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  • AlwaysLookin4Answers Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    I have deleted ICloud. It helps I think but definitely doesn't fix or solve the problem. On my phone anyway.

  • AlwaysLookin4Answers Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    I'm getting my final replacement today. I decided last night to erase the phone and use it for the night and for today with NO APPS just safari and iMessage. Still dying at 1% every 2 1/2 mins. It's either the way it's

    Connected to cellular or it's safari. Or it's just bad software period. If this is happening on a fresh iPhone 5 with nothing installed, it's obviously not anything that we have installed. It's the way it

    comes.... Seriously a **** shame. Only a software update or new replacement (maybe we have faulty ones?) would fix this.

  • Vandreas Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm having battery issue also, with cellular data on wifi on i can only got 5 hours usage and 12 standby but with cellular data off wifi on i can got 9 hours usage 2 days standby, no LTE only 3G , i already try reset all setting , DFU restore , change sim card , change provider and still got same battery issue. With iphone 4 i can got 12 hours standby and 6-7 hours usage, cmon apple please fix this issue

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    I truly believe it has to do with cellular phone/data strength.  Like ive said before, at work, on my 24 hour shift, in a major meetropolitan city, i get OVER apples estimated usage.  5-6 hours with 50% remaining...however when at home in the suberbs, specifically at my gym, where i barely can make a phone call, and often cannot surf the web, i get MUCH worse... (4:02 usage 1% remaining).  UNLESS someone else can come up with another reason... This has occurred EVERY workday.  And almost every homeday for 2 weeks now....

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    Godzilabob, you are probably right. Cell signal strength does play some roll. But, we may also be talking about two different problems. I am frankly flaberghasted  to see how well my battery performs now (and wish I'd tried just turning iCloud off before the DFU reset). I'm going to keep my appointment with the genius bar tonight, I think, and talk to them about how to get iCloud to work.


    iCloud is frankly too useful to leave off -- bookmarks, tabs, reminders and pages docs are all things I use daily.

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    I agree that cellular data strength plays a part of course but I live in midtown manhattan with consistently amazing service ever since the 3G iPhone so I really don't think that's the problem for me. I'm not going anywhere NEAR iCloud on this replacement that I'm getting today. I'm gonna synch my contacts on my laptop through iTunes and manually set up my iCloud email address. Wish me luck! Replacement should be here in a few!

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    Thanks very much deleted iCloud and resynced it again will see if that brings any change.

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    @demure84: Let me know how the re-sync goes. I re-synced mine after a few hours like pehico suggested, and immediately the phone got hot and battery drained lightning-fast. I let it settle for a bit to complete the sync and then tried some browsing... battery just as bad as before. Only iCloud settings I had enabled: Shared photo stream, reminders, documents, Find my iPhone, Safari.

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    Did iphone 5 have international warranty? I bought this iphone 5 in mobile phone store in my country cause iphone 5 not release yet in my country.  Base on this website -australia-hongkong-uk-canada-malaysia/ my iphone 5  from singapore .

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    I don't understand why many people here get a new replacement iphone and then rush to sync it and put their apps on it. If one would just use the phone for a few days as it came from the factory with the most basic settings and w/o icloud then they would know how good the phone is without possible bugs that are introduced from the existing data sync and or icloud.


    Once you sync your phone and add stuff then if there is a problem, you will never be sure of what the cause is.

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    I may have found a solution to this for those who have usage issues and decreased battery life. Ok we'll my phone dropped 30% when NoService meaning the phone is searching for a network, this has caused 2 hours of usage I didn't log on phone it was in my pocket in class with no service try in airplane mode it won't drop. I charged my phone to 100% and took it off overnight it went down 1%! I was pretty amazed I have iCloud backup turned on and it does one every night I was on wifi try this

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    But but, they need their Apps! ;-)


    I think from the discussion most everyone agrees it's only a problem when using the cellular network.  I am still getting great battery life with my normal usage which is 90% of the time on WiFi.  When I spend significant time on the cellular network the battery life drains pretty quick.  We have a new iPhone 4s on the way for my wife, she doesn't care about getting the latest model and it's coming with IOS 5 on it.  It will be interesting to compare the two of them in the same environments.

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    I can't believe that they still haven't gotten it together. I got a brand new replacement today. It was made week 41(if that matters to anyone) .. Battery drain exactly the same.


    On top of it, this is my 3rd replacement. EACH replacement had something wrong with it. My last one, the volume button was installed improperly and when you clicked it, it would stick. On this brand new one, the home button is set it very deep and its uncomfortable and not as responsive. ALSO, the power button on top is built in too deep that its not responding like it should. AND the bottom of the phone is all scratched up!!!  I am completely just in awe at how HORRIBLY these phones are being made. I understood at the beginning, sure things happen whatever, but to have brand new phones still being built with all of these problems is absolutely unacceptable!!! The battery is what it is at this point, but I will be returning this phone again and again until I get what I paid for. A brand new iPhone 5. That means no scratches, no faulty buttons, none of that crap! This company makes way too much money. They are now building cheaply and it's appalling to me. The difference in quality between this phone and the 4 and/or 4s is HUGE.  So disappointed and actually disgusted.

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    Completely agree, apps is another part of the puzzle. Although I don't have any particular battery issues I fwas going through the each apps settings and found apps that update every 5 mins in the background and some tracking your location in the background....

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    Well well... I am on first charge after "fix"...

    Planning not to install to much first to see if the basic app config works.

    I'll report about the next cycles!


    To be continued...