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    Jameson - after my phone was acting crazy and crashing all over the place i had to do a dfu restore... when i did that... i signed into icloud... i used it exactly how i would for a few days...nothing changed and the backround data was going up literally by the second... so that wasnt working for me... i decided to do a dfu restore clean install, and not use icloud PERIOD... the cellular data is NOT rising unless im actually doing something to make it rise... so i dont know ..... my battery seems a tiny bit better right now, as well... but you know... who knows!!!!!!


    im getting my final replacement this week .... im going to use it as i would and hope theres a fix coming...


    @HwyHawk1976-  Ok.. for you, maybe not - but when I tell you that I don't have icloud on my phone anymore... and the data usage numbers aren't going up like they were when i had icloud signed make of that as you wish... im just telling you whats going on with MY phone


    @keja - we arent making fools of ourselves....we are looking for TEMPORARY fixes to get through a busy work day with our 800 dollar phone until there is a fix for this! IF TURNING **** OFF MEANS THE BATTERY WILL LAST A BIT LONGER FOR RIGHT NOW... THATS WHAT IM DOING... So do you...and dont be a ***** about what other people are doing!

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    You wan a temporary fix? Stop jerking off to **** ,if u have a job to do you dont have time to use your phone that much trying to help with what i know and turning those things off isnt helping but frustratin everyone.but hey you just use your caps and feel tough ok you dumb arrogant f.uc.k

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    Seriously,the word "p.orn"bis censored??? Grow up cupertino!

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    Keja3600 wrote:


    You wan a temporary fix? Stop jerking off to **** ,if u have a job to do you dont have time to use your phone that much trying to help with what i know and turning those things off isnt helping but frustratin everyone.but hey you just use your caps and feel tough ok you dumb arrogant f.uc.k

    Wow! Somepeople acturally make phones calls while at work.  maybe not so much at McDonalds's 

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    LOL Keja... Seriously? Do you know what grown up work entails? I love how you are the one coming here telling us TOP SECRET information.  That's funny.  Take care, KIDDO.

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    very interested app.  I just downloaded it and see how well it works... maybe u guys should try it out for those who are having battery life issues...

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    Nope, Carat is uselss. I tried since 25th sep. It gives u a result based on ur usage hours. i.e to say if ur usage is light and obtain a long usage hours, it rate ur battery at high score. I got 33 for my first phone. My replacement phone got 42-43-90. Just kill ur background apps constantly to maximise the batt.


    After reading so much forums and calling Apple umpteen times, what I would like to say is, if ur battery is lasting on wifi, 8hrs<. You should be fine with hardware. Cellular is a problem and is been identified.

    I can truly feel for those who are troubling but please calm down and dont cause unnecessary agony to urself. Let us all wait and pray that the 6.01 update works.

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    if YOU had a real grown up job you wouldnt waste your evening posting dumb questions on blogs,and seriously,what top secret information ?:D your life revolves around your phone.and as far as mcdonalds goes,please..good evening're just upset because 700$ is a lot of money for you so you only have a mediocre mans job BOY

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    First of all, welcome to the land of iPhones. 


    It seems your phone is quite normal and fare WAY better than what I and most of others here could have hoped for.  Enjoy your phone

    Jluvs2dive wrote:


    I'm new to the iPhone and have been reading this thread with interest.  So far I'm actually really happy with the battery life on mine.  I preordered mine through my carrier and had it deliverd on 09/25, so I've had a few weeks to play with it.  I have LTE enabled, brightness is on auto still, and auto lock is at 3 minutes.  I'm on WiFi most of the time but have used it some on LTE and non-LTE cellular.  I don't have an iPad or a Mac computer, and my iPod is an old school 5th gen video, so I don't use iCloud sync, I just sync my music with iTunes.  I haven't let it run completely down until today, and am doing it now because of this discussion.  It's currently at 1% and has been for probably an hour.  My current usage shows 7 hours, 42 minutes and standby of 2 days, 22 hours.  This seems decent to me.  My old phone, an LG Env 3, would give me about 3 - 4 days with my normal useage and this is pushing 3 days including all of the other stuff I can do with it.  Are any of you seeing this kind of battery life with yours?  It just now shut off as I was typing this.  I have my bluetooth headset on too BTW, and frequently do, so the Bluetooth is running a good share of the time too.

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    Thanks Yuniverse!  I am enjoying it, still getting used to it a bit too.  I hope Apple has a cure out soon for those that are having battery life issues.  Seems pretty silly that something like this would not have been found in the test phase before release of such a mainstream product.  Doesn't do much to quiet the Apple haters.

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    Just come back second time from Apple genius not luck i try everything disable LTE turn OFF WI FI bluetooth set up as new phone, dfu restoe, aple genius restored today from master copy firmware how he explained to me that only available i Apple Store , not helpfull, my phone dead about half of the day and i am not heavy using it i am starting my day at 6 oclock am and by 2 pm my phone dead the things i am doing first i am listening on my way to work on subway half of my way is on elevated line about 20 min than subway goes in to the tunnel so 20 min i am listening radio online thru 3g network after going underground i am listening itunes about 30-40 min then on my work i have to make calls to close my work orders that approximately 2-5 min call  every 30-40 min. On the lunch time i am browsing some web most likely reading total usage about 10 -15 calls duration 3-5 min, online radio about 20 min browsing web 30-45 min itunes 30-40 min. Apple genius explained to me that he have tha same issue and he swap his phone and same problem so no reason to swap my phone the only way to wait until update coming and should fix this problem. I am very disapointed i have about 20 apple devices at home the latest is macbook pro about month old and iphone 5 about week old and i was waiting for new imac to come out but i change my desigion iphone 5 that probably my last device i am going back windows 7. I am very disapointed how Apple works right now. I newer have a problem now i am carying a bunch of quaters to finish my working day and learning all location of public phones. Apple promised iphone 5 will change the world thats true but they not explain wich way. They will give public phones second life. I am Living in New York and they start to take them out wich is not working they are not fixing them i reolise they puting stickers on them no dialtone and after they jast taking them of Iphone 5 realy change my life i know now most of the public phones which are working wich are not. Thank you apple to open my eyes. I can write you more about my frustration but i am tired to calling support and visiting genius bar. I am posting this video just in case if apple representative will read this to remind them how they was before and what they shipping now

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    Enjoy Your phone you probaply most lucky person here

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    I am went on a trip today, so I had a chance to use my phone in both 3G and LTE in various locations in town and out of town. Mostly used for data and texting and no music, some voice and just palying with the phone. After 2 days of standby and 3hrs and 13 min of usage I am at 34% battery. So I figure I can get about 5 hours in one day or  a bit more 4 hours in 2 days in real world conditions.


    I noticed that the phone drains faster when in is switching between 3g and LTE and or has lower signal strength.


    Bottom line:Seems this is about a 4 or 5 hour phone on the Verizon network in various mixed locations.

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    Hi Projector


    I had similar issues to you but have finally got phone to work through the variety of steps I have found on this forum.


    1. Full reset of phone

    2. Set up as new phone (don't do a restore)

    3. Set up any email accounts manually (don't set them up by syncing with iTunes - I don't know what it is but it's been something in these settings that seems to have been my killer of battery)


    There are some other thoughts in the forums re turn off iCloud sync to Safari (which I've done).

    I now get a reasonable battery life from my phone.


    Hope this helps.

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    There is no "FIX" or "solution" or any other way to correct this issue. Resetting, restoring, setting up as a new phone, turning off icloud, and even petting a unicorn will NOT help.



    It's a 3/4G connectivity issue.  People having this problem are in areas of no/minimal LTE service. They typically aren't in a WIFI environment throughout the day either......they are users that are solely in an area with 3/4G service. 


    Apple has either failed on writing the code for the 3/4G properly, or there is a hardware issue.


    The best way to prove this is to toggle "off" the cellular data and test the iphone 5 next to a iphone 4s running iOS 5.  It's also proven with the iphone 5 acting exactly like an iphone 4s in a 2G service environment, the battery life is the same between the two at the end of the day. I've done tests to prove it, but the question is whether or not you'll believe me.


    Answer:  Apple has to issue an update that will rewrite the code on how 3/4G connects, OR there is a hardware issue with the 3/4G antenna. 


    Don't waste anymore time looking for 'fixes', there isn't one that can be generated by you.  Either return the phone (like I did last week), or suck it up and be patient for an update (or hopeful that's it's not hardware related).  For those saying 'it can't be hardware'....Please reveal your means for testing the hardware, in particular the 3/4G antenna for the iphone 5.