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just received the iphone 5(verizon)

i have a problem with charging cable.

When i connect the cable to the phone, it keeps charging on and off ... on and off with 1~10 seconds interval.

is the cable defective or the phone? or is there a way to fix it?

iPhone 5
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    I'm having a similar problem. My iPhone 5 only charges when it is turned off And doesn't give any indication that is charging. I'm taking it back to Vodafone today, I will let you know how I got on.

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    I have similar problem, and Apple is not prepared for it, only listening to clients with appointments.  My iPhone5 bougth yesterday (Serial No. F2LJD9MDF38W) at Best Buy Dadeland Miami only starts charging when it is turned off (I guess).  I left the iPhone5 charging all night.   This morning the battery was charged 20%, and try for several hours to make it work.  No success.  I went at 11AM to the store, and with the phone dead, it started charging up to 6%. Ivan Ruiz, an Apple employee at Best Buy told me to go the Apple Store, since Best Buy did not have replacement cables (hopefully this is the problem).  I arrived 45 minutes ago at Apple Dadeland Mall, two employees of Apple Mike L and a blond lady (with freckles) told me I needed an appointment, so they can take care of my problem.  Mike L reacted and said that he can give me an appoitment at 1PM, and had to wait one hour more.  I said that I wanted the problem to be solved now.  Chris Gomez jumped into the issue and help me with a replacement cable, but reminding me I should buy Apple Care, since many thing could go wrong with phone.  I refused.  I am now charging my iPhone5 at Apple Store.  I hope this is the real problem.  I have been a satisfied BlackBerry user for almost a decade, and I tried to make the change to iPhone5 yesterday. Let see if I stay with it.

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    The fit from cable to phone is not tight enough and the phone disconnects from itunes with the slightest movement

    If I hold pressure on the cord downward it works.

    This is obviously a problem!!!

    Is it the cord or the phone??

    Anyone else with similar issues?

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    So I went to the store today -  Vodafone UK are going to replace my handset on Monday .

    I would go back to the store where you purchased it. None of us should have to put up with faulty goods.





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    I have the same problem. The iphone 5 suddenly failed to charge with the included charging cable. The included cube charger is OK - it charges the other iphone 4S. Then it must be the phone or the cable. I took it to the Apple store at Houston Galleria. The guy tested it and it worked again. I asked him politely to replace the cord for me. I don't need a new one, just a working one. I can give my new one to him. You know what? After 3 mac laptops, 5 iphones and 2 mac desktops - the answer is NO. You come back if the charging problem occurs again. If I am Steve, I shall fire those people immediately. Mark my words, look out for recall of the phone or the charging cord soon.

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    how did you get on? mine is oing the same, put it on charge doesnt say its charging. but when i turn it of an put the lead in it then says its charging :S

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    They didn't replace the phone in the end. It turned out to be a faulty power cable. The tech guy in the shop tried one of his cables and it worked fine so he gave it me to have.