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    No idea but I read up some forum mentioning after they deleted all their email accounts, battery seems to improve a little.


    By the way, downloaded Onavo data tracking few days back to monitoring my data usage.

    I discovered this "Apple service" running and keeps feeding my data, though the amount isn't huge but it could be one of the possibility that drains our battery.

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    All this troubleshooting and 'trial and error' troubleshooting is akin to an early Windows PC forum.

    It is not what's expected with purchasing and using an Apple device, especially the fifth iteration iPhone.


    Remember. Apple marketing tell us it should be "Amazing".

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    There has got to b something that Apple can do about the Iphone 5 BATTERY issue. True enuff this is an Ipad 3rd Gen but these battery numbers are impressive. This is running ios 6.0.1.


    ipad battery.png

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    To add on, I believe majority of us will select our respective email account during email setup as shown on my previous post.


    This function is easy to use, just by entering our user name/password and it will detect and setup automatically.

    Thus, I'm not too sure if our mail are still updating on background by itself without us knowing even with 'Push off", "manual fetch".


    I notice some differences after I setup my hotmail using "Other".

    It didn't sync all folder that I had in my hotmail account but INBOX.

    It needs to download mail from server before I can actually view it.

    Unlike mail setup with "HOTMAIL" function  with "PUSH OFF"/Manual Fetch", just one click and my mail open instantly.

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    I have to say after a full day at work the battery life is no better than my 4s

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    Basically, i'll do whatever to prolong battery while pending for apple's action on this stupid battery rather than sitting doing nothing and watch my battery drop every minute..


    I have friends having a S3 and note2, both batteries s**ks to the max as well.

    So i would conclude that this is a common issue for a smart phone rather than apple alone.


    I'm not an apple fans but just feedback what i'd encountered

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    Ok so get this...


    I did a DFU restore, set up as new phone, deleted iCloud.

    As a result on wifi my phone now easily gets the 10 hours proclaimed by Apple. Jay!

    But sadly on 3G it's the same crappy 5 hours MAX.


    So more evidence to all of this being software related and not hardware. Apple is fumbling and stumbling and this saddens me. And my wallet.

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    I have maintained the same thing since page 30 or so. At work, in a major metropolis, strong cell signals, 5-6 hours usage with 50+% battery remaining.  At home in the burbs, weak cell signal , 3-4 hours, 1% battery remaining.  This now has remained the same for 7 workdays and 10 homedays with one exception.  I was sick 1 homeday and stayed at home almost all day with strong wifi signal...5 hours usage and 70% battery remaining!!!!

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    Based on these findings; do you think Apple will ever be able to sort this out? 


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    Since there are still some people who think apple is infailable and are blaming it on something they are doing theirselves???how stupid is that.tell you what,if u have all customers like that then why bother fixing anything,right?they will put up with any **** you throw at needs to take its responsibility in this matter and let its users know what is wrong with these particular phones.yesterday i got a call from a friend who i always recommended buying an iphone.3 years later he buys one and its a 5 with a crap battery.he said ; this is the worst battery life ever!cant believe i recommended it to him...


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    The email has got to do with "Microsoft Exchange Activesync" technlogy that is used by several of the mail options. The calendar function inside is buggy and can cause your ones of the processes on your phone to start looping which isn't so great for battery life.


    And agree its not what is expected, but the reality is that until Apple fix this you either carry around a charging cable with you and use your iPhone as a hand warmer or troubleshoot your phone to produce reasonable battery life.




    I've downloaded this app below and it spends a few days tracking your usage and compares it with a database of users, then highlights any issues it finds.



    Although I had no particular issues it has show me to some apps that have above average battery usage which has save me additional battery life.


    Btw has battery life improved with your email trials?

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    After using the new iPhone 5 for 12 days I arranged to return mine to Apple today for a refund.


    That is my solution to this problem.

  • Player8 Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    Good for you.

  • tommyaustralia Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    If I wanted to tinker and troubleshoot I would have bought a $25 Raspberry Pi instead.

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    Ya, saw improvement.

    i went out this afternoon with 94%,

    Current usage:2hrs 28mins

    Standby : 4hrs 55mins

    Current battery level at 61%


    I should be able to achieve 7~8hrs of usage base on the current statistic. "Hopefully"


    By the way player8

    My onavo apps showing this apple service running on background and it constantly feeding data.

    Any idea what this apple service for?