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  • Keja3600 Level 1 (0 points)

    i wonder how many phones have this ******** battery life?so few they dont bother to react,or so many they dont dare to..(apple)

  • MikeSil Level 1 (0 points)

    Funny thing my iPhone was working great up until today.  I installed the iOS 6.0.1 update last night and today I ran through a full charge by 4:30 pm with light actual use.  The usage page states usage 8hrs 39 mins and standby 8hrs 55 mins.  Not sure if that means anything I would have thought there would be a bigger difference in the two values.

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    I already wrote about my battery life few posts ago. In short - 3 to 4 hours of usage/ 7-8 standby if on 3g, no problem if on wifi .

    Keja3600 wrote:


    and how is your battery life?

  • Keja3600 Level 1 (0 points)

    same here

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    FIXED - I had this problem and tried all of the solutions, ie deleting caches, resetting settings, turning off location services etc.  I found a thread that suggested it may be an iCloud issue. I went to settings, deleted iCloud account and then left it for a few hours. Bingo battery back to normal.  I re signed in to iCloud....4 hours later still ok.  Please give this a go!

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    @MikeSil: What's your typical usage like... wifi or LTE? Browsing, facebook, music? 8hrs 39mins is making me jealous! Strange that usage and standby so closely line up -- others have mentioned that earlier in the thread.


    I've got an appointment with the Genius bar tomorrow... Spoke with Apple support on the phone -- explained the consistent draining and all the troubleshooting I'd done. Guy on the phone was impressed with my thoroughness, haha.


    After reading and posting here, I'm fully prepared. My case: the best I've been able to see is a rate drop of 1%/3 minutes on LTE - and if I'm doing anything besides sending an iMessage or surfing the occasional website, it drops much quicker. Just this morning, on the metro in, reading a doc in pages cost me 10% in 20 minutes! Apple says up to 8 hrs on LTE or unbelievable 10 on wifi - on wifi, i hardly ever hit 7hrs. iP5 is capable of doing wayyyy better - the reviewers say so, and MikeSil's post there certainly makes it seem possible. Hopefully, they'll agree and replace. Wish me luck!

  • JustAboutAverage Level 1 (5 points)

    Pehico: When you say normal, what do you mean? Can you give me some comparative numbers? Thanks!

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    @JustAboutAverage I would agree that the 8+hrs usage is very good but I wouldn't say I have used it for that long.  Most of the day it has sat next to me on the desk just waiting for email.  Nothing more.  Most of the time is spent on 4G with a little WiFi.  I will have to see tomorrow if the drain occurs again.

  • Phil Rogers Level 1 (5 points)

    Just awful

    Here's yesterday


  • AlwaysLookin4Answers Level 1 (5 points)

    It really blows my mind that this issue isn't talked about more. Go to twitter and search "iPhone 5 Battery" ... There are a CRAZY number of people saying how bad the battery is. Lord!

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    After my last post of letting the phone die and recharging it, it seems to be improving by the day.


    I now have 28% left

    Usage: 8h 10m

    Standby: 19h 8m


    I noticed i forgot to switch my wifi off all day and was not using any wifi on my location at work.


    Im happy at the moment, but i dont want to go yaay too soon.


    As before my usage was around 4h and 10h standby and at 2% battery.

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    Hi all this happened when I first received my new iPhone so what I did was used with the charge that it had out of the box and let it drain trough out the day.

    I have currently 32% at 6hr59min or usage and 13hr1min on stand by I have my brightness at 50% iCloud email is on push and I have been using LTE during the day it dropped to 4G a couple of time and so far I'm impressed try a drainage on it if you haven't done one already, then charge to 100% and use normally somewhat take baby steps like music or light browsing by now I have been doing some heavy browsing loading picture heavy sites on LTE and I'm at 32% best of luck to all :)

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    So I've read a few dozen of similar threads and came to conclusion without compromising the iPhone's features if I were in it to make my iPhone last a whole day I'd put it into Airplane mode. I now closed off all the apps in the background including Skype (apparently likes to eat battery for breakfast lunch and dinner), I've also shut off iCloud's automatic Document syncing over cellular as well as Safari, in Advanced settings iCloud set to Fetch as well as minimazing down to only necessary apps using Locations Sevices.


    Will see how it goes, one last resort restore fresh and or take it to Crapple store for replacement. Wish me well.

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    I have now learned to live with my battery. Here are the key steps that will solve iphone battery problems.


    1) Turn phone off when not being used


    2) Use airplane mode during most of day. (take off only to check messages or send outgoing communication.)


    3) Carry charger in pocket and charge phone as much as possible no matter were you are.


    4) Keep spare booster battery handy in case of emergency


    PS: if this is not enough to keep your phone operating indefinitely then get a Goal Zero solar cell array and attach it to your back and plug it into your iphone. This will keep it going unless you are using it in the dark.

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    Well I'll be damned... Pehico, I owe you one! I deleted iCloud out of desperation right after your post, rebooted and waited... Battery life is unbelievable. The reboot wiped all my usage data for the day, but clocking the battery I'm at roughly 5 mins/percent in routine-to-heavy browsing on AT&T LTE.


    I'd say fixed but... I turned iCloud back on and the battery drained like before. I disabled passbook, calendar, mail and contacts. I only utilize Safari, reminders, notes, and docs for pages. Pehico: you said you re-did iCloud with no issues -- any insights?