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All was good until my recent upgrade OSX 10.8.2. I was getting excellent battery life sometimes 8+ hours. Now for whatever reason it has taken a turn for a worst, I am now getting roughly 5 or less hours doing normal tasks such as just browsing the web. Should I try taking this to a genius bar, is my battery defective? I attached 2 images of the estimated time and the battery health app.


Keep in mind this laptop is only a month old, and was a "new" replacement after I told them about the ghosting issues I experienced. Very disappointing....





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    I have tried resetting both the pram and smc. Seems like the estimates actually got lower. :/

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    Have you tried to see the real duration? Maybe it's just the estimated time that's wrong. From the pictures you've posted your battery looks normal

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    There have been hundreds of users who seem to have been bitten by the lower than normal battery life bug after upgrading to Mountain Lion. You're the first I've heard with a case that is specific to 10.8.2, however - most experienced it with 10.8.0 and the woes continues through 10.8.1 and 10.8.2. There seems to be no one common factor - those who are having the problem are running different machines, different software, and have tried various methods to 'fix' the problem. To date, I don't know of a fix that really works.


    If I were you, I'd take the unit back to the Apple Store and explain your very well documented problem. A new battery isn't likely to solve the problem - only a new machine. Good luck in getting that, however, if you're past your 14-day return guarantee.



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    I think there is something wrong with the estimates actually, but for some reason my battery life seems a lot better now and I did nothing...


    I'm at 82% and its showing over 13 hours of battery life remaining, no joke.


    Anyone else find that weird?