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  • DPapadopoulos Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have a test for you.

    See how it behaves if you turn off 3G/4G


    I have a client whose alarm system will no longer accept acknowledgements from their now upgraded to iOS6 phones.


    this solves the issue for them and I am curious to see if it has the same effect for your issue.




  • HBINS Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    @DPapadopoulos - Do you mean under settings --> General --> Cellular -->  Enable LTE = OFF... ?



    If so - that has no impact on the issue.

  • DPapadopoulos Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I only have the 3G version.

    You are basically knocking it back into analog mode. On my android it would have been the equivalent of putting it into 2G mode. If turning off LTE does that then I guess the issue isn't related.



  • Angry Doug Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have exact same problem. Verizon iPhone 5.

    I still have an iPhone 4 with IOS 5, and it works fine.

  • epekarik Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have a Blackberry 8330, an iPhone 4 OS6 and  an iPohone 5 OS6, all Verizon.  Only with iPhone 5 OS6 I have the problem. I can't use stored calling cards due to the S..L..O..W    DTMF tones after the Pause or Wait. 


    I Ihave a friend who just got AT&T iPhone 5 and we tried it. It works better, but still have some unexpected pauses between the tones. Not as long pause as the Verizon so it goes through.


    Apple support asked me to "reset network" in the Setting application.  It worked immediataly after so we hung up the call happily. Well,  the second try and after didn't work any more again. I'm taking the phone back Saturday. That new Driod looks really sweet.


    I do have a case openend at Apple, they promised an answer in three business days. That is Thursday this week. Saturday is coming fast.


    I turned LTE (4G) off and it didn't help.

    I turned Wi-Fi off and it didn't help


    I downloaded a few Apple CallingCard applications hoping it will give me a workaround. Same problem with them also.   

  • epekarik Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I just realized that calling phone numbers with extensions in the phone number also doesn’t work because it also has PAUSE and a second set of numbers, this will make my iphone 5 become about useless.    Most of my contacts phone numbers have extentions.


    If by Saturday there isn’t an acceptable answer, here comes Droid, good bye 4 years of happy iPhone. I knew losing Mr Jobs will have implications.

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    One more with the same problem.  Left feedback for Apple already.  Don't see how it could be anything but an iOS 6 bug given the behavior's consistency.  Gotta wait for Apple to release an update.

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    epekarik wrote:


    I just realized that calling phone numbers with extensions in the phone number also doesn’t work because it also has PAUSE and a second set of numbers, this will make my iphone 5 become about useless.    Most of my contacts phone numbers have extentions.

    FWIW, I've had some success with JUST an extension using the ; wait character and then hitting the button for the extension when it will let me.  Sometimes this is also too slow, but sometimes it works.


    Apple needs to fix it, but perhaps your issue has a workaround.


    Our issue, needing to dial several strings in a row, with pauses in between, it still doesn't work AT ALL.

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    I tried reporting this to Gizmodo as a "tip," but nothing's written up yet.  Others could try this, too, at Gizmodo or similar sites.   The tip link is small, but on their home page.

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    Went to Apple store and requested an appointment for the Genius Desk (well they call it the Genius Bar)


    They took my phone behind a closed door and about 30 minutes later they reappeared smiling and stating that my phone has no problem. The only suggestion they had is "Please wait for an opsys update tat we have no idea when happens"  


    I work for one of the world biggest software company. Yes, sometimes software-s are released with unknown bugs and gets fixed with new releases. But if we release something that makes our product about 80% useless, I'm sure we won't stay in business for long or meet the legal system pretty quickly.


    This reminds me of the US car manufacturing industry in the 80s. Shiny well marketed piece of cr.p that falls apart after driving it out from the show room.  


    Yes, we can take this phone back, and do whatever we want, choose another product from another manufacturer, it is our free choice. The issue is that a company makes and sells something that doesn't work as intended, as a phone. If I wanted anything else that has the applications of the iPhone, I can get iPad or iPod. I wanted and paid for a phone, and got the device from a phone store.    

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    ztirf, thank you for the gizmodo tip suggestion. I sent a write up to


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    this ios 6 is really bad. i have the same problems. wait does not work, the pause works unreliably. the tones after pause keep on making beeps even after the number has apparently been sent.


    this smart phone is really bad!


    using verizon iphone 5.

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    I just upgraded to the Iphone 5 on the sprint network.  I found as a work around you can use the “wait” however the tone and the speed of the dial are not synced up. The phone will die the number too fast on the back end then the tone will pay preventing you from moving on to the next wait.


    I dial long numbers so this is annoying. If anyone from apple reads this what you need to do is slow down the dial speed then sync that up with the tone that is to slow. If you need an example of how it should work please pick up a Droid, old iphone os, evo,blackbury, and test it. THANKS.


    I hope this helps other frustrated users like me.

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    I see in the comments that some of us have already given Apple feedback. May I suggest that all of the rest of us also give Apple feedback; to do this go to:



    UPDATE ON MY EARLIER POSTS - Here's what I've done to try to resolve this:


    My first Genius Bar appt was on 9/28/12, at which time an Apple case was created. (The Apple employee agreed I was doing everything right and that chain dialing was not working on my iPhone.)


    My second Genius Bar appt was today, Oct. 19. I went back because I hadn't heard anything from Apple since 9/28/12, about 3 weeks ago. Nothing new. (I was offered a refund, but I want to keep the phone, so that's no option for me.) I was told that there was nothing more the store could do and it was suggested I submit feedback, so I did.


    Perhaps if we all "squeak" enough, the wheel will be oiled...?

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    Apple support called me back Sunday!  He told me that they are aware of the problem the engineers are working on the problem.


    He suggested that I change the Pause Comma(s) to the lower case letter p. This can be done via iCloud Contact Management only because the phone give you only numbers when updating a phone number. You need to type the letter p.



    I tried it out and it didn't help me at all. :-(  


    ---Just in case someone also gets the message form Apple Support and gets excited. Don't be