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    Feature Off: Siri, Email push, Bluetooth, iCloud.

    Feature On: everything except above.


    The 1st pic is the result with 3g only(no LTE), and the 2nd one is taken after using LTE only, and the last


    one is wifi only. Signal was kept between 4-5 bars


    Battery is pretty solid with wifi only, but 3g and LTE don't look good. It seems there are some software bugs, not battery at least for mine. Hope Apple is currently working to fix it on IOS6.

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    That's unfortunate since its a PHONE!


    My latest attempt has failed. I'm over it. It's been 3 weeks. I quit lol!!! Thanks for putting up with me guys!

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    Hi guys, my iPhone 5 is a week old today and I've been monitoring the battery percentage since day one. Earlier this week I've been getting around 6 hours of usage (surfing web, light gameplay,YouTube) with a mixture of cellular and wifi (mostly wifi).. As I'm typing this a week later, I am now at 1% with 8 hours of usage (mostly wifi again)... I'm still paranoid about the battery life and I'm not sure if its good because I don't have a previous iphone model to compare to. Any thoughts? I have a week left if I wanted to exchange etc.. oh and btw, same type of usage (surf web, gameplay, video, text, short calls)

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    After a week of getting really crappy battery life today the world changed dramatically. I charged the phone overnight and unplugged it at 8:00AM. I turned on the wifi but left BT and Siri off. At 6:00PM it was still at 82%! Every other day it would have been dead about then. Checked mail and used some apps but no calls. At 10:00PM unlocked the screen, and it still read 82%.


    Either the battery finally took a full charge, or apple pushed something to the phone that fixed the problem. I will report back tomorrow went it drains down to less than 5%


    I'm not ready to say the problem is fixed, but today was a 180 degree turnaround.


    Let's hope this is a permanent condition!

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    You have substandard battery life just like the rest of us. Welcome to our exclusive club!




    Give everything 48 hours before you think you have a resolution/solution, or your just setting yourself up for failure/disappointment.

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    That's encouraging, but to be sure, try turning on the BT.  I say this because my iPhone 4S and 4 lasts 2-3 days even with BT on with light usage, but my 2nd iPhone 5 which I thought was good(without BT, it showed similar performance as yours), only lasted less than a day with the BT on. 

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    Offcourse it helps when you turn stuff off,you shut down functions ,it always helps.but is that a solution?NO!!! You know why?your not supposed to turn al those things off!!! A smartphone should be able to get online with the touch of 1 finger.not a 7 step program!!!!! Dont you guys see how ridiculous you're fixes are???hey maybe it will even help if you do a reset under a full moon while singing "they dont care about us" !!! steve jobs would have fired half of apple if he were still here now!!! But nooooooo apple somehow forgets it's us who made them huge.dont get me wrong i still love appe products.but this is just wrong....tim cook you're almost half the man your boss was so keep trying ok?

    And now fix this you arrogant b*st*rds!!!!

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    I absolutly agree with you. When i am on 3G my battery is draining like **** and on WIFI it feels okay. For the first time i have over 1 day Standby + 6 hours Usage. Ob Wifi the phone doesnt get warm, but on 3G it gets hot.

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    Have you seen how much you have to turn off on Android handsets to get good battery life? I get about 6 hours useage (down to 20%) and three days standbye, mixture of calls texts internet, facetime etc, WI-Fi on all the time. Its about the same as my 4S.

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    3G does eat battery life faster, LTE even more so, thats the downside of faster celluar connections. WiFi is always better as the phone does not have to work so hard to maintain signal as it does with 3G or LTE.

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    Is there any way to get your contacts from iCloud on your phone without signing into iCloud AT ALL? Let me know what you know? Thanks guys.  Current: usage 45 mins standby 8 hours 8 minutes 95%

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    Here is my 2cents--- I buy anew iphone 5 ,thinking its faster ,lighter ,and more features. My 1st one lasted 2 days ,i sent it back because i thought the battery was defective   ha ha   The 2nd phone no better--So think about the fixes   shut off all the features you paid for so the battery will last the day---should have bought a flipphone then  they last for days. If you bought a piece like this from most stores youd return it in a heart beat. We like sheep sit here and b itch about it and listen to someones fixes for an inferiour product..I even tried to buy a battery case for my 5   good luck with that one.. You can get on a list for December.  We as consumers need to put so much pressure on Apple they will have to do something   Now there to busy counting there ---our   money..

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    Settings/general/about/diagnostics+usage/diagnostics and usage data


    There are huge PAGES of crash logs!  Take a look yourself. 

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    Hey everybody.  Thank you all so much for not bashing me when I come and post MAYBE "time being fixes".  We have all had a lot of ideas.  I should probably wait to see if it works before I come here to share BUT I truthfully think that, if this isn't the problem - Then I truthfully will never know what the **** is lol!


    So... I have noticed that when you sign into your icloud account on your iphone on a brand new phone, dfu restore, WHATEVER and you immediately click OFF to all of the features... Some stuff just doesn't go away.  Even before you open those apps.  I clicked OFF to Safari before I opened it, and when I opened it I noticed that icloud had brought some activity to the app, even when I had clicked "OFF" before even opening Safari, and even when Icloud asked if i wanted to delete the data from my phone... So... Basically, the second icloud is added onto your phone... stuff is going on ... with the ON switch or OFF switch to all of the features...


    I decided to try something hardcore and I CANT BELIEVE I took time to do this - but I did a dfu, clean install, I got all of my icloud contacts on ADDRESS BOOK on my mac, and I synced them.  I manually set up my icloud email account in Mail by clicking "other" in the new mail account set up..  The safari info that was lingering before when I'd sign into itunes for one second JUST to click "off" for all the features isn't there anymore... I dont have much else to report yet... BUT I would / could imagine this is all about icloud... Lets see..

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    I'm not sure if I should still try and go for an exchange cause I don't know what the standards are for a normal battery life...