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  • LA Harrison Level 1 (0 points)

    I wonder if Apple or Verizon reads these posts? If they (primarily Verizon) does not, then that is kind of sad.

  • Tribitaka Level 1 (0 points)



    I would just like to say here in Australia on Telstra i have not had a problem with LTE on the 1800MHz band (the only one used for LTE in aus). Speeds and Recpetion is fine, aswell as 3G.

    Only complaint is the battery is a bit funny, like it will alst longer some days doing the exact same things. But by the time i get home at the end of the day i have heaps left so its pretty long lasting.

  • svf1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Wife got iPhone 5 yesterday (AT&T). She has droppped at least 12 calls where she NVER did before.

    I now have pictures of iPhone 3, 5, and Galaxy s III side by side. Guess which one *****? The 5!

    Rearanged order, no matter if the 5 is in position 1, 2, or 3 it has worst reception of al of them.

    Mostly No Service or Searching while the 3 has 2-3 bars and my S3 has them ALL.

    Heading back to ATT store now with my pictures to raise a stink.


    Wife already saying she is ready to go with S3.


    Jobs must be turning over in his grave is this is the new norm for Apple.

  • Pete boston Level 1 (20 points)

    Bars don't mean much (interpretation of bars varies wildly by handset), but obviously no service does.  What is the RSRP  value under Settings - About Phone on GS III when the iPhone 5 has no svc?  For the iPhone 5, dial *3001#12345#* and check the value displayed on the top left. If you disable LTE on the iPhone 5, does service improve at all?


    iPhone 5 does have the worst marginal LTE coverage of any of the LTE phones I have tested. I have tested a GS III, but I have only spent a few minutes with an AT&T iPhone 5 since my iPhone 5 is VZW.


    As far as your wife, do yourself (and her) a favor, if the GS III holds  a strong signal and the iPhone 5 does not, get her a GS III before your opportunity to do so runs out and you need to hear her complain about dropped calls for the next 2 years.

  • Pete boston Level 1 (20 points)

    On the 5% I blame on Apple SW bugs, here it is.  I went to a very marginal coverage area, phone went over to 1X (o).  I left this marginal coverage areas and traveled between two towns, both with 4G/LTE coverage, to a semi-marginal coverage area (one that should be low strength LTE or medium strength 3G) and iPhone 5 is stuck in 1X (o) mode. Obviously I can toggle airplane mode to get it out of this, but it should have recovered properly as it has been 45m.  I am going to try to capture baseband logs of this and add to my Apple bugreport.  In this state, my phone does not appear to want to pass any data.

  • Pete boston Level 1 (20 points)

    In the state above, as soon as I dialed a phone number and then hung up, the phone immediately went from being stuck in 1X/o mode unable to pass data to a strong LTE signal. 

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    In San Francisco this week so will report back on ATT in NYC. But I have my new ATT iPhone 5 with me here in SF and service is great. In building signal is strong and call quality good.

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    I switched back to AT&T. The AT&T network works much better for me where I am. There is a small pocket of LTE with a weak signal and the AT&T iPhone 5 made the hand off no problem. The Verizon iPhone had to go to airplane mode the circle and then LTE would light up. The hand offs were much slower on Verizon when I would go to airplane mode. No failed calls for me today and data was much faster hspa+ compared to 3G 1x on Verizon.

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    I ended up talking to the many friends/relatives and aquaintences in several states from the Great Lakes and going south to as far as Tennessee, and then out west to Colorado (I also travel in these area's). None of us have had any problems with streaming music or signal reception. Most use Verizon, and have no issues at all. A few have AT&T and have had more problems than anyone using Verizon involving dropped calls and poor signal. I have travelled to fringe LTE area's  and have no problems holding good signal. My phone experience.............I have had the iPhone 5 now on AT&T/Verizon and also the Samsung Galaxy S3 on AT&T/Verzion along with the Motorola Razr Maxx on Verizon. I have gotten to compare all phones together where I live and travel. If I would have had any problems with the iPhone 5, I surely would have taken it back, but the i5 held signal equally to the Razr Maxx, where the S3 dropped calls. Others who bought the i5 through Verizon noted the same as I did. My S3 and i5 though AT&T had many data disconnections and poorer battery life, along with many garbled phone calls. Never was in an area with LTE with AT&T, and many of these things happened with good signal. With Verizon, I had LTE in many locations with my i5, but also traveled into the fringe LTE area's and also countryside locations with just 3G, and I never experience any dropped calls or poor phone quality. Always had good internet connections and after a phone call or being in a 3G area, the phone would quickly return to LTE. My battery life also lasted on average about 4 hours longer on the S3, and I have gotten battery life for up to 3 days on the i5 with moderate use. I never dropped a phone call on the i5, but did with the S3 in the same locations. Also I or anyone I know never had to use airplane mode to to get LTE going. This is what brought me to my reasons why I sold my S3's and Maxx, and left AT&T. But as I said before... who knows what the future may bring. AT&T where I live and travel, may become much better to where I may go back to them in the future. This is why I still think the many problems many are having are still in certain locations. And I think it stinks that Verizon has done NOTHING so far it appears to fix the issues!

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    Same problem for me and I'm on AT&T. I'll have full 4g service then I'll enable LTE and I'll lose all service. It will say no service. In other areas near my home it will constantly switch from no signal to full service then drop to one bar, the. No service and back to full. So I ended up disabling LTE and I have no problems at all.


    On the upside, when LTE is disabled, my battery life is the best I have ever seen. I can get through the entire day of normal usage and I'll have like 60%+ battery at the end of the day. With my high usage, I have never had a phone, ever, with this good of battery life (LTE disabled).

  • LA Harrison Level 1 (0 points)

    I get the same, but with LTE enabled all day.

  • svf1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Saturday - Tuesday or later without a phone that works because AT&T + Virgin refuse to take back a defective Apple device. ALL the other carriers do. (Found that on Apple site). New SIM wrong size for 3GS, and AT&T will not put my 3GS SIM back online.

    NO MORE, Went in Monday eveneing & paid my $35 restock for the defective device, and had them issue a new SIM for the 3GS. Now debating if I want to even stay with AT&T after +10 years.

    So P-O'ed with AT&T + Apple at this point. I hate them both!

  • Craig Patchett Level 1 (115 points)

    On AT&T, have never had so many "No Service" alerts as I do when LTE is enabled. Now disable LTE unless I need it for data.


    Hope Apple fixes this with a FW upgrade. Not holding my breath.

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    I'm located in south Orange County, CA on the coast with 2 towers - one a mile north and the other 1.5M South. Replaced my Verizon 4S with a 5 last week and enabled LTE. Very strong down and up speeds 14 -15 Mbps down and 2 to 20 up at my home. Wifi works fine as well.  Earlier today I tried to send an email while on LTE a few miles from my home and in a strong LTE signal area, but the phone could never connect to send it. I tried to send from one of my Gmail accounts through Goggles SMTP address and it also could not connect and in each case the unsent emails where held in their respective Outboxes. I then tried some of the quick fixes that would work when this happened with the 4S - quiting mail, restarting the phone still no tranmission. Meanwhile I could surf the internet a very high speeds.


    When I returned home as soon as the phone connected to my wifi and I opened Maill  the messages were sent immediately. Why could these not be sent over LTE, I wonder.


    I ran a test at home. Turned off the wifi and composed an email to myself and tried to send it over my strong LTE connection. Still the same issue. And as soon as I turned wifi back on the mail was sent. I tried the same test again but this time the phone popped this up: "A copy has been placed in your Outbox. Th sender's address xxx@gmail,com was rejected by the server." I have seen this before on the 4 and 4S with Cox mail but not Gmail when no connection occurs.


    Further, I'm not sure this is totlaly LTE-related since I have seen this using 3G as well. Email will just not connect with this 5 on LTE (or 3G?) it seems. ust get the spinning wheel and a blinking "CONNECTING"


    So, anyone out in Verizon iPhone  land experienced this before?

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    This appears to be a recurring issue.  I have an iPhone 5 running 6.0.1 and on a daily basis lose data connectivity to LTE.  The only thing that fixes it for me is a hard reset of the phone.  Same goes for my daughter and her husband. My wife has an iPhone 4s running 6.0.1 with no problem. 


    Apple replaced the phone and in ~24 the problem recurred.  My frustration with this is driving me to consider eating the fee and moving to a Samsung Galaxy SIII.  If this isn't fixed in iOS 6.1 that is likely to happen.

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