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    @HBINS, I was speaking to Apple Customer Support, on two different calls, both of which claimed that they spoke with their Sr Advisors. Usually I ask to be bumped up to the Sr people too, so not sure where my brain was at that point, beyond frustrated and late for a conference call probably. It is really a non-issue now though as 6.0.1 did indeed correct the issue for me as well.


    I think it is always going to be hit or miss with companies this size. It is tough to communicate all the relevant information to every relevant team across every shift in multiple countries plus resellers and third parties to boot, no matter what company it is. I still expect that they would have some process and tool in place to accommodate that but... their iPhone is reliable for me and does what I need now for the most part, so rock on. =)


    @electronicsguy, if you are still having the issue, I have had intermittent issues with my i5 and pause-dialing with various BT devices but have not spent enough time to figure it out since it is infrequent. Plus it is never just the pause dialing that is affected in my cases, usually the entire BT functionality, so I would hesitate to say the two are fully connected. My impression is that it is related to BT versions and BT hardware and open Apps as it happens more frequently with my Ford Explorer and Dell laptop than it does on my custom PC or Motorola Sliver headset, particularly when I have certain other Apps open at the time (such as Audible) that have used the BT prior. Powercycling the BT or i5 helps and oddly enough, Locking or Un-Locking the i5 screen also affects the BT performance greatly for me. Anyways, not a lot of help, but wanted to at least provide that limited information for you if it was still something affecting you. Good luck.

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    Hello everyone,


    I'm new to this forum and have recently purchased a *NOS* (Verizon) iPhone 4 and I also couldn't figure out how to call my voicemail without entering my password. I went to the (Verizon FAQ) and followed these simple steps and it now works every time flawlessly!


    1- Enter your voicemail phone # e.g. (123) 456-7890 insert 2 pauses, then enter your password followed by the # sign.

    2- Create a name for your voicemail # e.g. Voicemail.

    3- Add this name/number to your favorites, and whenever you receive a voicemail choose this name/number from your favorites and your voicemail will be called without having to enter your password.

    Works every time like a charm. Now, all I need to do is figure out how to change the settings in the voicemail envelope being I have to listen to the time stamp/phone # before actually hearing my voicemail messages. There seems to be no option for changing the envelope information when I switched to the iPhone 4 from my Samsung phone??? Verizon gives limited options for envelope information since switching to the iPhone 4...but I was able to access all envelope information using the Samsung???


    Hope this helps!

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