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    Here's a good reference:






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    Thanks! Does the Standby time really matter that much ? Isn't it just the Usage time that matter most? Or...

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    Oh and what type of usage did that consist of? Surf web, videos etc?

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    I got this screen from another source, so I don't know the usage details.  All I DO KNOW is....if you can produce the usage time shown in this pic IN ANY FORM OF USE WHAT-SO-EVER......your doing great. 


    Problem is, VERY few people are.


    Standby is a part of the equation, but a very low portion unless it's more than a day of standby.

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    Ah I see. Alright on Thursday or Friday I got 3 hours of usage, 8 hours of standby at 58%.... but the day after that I got 58% with 3 hrs 52 min of usage... I don't know if that's enough proof to show the store if my battery has a problem and possibly get an exchange? Or is it a software problem as opposed to hardware?

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    Another way to test if your battery is upto standards is to:

    1. Turn on BT

    2. Just before you goto sleep, charge it fully until you see 2pronged plug in the battery icon (not thunder).

    3. In the morning you should see at least 95% if you're not sleeping over 12 hours.


    If you're seeing less than 65%, IMHO, you have a battery problem.

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    Your numbers sound reminiscent of the pic I just posted above (the reference of a phone producing good numbers)....if your getting 3 hours of use with 58% battery life left, your one of the few that are doing well!

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    Obviously its a software problem. The phone does stuff at its own will, when it absolutely wasn't told to do anything. My battery drain stopped for a day or 2 on standby, but now its back. Not sure what I did to make it start draining the battery out. I'm getting almost 8 hours of heavy use now. Except the battery drain on standby is unacceptable.

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    I don't mind a software problem that can be remedied.  What I'm concerned about is if it's hardware that is power hungry and there is no software correction for it. 

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    Well I get about 8 hours of fairly heavy usage and about 6 or 7 on LTE. My only problem is that the phone starts doing stuff on standby. It makes me wonder whether or not Apple built in uncontrollable app tracking and other features to keep tabs on our phones.

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    New UPDATE


    Well i have monitored my phone over the past week after Apple replaced my 1st iphone5.


    Model A1429





    I have had music playing all the time I have been using it, I have been using the internet for research, I have used Twitter, Facebook, sent & received emails, sent pictures via iMessage, sent normal messages, took photo's, watched Youtube, used other apps, played games, tethered to my iPad and also had 2 hours, 36min phone calls.


    I have used a mix of 3G and Wifi during the usage


    I have not done anything special other than set up the phone as a new one rather than from a restore, i hope all you people having problems get them sorted, I know I wasn't keen on the phone when I was only getting 3-4 hours usage.

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    Yes. 3G lasts longer than LTE lol. We knew that.

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    I soooo had a feeling that the different model number would mean something.....

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    if you would have seen my previous result on the phone that Apple 1st sent me, I was only getting 3-4 hours of usage.


    And yes i am aware 3G will help the battery last longer, but I have not mentioned LTE


    I just updating and stating that my new phone is working massively greater.

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    I can't see how the model numbers can cause issues.