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My Ipod is not being recognized by my computer.   Any ideas?

iPod classic, Windows 7, It worked just yesterday
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    What have you tried so far in terms of troubleshooting this issue?  Are you plugging the iPod into a high powered USB 2.0 port on the back of your PC? Have you tried a different USB cable?


    What happens if you try to reset the device with it still connected to the PC?

    How to reset iPod


    Has this iPod ever worked on this PC or is this the first time you have time you have tried connecting it?


    Have you carefully worked through each and every single suggestion in this Apple support document?

    iPod not recognized in 'My Computer' and in iTunes for Windows


    The more information you provide, the more we can do to help.


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    hi planb77

    i have the same problem and i tried every solution like restrating the ipod and computer. i even restarted the ipod service and apple mobile support service in my desktop.

    but when i attach it to diffrerent system via same usb cable it is recognize by both ystem and itunes.

    i even try re-install the itunes but the problem still remain.

    i try differnet cables and diffrent ports but nothing happen.

    and this ipod worked with same desktop for almost 2 years.

    i have no idea what to do.

    any kind of help will be appereiciated,


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    Same Problem.   iPhone & iPod connected perfectly (for years).  Then suddenly this morning, iTunes will not recognize my iPhone & iPod.   I think I have tried everything  - different cables, power & restart everything off & on.   The USB port is working as time machine to my back-up works fine. 

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    Try running a device connectivity test with the iPhone or iPod connected.

    iTunes for Windows: Device Connectivity Tests


    Report back on the results.


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    hello planb77 and jeffcNick and thanks for ur reply planb77

    actaully i already did that and the problem is that itunes does not detecting my ipod but when i did this with iphone it is there. When i look in device manager there is no apple mobile support driver for my ipod but there is  for iphone.


    the problem now is how to get the apple mobile support driver for ipod in device manager.

    i un install everything relating to apple in my system and reinstall it back again so to get that driver back for ipod but all in vein.


    this problem actually ******* me off now because i cant sync my ipod with itunes on my system.

    jeff why did not u look in ur system device manager may be you have the same problem try to fix somehow and share ur thoughts


    thanks again.

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    hello to all

    i finally able to resove the issue on my computer system. U actually have to update the apple mobile support usb driver in the device manager of your system. either through windows update or somehow. but for this u have to attach the ipod to itunes even if it is not detecting in itunes and in windows. then try to do update in of any one driver in device manager and finally it is gonna update that apple mobile support usb driver for ur ipod. if u able to do that then u have win the battle.



    hope this would help. i attached a pic of that driver in device manager.


    apple driver for ipod.jpg



    THanks again

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    Thanks for your help.  The iTunes connectivity suddenly seemed to solve itself.  (Also, I have a Mac and the connectivity tests seemd to apply to Windows machines.)


    I received notice that my Twitter account password had been changed!   I then discovered that the account had been hacked. Fortunately, I was able to recover my account.  There was a Russian email address in place of my email address.   I then found a couple of strange programs on my Mac, one related to iTunes.  I deleted the programs and my iTunes connectivity seems to work fine.  Not sure if that was the problem or something else. 


    WARNING TO ALL!   While I have everything password protected, I was lazy and used the same combination of User Name & Password on all of my various accounts and websites.  So somehow, it got out.  I am now furiously changing the passwords on my important accounts.  The lesson is; use multiple passwords!



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    Thanks for sharing Jeff.  Glad to you have this cleaned up!


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    Thank you so much.

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    Thank you.  This helped tremendously.

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    Yeah I've tried everything,my 3rd generation ipod isn't detected by itunes. It's the first time I try it on this laptop

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    Btw,windows tells me ipod support is up to date