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  • PhilFromMtl Level 1 Level 1

    I got my new iP5 when it came out with Bell (i'm in Montreal) and ever since, when LTE is switched on, I have bad reception (max 3 bars, down all to way to "no service").  When I disable LTE and switch to 3G, no problems at all, 5 bars all the time. 


    But when I have 3 bars on LTE, I get speeds of 12.5kbps / 13kbps while on 3G I get 3.6kbps / 1.6kbps (  But when it goes down to 1 bar, it is unusable.  So until this is fixed (iOS fix and Bell), I have to stay on 3G where reception is stable. 


    This is frustrating since part of the reason I choose the iP5 was for the LTE.

  • Pete boston Level 1 Level 1

    I am requesting another HW swap from Apple (this will be iPhone 5 number 4) to try to rule out the iPhone 5 vs. VZW network being horrible everywhere. I still can't believe VZW's LTE network is this bad compared to ATT, at least in NYC and Metro Boston.

  • Kevin222 Level 1 Level 1

    Pete - see my recent post on this thread; I just tested a VZW iPhone 5 versus a VZW Galaxy S3 and the speeds were very close - the S3 seemed to edge it out a bit, but not my any noteable amount.  My AT&T iPhone 5 would blaze past it in nearly every location around the DC metro area.

  • Pete boston Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks, perfect. I misread your post and didn't realize your GS III testing was also VZW.  So based on your testing in DC, VZW network significantly underperforms ATT everywhere? (Same results here in Metro Boston and now NYC, but I was trying to rule out the iPhone 5 so I knew whether to blame Apple or VZW). My VZW iPhone 5 LTE speeds are slower than ATT HSPA/+ legacy speeds.

  • jaa313 Level 1 Level 1

    By the way, in Miami with an iPhone 5 on Verizon LTE, I am receiving:

    Download: 6.46mbps

    Upload: 8.02mbps

  • Pete boston Level 1 Level 1

    Also I am seeing much higher w/ Galaxy S III on ATT in Metro Boston / NYC, I would actually be happy with those speeds on my iPhone 5 VZW LTE. Most places in NYC I am seeing <3Mb/s download and <1Mb/s upload speeds on iPhone 5 VZW LTE.

  • ces911 Level 1 Level 1

    One other test you can do is to stop at a Verizon Store and speed test the G3 on display with your iphone 5..

  • Pete boston Level 1 Level 1

    I did that a couple weeks ago with mixed results. First time, Galaxy S III significantly outperformed iPhone 5, but after the iPhone 5 SIM swap, performance was decent on both. Unfortunately this wasn't a great test since it was a strong coverage location.

  • Kevin222 Level 1 Level 1

    Ah, sorry about that, I should have noted they were both VZW vs one AT&T iPhone 5.  Yes, in nearly all places, AT&T was faster - sometimes it was marginal but sometimes it wasn't even close.  Example; arouny my Apartment in Falls Church, I average about 6-9MB down with VZW (both iPhone 5 and S3) but my AT&T iPhone 5 averages around 30MB down; sometimes 40-50MB down...I've seen this type of variance at many places around DC.  For the most part, downtown DC they are closer but AT&T edges it out by 5MB or so.  I got the VZW iPhone 5 with the thoughts I would be changing carriers but I have decided to stick with AT&T and return the VZW iPhone 5.  Since I use data 95% of the time, the faster speeds will benefit me.  I know VZW has a lot more people using their 4G network but after reading threads like yours, it seems like this pattern exists in most major cities...

  • Pete boston Level 1 Level 1

    While this still does not determine whether this is an iPhone 5 VZW LTE specific problem vs. VZW's network being horrific,  I just looked at an AT&T iPhone 5 next to my VZW iPhone 5.  ATT iPhone 5, ATT was 13.5Mb/s in BOTH directions, my iPhone 5 on VZW was 1.4Mb/s down and 0.50Mb/s up. This type of consistent MASSIVE difference has been seen almost everywhere in Metro Boston and now NYC.


    So there is something wrong, either VZW's network is HORRIBLE for LTE or the iPhone 5 VZW LTE radio is broken.


    Does anyone know how to reach someone at VZW who actually cares? Calling the 800# has lead to nowhere land of people incapable of taking this problem serious.

  • Kevin222 Level 1 Level 1

    I have to agree - those types of consistant variances have to indicate an issue; software or hardware.  My assumption is that there it is probably software.  I'd love to get to the bottom of it because if there is a software issue, this would effect my decision to keep the VZW phone!

  • ces911 Level 1 Level 1

    I believe its Software, My first assumption, I had a hardware replacment done at apple a few days ago.. I am still having the connection issues and as well as what has to say, Which is WIFI droppage sometimes, LTE connection issues, No data issues, Digital voice issues (only happened once thow)...


    Its defintily a annoying issue and frustrating..

  • Marin Lisa Level 1 Level 1

    As I mentioned in my earlier post, I’m evaluating both AT&T’s iPhone and Verizon’s because of lousy signal with current AT&T carrier. I think some of us are experiencing BOTH phone problems and carrier network problems. I can’t seem to get AT&T’s LTE to work or get maintain a strong signal at home.


    I don’t think there is a clear winner which carrier is better for all people, it just depends on where you live or work.


    In my case Verizon seems to be our clear winner in San Francisco downtown near the water with LTE speeds.


    Verizon average 30+ Mbps Download, 24+ Mbps Upload

    AT&T average 20+ Mbps Download, 17+ Mbps Upload


    In Marin County in San Rafael/Greenbrae/Larkspur Area Verizon also wins the LTE speedtest.


    Verizon average 33+ Mbps Download (I even got a 51.2 Mbps on Saturday), 22 Mbps Upload

    AT&T on “4G” no LTE 2+ Mbps Download, 1+ Mbps Upload (this *****)


    Home Wi-Fi average 20 Mbps Download, 9 Mbps Upload


    In all these cases, we are not that close to our nearest tower. Definitely not underneath it.


    My advice - find the carrier which has the best LTE signal in the area, then get the iPhone 5. We’ve had to learn the hard way that our 15-year carrier AT&T is leaving us high and dry at home.

  • jeffjank33 Level 1 Level 1

    I've having issues with weak signal strength LTE being 1 or 2 bars and 3G being 2 or 3 bars. 


    Folks you really can't try to compare ATT LTE vs Verizon LTE, different channels, they dont necessarily work the same.  If you are trying to root cause whether you have a problem with your iphone comparatively you need to use a Verizon LTE phone compared to Verizon LTE iPhone.


    Comparing across to ATT introduces too many variables, one being the cell towers would not be identical.  Has anyone compared Verizon S3 LTE vs Verizon iPhone?  Would be nice to see if our db levels are different or what is driving this.


    I'm in the heart of a Verizon LTE area, just got iPhone yesterday migrating from AT&T and am severely disappointed.  I'm assuming because phone is wavering between 1 and 2 bars, ie weak signal it is also going to severely impact battery life.  I am on my phone for at least 1000 mins a wk and cannot afford poor reception/service....which was the whole reason I moved from ATT...

  • Marin Lisa Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, I agree with you that you can’t compare AT&T’s LTE with Verizon. Believe me I’ve read so many articles about the differences between the two that my head hurts. However, the bottom line that you have to pick a carrier where you have the best signal and coverage.


    Nonetheless many of us are experiencing problems because of known issues:


    Bad SIM cards

    Software Issue - phone doesn’t lock into the strongest signal - period. Keeps seeking 4G or LTE even if it’s weak. Won't lock onto stonger lower signal

    Software Issue - when moving locations phone doesn’t change signal seamlessly without manually resetting

    Software Issue - locking on to Wi-Fi when it's available.


    There are also carrier issues. I had to literally set up two phones to find out which signal was best. I had the exact same problem on AT&T you are experiencing on Verizon . (You can read my post on page 14) Low signal on too. And you are right - on my AT&T phone I had massive battery drain because of the low signal. But to compound problems I’ve read that in some markets as carriers are upgrading to 4G or LTE they are downgrading 3G. Not helpful to everyone. Weak signals for a lot of people.

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