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    Samething, had an iphone 4 and loved it never had any problems with making and recieving calls. New iphone 5 constantly drops calls even went to verizon and the gave me a diffferant iphone 5 to try but samething. I have tried turning off LTE and it help but still there are many places I cannot complete a phone call whith out it dropping it. Verizon now tells me there is really nothing they can do because it has been over 30 days. Anyone had any luck getting this problem fixed, I guess i will reactivate my iphone 4 so i can at least use the phone.

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    I think the problem is the one discussed here and worked for Texag00


    Some A1428 models sold in US were different, one was like A1429, it does not have the band 1700/2100, only the 2100.

  • iPat11 Level 1 Level 1

    Update: my carrier blocked my IMEI with no reason. iP5 working now.

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    I am having the same problem. I have had the iPhone 3G, 4, 4S with no problems at all. I have upgraded to iPhone 5 and from day one I have had this problem:

    * No connectivity to "wifi" and a continually network drop standing less than two (2) feet away from the router.


    I made an appointment with the nearest Apple store in Yonkers, NY  "Ridge Hill Mall" were the phone was replaced after a few diagnostics...


    I was happy that Apple had a fix and that I was able to connect to "wifi.. then I started to have a bigger problem "NO SERVICE" :


    * Network switching from full bar "LTE", to "4G", to "No service" and stays on "No Service" for about 10-20 minutes then it switches back to full bars LTE / 4G / No service..

    I have been reading some discussions groups about the same problem and as normal fix to apple devices I did the following:


    * Reset the phone to the original settings and as a new device - same problem consisted

    * Replaced the SIM Card - same problem consisted


    I don't know what else to do with the phone; I love Apple but maybe is time to try something else... Is frustrating to have purchased such a expensive phone and paying for an service that I cannot use unless you are connected to wifi...


    Apple suggestion:

    - reset iPhone and set it up again

    - changed network settings

    - replaced SIM card

    The 'no service' issue still persists and since then I've had to again. Reset all settings...

    Again AT&T are saying that maybe my replacement iphone5 is also defective and one other interesting new point was that the phone has a defect powering the antenna. Could this be true? maybe it is....

    I get these 'no service' status at LEAST once every hour!!! Frustrating

    RBad - Yonkers NY

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    The iphone 5 is appalling. I changed from a blackberry a couple of months ago and was astounded that the 5 could not get a signal in my own home in London! Reception strength has never been a problem before I got this phone. Also, wifi is rubbish. I need to be within 20 feet of a router to be able to connect. Public wifi is not even worth the mental effort. I live in a 4g area but have not yet received any beter than 3g, and that's out of the house. AND, you can't even connect to macbook, or macbook pro through bluetooth, which I did all the time! It's not supported, what??

    I took my phone back to my service provider the day after purchase but was told that I could only return it if I'd received it by mail order! I am currently trying to obtain a simcard converter so that I can use my old blackberry and put ths heap into a cupboard until my contracts up in 2 years. Worst phone I ever had. Come on apple.

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    Still to this day as I posted earlier in this thread months ago... Everyone I know, family, friends, businesses and work associates who has an iPhone 5 through AT&T and Verizon have not had any of the problems as everyone has posted here with their phones. The only complaints I have heard... have only been those who have posted online. I have better WiFi, fringe reception, transition between 3g and 4g than I have when owning the HTC, MOTO and Samsung phones. My co worker has the S3, and in the same locations he has signal receptions issues and is in 3g in the fringe areas when I have LTE and no signal reception issues at all. Both of us have Verizon.

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    I wish I had read this before upgrading from an iPhone4 to iPhone5.  Brand new, just got it yesterday.


    When LTE is enabled I get at most 1 bar steady with occassional spikes to 4 bars, but those higher bars only last 1 second.  When I disable LTE it jumps to 4 bars with periodic jumps to 5 bars as I move around, and never goes below 4 bars. 


    My question is, how does this impact me?  LTE is for data packets, but I'm guessing Verizon uses Voice over LTE so my voice calls are being packetized and sent over LTE.  Thus, I can avoid pure data issues at home using wifi but voice calls might be affected as they are packetized for LTE and, well, I only have one bar of service!


    Interestingly, when I am at home I have a Verizon Network Extender and I have verified I am covered both with and without LTE enabled.  With LTE enabled I get 1 bar, with LTE disabled I get 5 bars. 


    No, I do not have 8 Ball Pool installed.  No games at all.

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    Why on earth would you upgrade to the iPhone 5 if the 5s just came out and has updated LTE bands ? Return that 5 and wait till Sept 20

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    Company's phone plan is always 1 behind.  It does not offer the 5s, and won't offer it until the 6 is just about ready.  In exchange for being a gen behind I get a free iPhone every 2 years.  Life could be worse.

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    the problem here is that the way apple measures signal is flawed. I've had many android phones before with which signal worked fine at around -120 dbm. They should just measure it the better way. but most likely apple won't care about this post cause they don't truly care about their customers.

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    They should just add the baseband code from the iPhone 5s.

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    Just bought the 5s, wifi network extender inside. LTE on 1 dot, LTE off 4-5 dots consistent with  iPhone 4. Interestingly, when I came inside for the first time the phone showed 4 dots (5s.) After restoring the phone, it immediately went to 1.

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    luism1023, you sound like an intelligent individual however I'd disagree with your assesment that Apple doesn't care about their customers. That's why they keep making the cool products that they've invented not copied. If you write the post and direct it directly to the apple help line, voila` magic happens in upgrades. Peas!

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    I've tried reaching them many ways to no avail and I have used anandtech as one of my sources.

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    I have found an important and annoying issue, regarding the reception of the LTE (4G) iPhones, so the iPhone 5 (and obviously also 5S and 5C), regarding the signal/reception when in areas that have weak 3G (and non-existent LTE) signal. I have already sent the following twice(!!) to Apple Support but I have got no reply at all(!):

    "There is an important issue, which results in poor signal showing (1-2 bars, out of 5) and thus often to LOST CALLs(!!), simply because of poor 3G/LTE signal coverage of the provider. When turning off LTE, then 3G is NOT disabled at the background, i.e. even when turning off both LTE and Data, the 3G option is still ENABLED(!) in the background, which results in very poor signal showing at areas with low 3G (and LTE, of course) signal coverage, and I do NOT have an option to disable the 3G to get better signal for my phone calls at such areas (and there are still many areas like this unfortunately in GREECE!)!

    I have confirmed the problem by disabling the LTE option with my provider, then updated the carrier settings (and LTE toggle disappeared, of course), so the 3G toggle appeared again and when I disabled the 3G (and Data) at the low 3G coverage areas, then I got back my 5 bars (full!) GSM signal to make my clear phone calls!


    Therefore, it is recommended for imminent code change at next iOS release to either:

    a) Include both 3G and LTE toggles (and Data toggle, of course) for the provider to enable with carrier settings, or

    b) Change the LTE toggle functionality, so that when it is switched to the OFF position, it will disable BOTH LTE AND 3G, NOT only LTE and leave 3G enabled at the background (which is the problem!)!!!


    After my investigation and searching Internet sources and reports of the same problem that many iPhone 5 users have, it appears that currently the provider has NO option to enable both 3G and LTE toggles, but only one of them, with iOS 6 or 7! Therefore it is clearly Apple’s responsibility to change the iOS code to either implement solution (a) or solution (b), above, i.e. to either add capability to have both 3G and LTE toggles enabled, or to change the LTE toggle functionality to disable both LTE AND 3G when switched off!


    Hope my explanation of the problem above is clear and that this message will be taken under SERIOUS CONSIDERATION by Apple and iOS Developers. "


    I do not know if that is the problem exactly described at this thread, but this is certainly about a reception issue, for which the iOS setup is to blame, with either the missing 3G toggle, or the missing 3G disabling at the background when the LTE is disabled. I do not understand why Apple is ignoring me, since this is a serious problem with iPhone 5 (and iPhone 5S/5C) in Greece, which has to do with all providers around the world that do not offer good 3G (and no LTE) coverage at many places. But since Apple are selling their new LTE (4G) iPhones (5, 5S, 5C) at countries that often have providers with many low 3G signal areas, then they (Apple) must do something with the iOS to change it as I suggested above, to show RESPECT after all towards their Greek and other iPhone 5/5S/5C loyal customers.