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    Take a time-out children..............

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    Its his own fault because of that and because of the appliances he has open

    Why did you even buy an apple product in the first place, its seems your to stuipid for one


    ------------------- one of the most hilarious posts on any forum ever.

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    Guys, here's an interesting development on my side. One of the apps that I use is WhatsApp. Although I only exchange a couple of messages a day, the app is always in the background. I was noticing that my battery would drain up to 10 percent overnight. So yesterday, I closed it before I went to bed with 100% charge. This morning (8 hours later) the battery was at 98%, which was on par with my iPhone 4's battery drainage!


    I'm not saying it's normal to have to close the apps that are in the background. iOS is supposed to manage their background activity quite well. I never closed any background app on my iPhone 4, including WhatsApp. However, it is a temporary fix that seems to work for me. So probably if you have other apps that might have network connections in the background (like Skype), try closing them from the multitasking tray and see if your phone's standby time improves.



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    I'm new to the iPhone and have been reading this thread with interest.  So far I'm actually really happy with the battery life on mine.  I preordered mine through my carrier and had it deliverd on 09/25, so I've had a few weeks to play with it.  I have LTE enabled, brightness is on auto still, and auto lock is at 3 minutes.  I'm on WiFi most of the time but have used it some on LTE and non-LTE cellular.  I don't have an iPad or a Mac computer, and my iPod is an old school 5th gen video, so I don't use iCloud sync, I just sync my music with iTunes.  I haven't let it run completely down until today, and am doing it now because of this discussion.  It's currently at 1% and has been for probably an hour.  My current usage shows 7 hours, 42 minutes and standby of 2 days, 22 hours.  This seems decent to me.  My old phone, an LG Env 3, would give me about 3 - 4 days with my normal useage and this is pushing 3 days including all of the other stuff I can do with it.  Are any of you seeing this kind of battery life with yours?  It just now shut off as I was typing this.  I have my bluetooth headset on too BTW, and frequently do, so the Bluetooth is running a good share of the time too.

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    For what it's worth .. i did a dfu restore...brand new downloaded software... did not enter icloud info at ALL... was able to sync my contacts thru address book on my mac... set up @icloud/@me mail manually.. download my apps from sratch. The second I got to FACEBOOK/FACEBOOK MESSENGER I saw the battery drain faster and faster.  I deleted those apps completely, along with "whatsapp" .... I lost 8% battery in 60 minutes using twitter, 2 pretty short phone calls and safari for that entire time on 4g.... Not a long term solution but...for now thats quite an improvement... Before I probably would've been at 85% battery at this point.  So... it looks like it's icloud, or just some messed up apps doing this for me. Who knows... but I like it so far.

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    IMHO, Some of these usage numbers that people post here should be taken with a grain of salt because, there are so many factors that can change these numbers.


    I have not tried because I don't want to spend the time but I will bet you that I can get at least 10 to 20 hours of usage on my phone by just playing music. The specs on the phone say it can play up to 40 hours.


    I think I could also drain the battery in less than 2-3 hours, by driving around with a traffic NAV app on a hot day with other apps open in the background.


    So the number can be whatever you want it to be.


    To do a proper test, you would need to control the signal strength coming into the phone at a constant rate and do one type of activity for each test, etc,etc.


    I think the ilounge test and other test results by experts are about the only results to have some confidence in.


    Off course if people used their previous phone in a certain way before they got the iphone 5 and they compare that to the iphone 5, they would have some feeling about how it's doing relative to the prior phone. This assumes that they are using it with the same habits.

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    Been following this thread off & on since about page 110 r so & thought, what the ****, dive in..


    4 what the guy was saying about "icloud". There is definitely something going on. Check this:

    Go to settings> safari> advanced> website data. If there is a list there then delete it...


    Go back to settings> icloud & simply look.

    Now go back in safari> advanced> website data & u will c "". What tha f*** is this??!

    Now go to settings> general> usage & simply look.

    Now go back to settings> safari> advanced> website data & u will c "".


    I will b the 1st 2 admit that im new 2 this & i kno almost nothing about algorithms & s*** but something about this is not right. My 3rd Gen Ipad doesn't display these type readings running IOS 6 & im @ like 2.5hr of usage & like 4days standby, thats right, 4 days. If i new how 2 post the lil screen shots i wld.


    On here i read somewhere about the corrupt web-bookmarks running in the background that kills battery life. What if by simply tapping on the icloud setting tab, as well as the usage tab, is some how opening up these corrupt bookmarks that r running in the background & killing your battery.. Maybe its just my phone thats doing it, i don't know but i do know its BS.


    1 more thing, go to settings> privacy> location services> system services.. Why is there even an option to "search cell network"?? I thought that was a job for the antennas.. IJS


    "Maybe im on something r on to something". LOL

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    iCloud IS the reason for the insane background data going on. The second I deleted my iCloud from my iPhone... That stopped.

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    But did u c what i was talking about? Did u try it? If u did, u also noticed the data it consumes every time 1 activates it. 0.2KB every time u check your usage. It doesn't seem like much but how many time do u want 2 c that stat throughout the course of a day??

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    So are you now backing your phone up to iTunes?   This iCloud activity is exactly what I was suggesting was happening when I said that new set ups, restores and/or resets were causing some significant background activity!   If you leave the phone alone to do its thing for a few days, it might just settle out and that crazy iCloud activity may decrease to only incremental activity.   Just a thought.......

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    Don't mean to intrude on the convo between u and "alwayslooking4answers" but whatever it is its also posting background activity when u check usage stats. That has nothing 2 do with icloud.

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    You are correct about the usage numbers.  I finished charging my phone right before I left work and when I got in my car it showed 1 minute of usage.  I started my music, not plugged into the car of course, and when I got home it showed the amount of time it showed the 15 minutes it takes to drive home for usage, with nothing but the music going on and with the screen locking and going dark after the first 3 minutes.

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    No matter if the screen was dark r not, listening 2 music will still record as usage.

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    Hey all, If you just have find my iphone on in icloud and nothing else would it effect your usage?

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    Ok so today i finally spoke to an honest man at the apple

    Reseller.he told me this : apple knows about this and are fixin it as we speak.but they are not allowed to officially tell anyone that it is an ios problem,or that there even is a widespread problem but there is.he told me to wait until the 23'd because then ios 6.01 will appear and most likely fix it.if not it is a hardware problem and your phone will be guys stop turning **** off you're only making idiots out of yourselves...