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    Bella: is that all with only wifi on? If so, that makes sense to me.  With only wifi on - I can get a lot out of this but as it turns out, ITS A PHONE... so that doesn't work out for me. Its when cellular is involved that it drains 1% every min-two .... horrible

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    A Little update on the replacement ip5.

    IT's going well with BT off...  I'm going to turn on BT to see how it affects the battery

  • AlwaysLookin4Answers Level 1 Level 1

    @Yuniverse - do you have all cellular turned off and ONLY wifi turned on??

  • Yuniverse Level 1 Level 1



    No, cellular including LTE is on.

  • AlwaysLookin4Answers Level 1 Level 1

    And that is consistently how it's been set up for the 11 hours and 31 mins? Sorry to be annoying.

  • Bellatone Level 1 Level 1

    Cellular is on too.  As I've mentioned many times I formerly had problems just as much with WiFi being on solo, but now even with both on it's depleting at a normal rate it would seem.

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    And no, you're not being annoying.


    With the previous iPhone 5, it would be around  45% now.   Vast improvement.  I'm worried about BT, though.  I thought I solved my problem following Ace's advice on page 48, but forgot I had turned off BT.  When I turned it on, it tanked again, so I'm a little worried.  I just turned it on at 93% and after 12:15 standby.


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    Here is the list of changes I made which changed my phone from ~3 hours of use/~8 hours standby on a full charge (sorry no screen shot).

    1.Turned off blue tooth

    2. Turned off LTE

    3. Turned off unneeded notifications (i have 319 apps on my phone, so the amount that you will turn off will vary)

    4. Turned off Podcasts, videos, audiobooks and voice memos from spotlight search

    5.Turned off all unneeded location services

    6. Changed Settings>Safari>Reading List Use cellular data to OFF (This was a change that i noticed a major difference)

    7. Removed website data

    8. Reset network settings

    9. Changed email from push to fetch hourly (iCloud and gmail accounts)


    Brightness is set to 70%. I'm on ATT. The changes stated above got me from the battery life above to...


    I went to the apple store after reading this thread earlier in the week because my battery life was terrible and I was watching it drain 1% every 2/3 minutes doing little things like checking email, settings, etc. They ran the battery check and it came back OK. I made the changes the safari reading list change that day and it improved after the next charge. Those changes might work for people who are experiencing the battery drain and have ok hardware. I think the problem i was experiencing was related to software and iOS6. Might not be a resolution to all, but it absolutely helped me. Sorry for no screen shot of my initial terrible battery life, I wasn't thinking ahead...but my post screen shot proves it can be improved.

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    You know, that's great and all that it helped you, but I think the point is that why in the world should you have to do all that to your phone to get mediocre use from it! I know it's not your fault but I just wanted to point that out!

  • Nick Gomogda Level 1 Level 1

    @remy I agree. I'm not thrilled about it. In a perfect world i would be able to take the expensive iPhone out of the box, sync it with all my previous backups and leave all settings the way they are set and be able to use it as I please. That's a perfect world. And as a previous post stated, all the iphone battery testing was done over wifi. Not realistic!! Anyway, the original purpose of this thread was to identify a problem and resolve it, and if any readers are interested in how i was able to achieve a temporary resolution until an update comes out, i provided my steps. Don't be bitter because your phone is a lemon and i'm trying to help.


    I will say that i think the battery drain problem is related to bluetooth and perhaps safari. I think the LTE drain is just LTE being LTE. Hopefully a fix is coming soon. The guy at the apple store admitted that they are fully aware of the issue and are "scrambling" to fix it. He's experiencing the same issue with his 5.

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    Nick Gomogda,


    When you turned off reading list did you feel this helped you even when you didn't use safari or only when you used safari?

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    Alright I can't figure this out. I can spend an hour doing nothing and tonight I just drove for 1.5 hours playing mp3s over Bluetooth and I have the same battery usage. 


    Hour and a half over Bluetooth and I was only down 30% (still more than expected though)

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    No bitterness Nick, I'm just saying they've built these phone for a bit now right? This isn't some totally different device. Yes it is a new model. The point is that the last phone was much better! I actually am considering going back to a 4s to tell u the truth. I want something functional, this is a pain. I find myself always reaching for the cord lol. I just would think those people that are so super intelligent would have been able to produce a phone that performs at least as good as the previous. I'm thinking they should have left the same thickness and fill that sucker with battery, we would have an amazing battery in that case. Just my opinion. I too am just talking on here too. If I don't like it I can go get a 4s! I'm still an apple guy and that would be my option. Not a Samsung.

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    Really starting to be heard guys keep chattin it up!


    USA Today heard us now.


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    All you have to do is double tap the home button, when you see the apps hold it down until you get a red dash,then close all of your apps.

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