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I am about to order a high-end 2012 13" MBP with the 750GB HDD.  I am also placing an order for a Crucial M4 512GB SSD.  Both should be coming in around the same time.  I have seen videos on how to swap out the hard drives, so I am not worried about that.  I was planning on not even turning on the MBP when it arrives and swapping out the drives immediately. So, essentially, the first time I turn on the computer will be with the new SSD.


I believe the MBP will come with a recovery disk/DVD???, so is it as simple as inserting that disk and then turning on the computer and following any instructions to install the OS on the new hard drive?  Brand new to Mac, so I don't want to screw this up.


I was originally going to buy a loaded 13" MBA, but I think that by upgrading this computer to an SSD, it will perform better than the air . . . am I correct in that assumption?


Thanks, in advance, for your assistance.






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    There have been no installer discs since the release of Lion. Reinstalling is via the OS X (Lion/Mountain Lion)- About OS X Recovery. The computer comes with OS X already pre-installed. I think you still have some homework yet to do.

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    I just bought a Crucial M4 512GB SSD.


    Before using the M4, you must erase it, choose the correct file format, and install OS X. There are several ways of managing the files afterwards, but the safest is to purchase an external backup drive. That means you also have a drive you can use to transfer data and perform future backups.


    Recovery disk/DVD? The MBP doesn't come with DVDs anymore. Recovery Disk is part of the OS.


    You know, I strongly recommend asking the help of someone in the Apple Store - someone who can illustrate your options and find the right machine for your needs. SSD prices are going down, so time is on your side. Since you're new to Mac, take advantage of their customer service.

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    I have a Crucial m4 512GB in my machine - here's what you need to do:


    1. Go ahead and boot your machine and go through setup.
    2. Get yourself an enclosure ($10-20 from OWC) for your hard drive.
    3. Get a copy of Carbon Copy Cloner and install on your hard drive,
    4. Install m4 in you computer.
    5. Boot from your now external hard drive and use Disk Utility to erase and partition (single GUID partition, Mac OS Extended (Journaled)).
    6. Use CCC to clone your old drive to your new.
    7. Boot from your new SSD. Be certain that you select the SSD as your boot drive or you may get unusually long (for a SSD) boot times.
    8. That's it.


    There are some other methods, but this seems to work with no hitches.


    Good luck,



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    thanks, Kappy, I just read your link and it seemed really helpful.  Looks like I can perform the OS X Internet Recovery through the ethernet connection.  I actually got that "recovery disk/DVD" information from an Apple Sales person through their online store chat . . . oh well.


    Anyways, it sounds like I should turn the computer on first and do any necessary registering of the serial #s etc to my apple ID so I will be able to log in for the recovery?

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    clintonfrombirmingham, thanks for that info!!!  It sounds pretty straightforward

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    Yes. But there's no need to perform any recovery on your new computer. If you wish to boot from the SSD, then you will need to clone OS X to the SSD:


    Clone Lion using Restore Option of Disk Utility


    Boot to the Recovery HD:


    Restart the computer and after the chime press and hold down the COMMAND and R keys until the menu screen appears. Alternatively, restart the computer and after the chime press and hold down the OPTION key until the boot manager screen appears. Select the Recovery HD and click on the downward pointing arrow button.


    1. Select Disk Utility from the main menu then press the Continue button.
    2. Select the destination volume from the left side list.
    3. Click on the Restore tab in the DU main window.
    4. Check the box labeled Erase destination.
    5. Select the destination volume from the left side list and drag it to the Destination entry field.
    6. Select the source volume from the left side list and drag it to the Source entry field.
    7. Double-check you got it right, then click on the Restore button.


    Destination means the external backup drive. Source means the internal startup drive.


    When finished quit DU and return to the main menu. Now select Startup Disk from the File menu. Set the SSD as your startup disk, then Restart.

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    in terms of formating and partitioning the new SSD . . . is there a standard volume format for me to choose?

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    Yes, just erase and format as "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)" and make sure that you select a single GUID partition. If you use Carbon Copy Cloner, the Recovery partition will be created intact.



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    OK . . . last one, I promise:


    I tried to look up how to choose boot drives and it looks like I have to press the "Option" button when the computer poweers up  . . . just to confirm, when rebooting . . .  the drive that is mounted in the hard drive bay of the computer (in my case, the Crucial SSD) will always be Macintosh HD?  and will the external hard drive be clearly labeled either External HD or USB HD???


    This was extremely helpful . . . I think I have a pretty good idea on how to do this . . . I am not an IT guy, but I can usually figure things out with research and assistance from smart people like yourselves!!!  THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!