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    Much more power hungry processor..? Not to be rude I think that is incorrect.

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    After Getting

    5h12m usage


    1day 2 hrs standby


    One thing I've noticed is usage varies depending on what function you are using.  For example kindle logs as usage but uses very little, maps do too but I found chews battery at an alarming rate.


    Usage stats are therefore not comparable IMHO.

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    I think I figured out what's going on when I get full bars but no 3g, and yet I get back 3G when I first turn on airplane mode then turn back data on. 


    In my previous Samsung Galaxy S3, you can set the phone connection to "2G only," "3G only," or "auto 2G/3G."  In the "auto 2G/3G" mode, the phone switches to either 2G or 3G, whichever is stronger in one are. 


    So I think that Iphone 5 has only one setting, the auto 2G/3G mode, or at least that's it's default mode.  That's why even with the update to 6.0.1, my phone always switches from 2-3 bars to the full 5 bars after a minute or two (3G is weak in my condo on the 42nd floor of my building, but 2G is always strong and shows 5 bars always).  With the full 5 bars signal strength, I can only get Edge or 2G, but not 3G.  With the 2-3 bars, I get 3G but since 3G is weak in my condo, it doesn't persist because 2G is stronger and thus takes over.  So, the Iphone 5's being set by default to the "auto 2G/3G" setting would make sense.


    So, in my opinion, I'm not really having a bad 3G connection.  I just have trouble keeping a 3G connection because it's weak where I am. To save battery, Apple I think decided to just have a single mode, the 2G/3G mode, which allows automatic switching to whichever signal is stronger.

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    im sorry jameson but your logic about battery capacity and performance is wrong.the whole technology industry is about using less energy for more efficient performance these days..ever heard of cars with engines half the size than before but with actually MORE horsepower and torque? thats what i expect of the world leading technology company who has,mind you,always had superior a time where your average acer laptop lasted 2-3 hours a macbook would last you 8-10 hours.but now we are expected to accept the worst battery life of any phone on the most expensive smartphone out there?thats like the world upside down. i dont know if that pleases you but it makes me feel like they're saying hey they'll buy our **** anyway,dont bother making it better,we'll just say it is.


    as i have said before,if this happened with steve jobs still there half of apple would be unemployed now.although this phone would have probably never even been released like this!

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    Just finished another days worth of battery data logging for "Idle / Standby" mode:




    - As you can see leaving LTE enabled now (at least in standby / idle mode) doesn't really drain your battery as significant as before.

    - The higher end of each LTE battery drain figure is for when the phone is switching between 3G and LTE.

    - At least with my setup, the battery drain of less than 1% per hour doesn't seem possible.


    Will get some internet usage figures later on but the improvements brought about by iOS 6.0.1 can't be gained with just setting changes to iOS 6.


    For people getting worse performance - I would recommend enabling the option, on the computer you sync your phone with, automatically sending your diagnostic data to Apple.



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    I like the graph, Player8. Ill monitor my own consumption and drain rates and see if I get the same numbers as you.


    On a different note: I had to reboot my phone today and noticed that once again the battery meter was off... Regained 3% after the reboot.

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    Okay finished logging my battery usage data with iOS 6.0.1, graph below:




    - I would say 3G battery drain hasn't been affected by this update so I haven't really done any data capture for it.

    - For LTE battery drain seems to have improved a little with iOS 6.0.1:

       - The lower figures were recorded while reading new articles etc. I would say close to the 20 website hits per hour.

       - The higher figure was achieved by doing constant speed tests, also I have location services on for this particular app as well.

    - Wi Fi battery drain as expected is much better than 3G or LTE.



    Using the battery drainage figures I can estimate the approximate range of battery life attainable dependant on my activity, this is below:




    - Using only 3G to surf the net it should be easy to achieve 8 hours usage, this cannot be said for LTE.

    - Even very light LTE usage will give me a maximum of 7 hours, I'm not sure if a better signal will help (During testing I only had an LTE Signal of 3 Bars). The only thing I will say is its easier to achieve better battery life when using LTE for internet with iOS 6.0.1, almost impossible with iOS 6 to achieve 7 hours of light usage.


    My Settings Below:



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    In my case I actually had 3 FULL days on ios6 with 8 hours of use. Now everything was turned off, i mean everything. Cellular was off, i do not have icloud and all that. I only had wifi on and did browing and phone calls.


    Now with ios 6.0.1 is the wifi drops very fast. I did a complete restore to a FULL 6.0.1 

    I did do the initial update that was like 70 MB or so. When battery started draining really fast i did a full restore to 6.0.1 and i did not use the Cellular at all just wifi and calls. On wifi it dropps really fast I have been timing it 1% every 3 to 4 minutes. Absolutely horrible.

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    Nice try Keja, but there have been no significant advancements in battery technology in the one year between the i4s and the i5.    The fact is that APPLE made a mistake by making the i5 thinner, instead of taking advantage of the larger length and giving it a larger battery.


    You guys can post stats & graphs and wring your hands over the situation all you want, but the fact is that a phone that requires more power than its predecessor, with the same battery, will not havebthensamembattery life.   Why is this simple logic so difficult to grasp?


    Firmware is not going to fix this, unless it cripples performance in some area to save power.   Period.


    Your choices......

    Carry a charger with you.

    Wait for iPhone 6 and HOPE that APPLE come to their senses.

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    Jameson i tend to agree with you

    The only thing left is to sue apple

    Have basically hundreds of users or thousands of iphone5 users have a class action lawsuit

    Misleading and lying advertising

    I give them money they give me lies

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    This is beyond the complaining stage is passed that

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    look guys call me crazy but its hard for me to believe that worlds biggest and most respected company(not fanboy talk ,just common opinion)would risk everything by deliberately false advertising their most succesfull product???if they did this then it would kill their reputation way beyond nokia's fake video!!try and see how big apple is and ask yourself if you would risk that?this is apple people,not a chinese knock off website.they ****** up somehow and are probably desperately trying to fix this before every paper in the world covers it..what do you think shareholders would do? because despite all the "magic and mysterie" that surrounds apple they still have a board of directors and major shareholders that they rapport to and they wont like losing billions i think...this imo can be fixed..but hey what do i know right?

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    Just showing the realistic usage that is available from an iPhone 5, that has most of the settings turned on, that not being crippled by one of the many bugs that is affecting battery life.


    There is no hand wringing here...

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    @ marine8


    I think you may have a problem with your phone or SIM card. Have you exchanged them already? Like I have said a good iphone 5 with a good SIM card should get around 9 days on standby and work fairly well on wifi. Most here report they do fine on wifi. I havn't tested mine, because I only use wifi in hotels.


    @ Everyone


    I seem to be doing better on battery usage using 6.0.1. I am not sure yet how much better, but it seems a little better..

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    No handwringing?   LOL!   You guys are resetting, restoring, turning stuf on, turning stuff off...   Moaning and groaning about what APPLE is going to do, or not do to make things "righ" for you.   The fact is, with 10's of millions of i5's out there, they are going to do nothing.  


    You can talk class action suit, but what do the participants get from those?   Probably a $25 iTunes gift card, 5-6 years from now.    The lawyers,however, will become filthy rich.


    My recommendation?   Spend $29 for a car charger and put your USB cable in your fanny-packs!   ;)