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  • Pete boston Level 1 (20 points)

    3Mbs and -81dBm at central pk w and 63

  • Pete boston Level 1 (20 points)

    9Mb -68dBm at broadway and central pk intersection

    20Mb ATT

  • Beisarius Level 1 (0 points)

    Like most, I have experienced the same issues with Bell Canada- whether in Montreal or Ottawa. I have also read new articles comparin 5 vs GS3 LTE and so on- not much of a difference.  The last article, done in the US, made me laugh. The reporter had 10-15 mps downloads and descent strength. I NEVER HAD descent signal strength when LTE is enabled, but got, in most tests, 20+ mbps. BUT that thing burns 1% every 2 min max... so goodbye phone in 2-3 hours not talking... 3 bars,, 1 bar, no service, 3g, LTE, just a waste of time.


    Technology does not appear at all mature, no matter what the ads claimed. Nor does it appear standardized- this network is not the same LTE as another so on. I am happy using my iphone as a 3G and that's it. Expecting more frustrated me too much. It does not work well with LTE, swaped twice sim, changed phone, brother's phone, swaped sims, same thing.

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    Glasgow, DE. -94 3-4 bars. Consistent 14+ down and 7+ up. Verizon LTE

  • Pete boston Level 1 (20 points)

    i95 Fairfield ct 48Mbs ATT

    0.3Mbps VZW -107dBm

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    I live in Puerto Rico and have AT&T since 2009 (iphone 3GS) but now with the iphone 5 I have less signal, calls drops, calls sometimes are not received and it become worse if I turn ON  the LTE. All with like 3 to 4 bars of signal. AT&T changed the SIM, but stayes the same. Now they say that I must be patient because they are upgrading their antennas. But my neighbor has also AT&T but with a Galaxy S III and works perfect. I know that signal may be different between phones, but it's too much. Also, if during a SMS conversation I shift to LTE enabled, the messages that were sent/received as imessages will start sending as SMS, if I change it back to 4G it will be sent as imessages again. 

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    I have 2 iPhone 5 32GB devices delivered about a week apart (one white and one black) with vastly different serial numbers and this applies to both of them as I write the following:

    I cannot say how satisfying this list was for me (knowing I was not alone). For the past several days since my use of the iPhone 5 on ATT I have struggled to explain the turmoil of weak connections that fluctuate wildly in signal strength but ultimately end up with me locking on an EDGE connection after a “no Service” scenario. That lock on an inferior protocol remains even if I travel to a 4G tower right next to me and the data will remain very slow or nonexistent as well. I have no AT&T LTE coverage in my area so this is not an LTE issue for me though I have turned off LTE mode and reset all network settings to no avail. I call Apple and they blame AT&T telling me to try a new SIM. AT&T says a SIM won’t fix it since the service works fine with a reboot or an Airplane mode off/on toggle. With all this finger pointing I decided that my only sane choice would be to file my complaints with both AT&T and Apple and then wait until all but a day or two of my return period is used and simply return the 2 phones for a refund. It is maddening to hear companies finger pointing      and if they (Apple or AT&T) would just say we have a problem and are working on a fix I’d feel better. Well, Apple, you have 2 weeks before I return my phone. I hope you can make it work by then as I really like the iOs platform.

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    ** iPhone 5 Verizon Wireless (VZW) - NYC Trip Report **

    Summary: iPhone 5 VZW did not work well in most NYC locations. Results are not significantly different than Metro-Boston results when not right near a cell tower [referring to cell tower as 4-5 bar signal strength areas]


    I would still like assistance from someone who has access to both an iPhone 5 on VZW and Android phone to do testing in NYC/Metro Boston and prove whether these issues are all VZW, all iPhone 5, or a combination of both. EIther way, the combination is unacceptable, and neither Apple nor VZW is taking ownership of resolving this poor experience.


    Since I do not own a VZW LTE phone, still not clear whether this is a VZW or Apple iPhone problem (or both). Perhaps I just believe VZW's marketing way too much to believe their network is really this horrible vs. AT&T in both Metro Boston and NYC, so I'm going to hold out hope that the iPhone 5 has some responsibility in this miserable experience.


    I was able to perform a head-to-head test in one poor performing location with an AT&T iPhone 5 vs. a Verizon iPhone 5 and the AT&T iPhone 5 was able to pull 13.5Mb/s (comparable to GS III) while the VZW iPhone 5 was only able to transfer at 1.4Mb/s.


    Slow and unreliable iPhone 5 VZW LTE coverage throughout the West Side of NYC (and one location on the East Side [I only was at one location]). 


    Was able to compare to AT&T Galaxy S III in almost all low-strength locations and in those locations, AT&T transfer rates were significant greater, in some cases the results were this significant -- 40Mb+ (ATT) vs. 0.3Mb+ (VZW).  I did witness some decent VZW performance in a few high-strength areas, but even in those areas, AT&T was as good, if not better. 


    Testing was performed in at least 2 dozen locations throughout NYC, inc. locations like Time Sq. and 34th St and neighborhoods primarily on West Side, but also East Side not near big tourist attractions. Testing was primarily performed outdoors at street level.


    Also performed a test at the Fairfield, CT Welcome Center (I95 North), AT&T GS III (48Mb/s) VZW iPhone 5 (0.3Mb/s). VZW low signal strength -107dBm.  There was a strong signal location in CT where VZW was able to pull down 25Mb/s (didn't write down the location), but even there, AT&T was pulling down 40Mb+.


    In Charlton, MA (Mass Pike East), VZW had strong signal and -81 dBM and was able to provide transfer rates of 9Mb/s on iPhone 5. Wasn't able to perform ATT testing at this location since battery was dead.


    In one location i was able to confirm strong 3G signal (~-55dBM / actual number in thread above), yet LTE signal strength and transfer rates were poor.  I have not have a problem with low 3G signal strength on the iPhone 5, the signal strength problem seems very specific to the LTE signal.


    I would love to hear from VZW iPhone 5 and non-iPhone 5 (Android LTE) users in Metro Boston and NYC to see how your experience is and if you're seeing different results than I do. (Significantly better results from other iPhone 5 VZW users could point to phone HW, even though both the phone HW and SIM have been swapped), same results from non-iPhone 5 Android LTE users would point to iPhone, same results from everyone would point to the VZW network failing to meet advertised expectations.

  • Pete boston Level 1 (20 points)

    Consolidated NYC test results. Unless otherwise stated, all ATT testing was Galaxy S III and all VZW testing was iPhone 5. One test was performed with ATT iPhone 5 and is noted.


    Location - W 34 & 8



    ATT Galaxy S3 - 19.04Mbps down / 14.92Mbps up (-87 dBM 53 asu) 4 bars

    VZW iPhone 5 -           5.51Mbps down / 0.46 Mbps up (1st try)  (-92 dBM) 4 bars

                               3.70Mbps down / 5.18 Mbps up (2nd try)





    ATT iPhone 5          13.5Mbps down / 13.5Mbps up (tested at different time of day from above)

    VZW iPhone 5          1.4Mbps down / 0.50Mbps up



    Times Square

    -93 dBM  (1-2 bars LTE) Download 1.48 Mbps / 0.78 Mbps up - Verizon iPhone 5

    -92 dBM  (3 bars LTE)    Download 9.63 Mbps / 0.43Mbps up  - AT&T Galaxy S III



    Did not record location - 4 bars for both

    ATT Galaxy S3 - 30.77Mbps down / 15.06Mbps up

    VZW iPhone 5 - 5.51Mbps down / 0.46Mbps up



    Did not record location

    ATT Galaxy S3 - 15Mbps down / 15mbps up

    VZW iPhone 5 - 2.5Mbps down / 0.46Mbps up



    VZW Signal readings at above location

    3G -56dBm  5 bars (RSSI)

    LTE -89dBM 3-4 bars (RSRP)



    West Side results



    Central Park West & 65

    ATT - 25 Mbps

    VZW - 1.4Mbps



    Broadway and W 82 (near VZW Store)

    ATT - 43 Mbps

    VZW - 7 Mbps



    Brodway and W 89



    ATT - 19Mbps/19Mbps (-81dBM 5 bars)

    VZW - 7Mbps/6Mbps (-92dBM 4 bars)



    Columbus and W 89

    ATT - 13 Mbps 5 bars

    VZW - 13 Mbps (-75dBM) 5 bars



    Central Park West & 85

    ATT - 13 Mbps (-94dBM)

    VZW - 7 Mbps (-91dBM) 3G -77dBM



    Intermittent loss of connectivity at this location on VZW then back to 4 bars & -96dBM



    Central Park West & 77

    ATT - 16.5Mbps

    VZW - 7.5Mbps (-78dBM) 4-5bars





    Central Park West & 68

    ATT - 14.5Mbps

    VZW - 2.4Mbps (-95dBM)



    Central Parl West & 63

    VZW - 3Mbps (-81dBM)



    Brodway & Central Park (main intersection)

    ATT - 20Mbps

    VZW - 9Mbps (-68dBM)



    Fairfield CT Welcome Center (I95)

    ATT - 48Mbps

    VZW - 0.3Mbps (-107dBM) / also wanted to lock 3G (4 bars)



    Charlton I90 (Mass Pike West) Service Center

    VZW - 9Mbps (-81dBM)

  • Phil08 Level 1 (0 points)

    I was in the Verizon store yesterday in Times Square on 42 near Broadway. I ran a speed test with my iPhone 5 and their Galaxy S3. Both had roughly 1-2 bars LTE with download speeds around 1.5Mbs and upload around 1Mbs at best. Limited test but this is pointing to the network. I also ran several tests against my VZW LTE iPad and results vary. Some are better on iphone some ipad. I have noticed service getting allot worse in the city with my iPad since the iPhone came out.


    I switched from ATT and am sorely dissapointed. The VZW LTE network is horrible in NYC compared to ATT.


    VZW LTE near the Nassau County where I live (on Long Island) can be excellent (speeds ranging from 15 - 35 Mbs).


    I left ATT for VZW better service in NYC as I had a iPhone 4 and I was tired of horrible service. I sincerely hope Verizon does something ASAP because their advertising is not matching up to their claims.

  • Pete boston Level 1 (20 points)

    Thanks, your info is only one data point, but certainly points the finger squarely at VZW for at least some share of the very poor iPhone 5 LTE experience.  I was able to do one GS III vs. VZW test at home in MA, and while the GS III as marginally better, it also suffered in the same poor VZ coverage areas.


    I've said it earlier in the thread, but I have been spoiled by solid AT&T LTE coverage in Metro Boston and a few other places that I figured it was only going to get better w/ VZW, not significantly worse as it has proven w/ the iPhone 5 in both NYC and Metro Boston.

  • Pete boston Level 1 (20 points)

    I'll also add that VZW seems to be in denial of these problems and lacks the proper internal problem escalation process to actually resolve serious issues like this. This is obviously my personal opinion, but formed after over a dozen or more calls, tweets, and web page problem reports. If anyone knows of an executive escalation process at VZW to get attention to this, please let me know. This may take Engadget or BGR coverage to finally get to someone in Public Relations who can find a real owner of this.

  • robman8023 Level 1 (0 points)

    I agree with the Engadget thought. I already submitted a "tip" to them, BGR, CNET, and Gizmodo. It might have a chance if more than one if us submit the same tip. Looks like VZW LTE isn't ready for prime time.


    Really regretting leaving AT&T right now.

  • Pete boston Level 1 (20 points)

    BTW - attempted to open up a trouble ticket, but one was not opened for me. VZW wouldn't open up a trouble ticket on this problem since I am no longer physically in NYC for them to be able to troubleshoot.

  • Pete boston Level 1 (20 points)

    One other note that I mentioned previously. People are willing to post in this forum and the VZW forum and complain, but few seem willing to take the time to  call and open cases correctly.  My internal device forum post at VZW "iphone 5 loses 4g lte" still only has one other report attached to it and this has been over for over a week. If you do not call VZW and Apple get your cases properly reported, they will not understand how severe this problem is.

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