin222 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have to agree, I think it is mostly VZW - I just conducted a test myself; a Verizon iPhone 5 & Galaxy S3 versus an AT&T iPhone 5 all around the DC area and came back with mostly the same conclusions; AT&T is MUCH faster almost everywhere.  On average, I'd say VZW LTE network was giving me around 7-10MB down but AT&T was around 18-22MB down.  In many areas, VZW would drop to 4-5MB down when AT&T would be 25-30MB down.  I always tested it on all three and there was never much variance at all between the VZW iPhone 5 and VZW Galaxy S3.  I'm actually returning the VZW iPhone 5 (I was considering switching from AT&T to VZW) since I've realized how much quicker AT&T seems.  Oh, and I conducted these tests during different periods of the day since launch (Sept 21st). 

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    It posted about this thread!  Now that this thread has been given attention, keep the posts coming and keep contacting Verizon/AT&T/Bell etc. and Apple.

  sues-lightning-charging-wifi-reception-voice-quality-and-battery-life/#more-2444 38

  • jaa313 Level 1 (5 points)

    Just purchased the verizon iphone 5 a few days ago. the phone is replacing an iphone 4. I live in downtown Miami. The reception on the LTE phone, as far as phone conversations go, is horrible.


    I had so much trouble with the otheruser's voice going in and out that I googled it to see if anyone else was experiencing the same issue.  I came across the 9to5mac article and the link to this post.


    Again, I've only had the phone for 4 days and am going to try to ride it out for another day. If the problem persists I may have to drop the iphone 5 altogether, as we cannot receive any signal on ATT's network.

  • Pete boston Level 1 (20 points)

    More NYC data


    Att Gs3 15Mbs/15Mbs

    VZ iPhone5 2.5Mbs/0.46Mbs

  • Pete boston Level 1 (20 points)

    At this NYC location 3G on iPhone 5 is 5 bar -56dBm. LTE is 3-4 bars and -89dBm. I believe LTE is RSRP and 3G is RSSI.

  • Pete boston Level 1 (20 points)

    Can anyone in NYC with a non-iPhone 5 LTE Android device confirm what you're seeing? I'd really like to know whether VZW is just horrible in both NYC and Metro Boston area or whether the iPhone 5 on VZW is just horrible and is misleading all of us to the fact that they have the best LTE network. It's one or the other based on fairly consistent results that AT&T Galaxy S III is showing far superior speeds than VZW iPhone 5 EVERYWHERE in NYC and Boston area.

  • AppleZilla Level 2 (375 points)

    I'm in Philadelphia on Verizon and data is pathetic. I am really regretting leaving AT&T. I can only get LTE about 20% of the time, and it's between 5 and 9MB. Once in a while it will spike to 20 or 30MB, but that seems to be a miracle, or I'm ten feet from a tower.


    Most of the time, it's their slow 3G (which seems like AT&T's Edge) or no data at all.


    Speaking of no data at all, I was able to get a pretty good 3G connection in most underground rail stations with AT&T. With Verizon? Nothing at all.


    Their coverage maps are absolute lies.


    On edit: And the same spot is inconsistent from day to day. Most days in my office, I'm lucky to get one or two bars on LTE, and 5-7MB. I just tested it and got 12MB. I tested it a minute later... 2MB. Ten Less! The iPhone was sitting in the same spot next to the window. I did not move it a bit.

  • Pete boston Level 1 (20 points)

    I still would love to hear  from someone who can compare VZW iPhone 5 to VZW Galaxy S III. It's obvious AT&T Galaxy S III provides far superior performance throughout Boston & NYC over the VZW iPhone 5 from my testing, but I really want to know if VZW's network just stinks or the iPhone 5 (at least VZW version) does not handle LTE properly. AT&T is faster than my home internet connection w/ GS III, VZW is primarily much slower than my home internet connection everywhere in NYC/Boston except for a few situations where I have been right next to a tower.

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