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    Don't seem to be getting as good usage as these previous screenshots however I have seen an improvement in my battery:50% left with 4.42 usage and 8.13 standby.

    Could anyone tell me how long we have from the date of purchase to get a new phone as I am currently putting it off waiting for a software update thanks in advance

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    Follow up with a post after another 48 hours of usage.  That will be more telltale of whether your problem isn't present.

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    It's not the model number's the build involved in each model number.  Always lookn is thinking it may be a problem that's only involved with the 1428 model...I don't agree as I've seen many phones from across the world show up with the dreaded issue.


    Like I stated above, give it some more time. If you go back in this thread, I had posted a screen shot with VERY similar results like you posted.....and shortly after.....they went back to what they are now = Horsesheet.

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    Those numbers seem too good to be true (as in, better than the advertised numbers). My question would be, since you mentioned music, did you listen to any music with the screen off? The phone will count screen-off music listening as "usage," which can really inflate usage times (you can get 30-40 hours of screen-off "usage" with music).

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    @henry todd


    Good call....didn't pay attention to that nailed it.

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    Thanks for clearing that up for me my buddy. Appreciate it

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    Those of you who are reading the 'usage' hours, its not actually the 'screen on' time. i've fully charged my phone overnight, unplugged it and never used it while going to work. about 2 hours after i've noticed ~20 minutes of usage time when i havent even turned on the screen. I guess its connected to some sort of background tasks but its not your actual usage time.

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    What did you do to get better battery life? I don't want to look through 105 pages to find the solution lol

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    Got a new phone from Apple, setup as a new iphone, and my first results were this.....











    So anyone thinking they found a "solution".....please wait for a few charge/discharge cycle's before claiming they have a winner.

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    Regarding the constant communication and usage to the cell towers when the phone is on standby:


    I found that turning off cellular and wifi at the same time causes the phone to quiet down somewhat. It cuts out the majority of all communications in standby. They seem to be less frequent in standby. When using the phone in this mode the phone can send and receive voice and text but can't do anything else with the outside world.


    I wish apple or some app maker would make an app so that users can switch between different templates or scripts on thier iphone for different predetermined combinations. In this way if someone wanted to close all apps and turn wifi or cellular data on or off, location services etc. they could do it with one click. This would make power management easier for the user.

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    @handsfull did you use the phone in mostly wifi in the screen cap pic? Most users I'm seeing in person have amazing life and then I ask them if they primarily use wifi and they say yes... Urge.. Lemme know

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    80% 4G and 20% wifi.....but I think you've missed the point on this.  The first charge results were OBVIOUSLY way therefore worthless in terms of gauging battery life....regardless of how they were acheived.


    The past 10 charge cycles have reaped the same overall results pictured in the 1:20 PM pic above.

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    Not that my situation is any different than anyone else's, but I've posted to this thread a lot, and thought I would give you all an update.  You may recall I got a replacement phone a week ago, after the guy at the apple store ran a scan on my phone and said he thought I had a bad battery.  And you may recall that the replacement performed as bad, if not worse, than the first one.  Yesterday I went back to the apple store, and a different guy there (a really good guy by the way), told me that a scan of this phone showed nothing unusual.  He told me he thought it was just excessive use (it was calls only, and safari, no siri, no texts).  He told me he didn't think there was anything wrong with the phone but he was happy to replace it.  I did.  So now, I am on my third one.  Too soon to tell anything, but will report back.


    By the way, for what it is worth, this is a "service" model.  Brand new, but in a different package.  They have them in the back to replace broken phones or those which come in for other reasons.  I don't think that's going to make any difference, but thought I would add it.


    I set it up in the store as a new phone.  Sucked in my contacts from iCloud, but have not synced it to my computer yet, and I think I'm going to wait a while to do that.  There is nothing on my computer, save for a few dozen apps, most of which I never use....and my music, which I can live without for a while.


    I will keep you all posted.

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    Looking forward to your results Phil. Like you stated, DON'T do anything to it initially, just use it out of the box for it's first two battery cycles of  charging/discharge (100% to about 10%).....the results at the END of the second discharge will tell you the true performance.


    I genuinely wish you the best (as i think most others are), we're all looking for any resolution possible to this nonsense.

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    Thanks.  I think that's a good idea.  If I was a betting man, I would say this problem is entirely software related.  But I sure hope a fix is coming.  BTW, every time I talk to Apple, either in the store, or on the phone, I sort of get a "Gee, this is the first we've heard of this" response.  I can't believe that's true.