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  • LEECK78 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Make sense to me but somehow, my phone was draining even it's on standby and this is definitely unacceptable.


    I also realized that my IP5 couldn't detect any wifi signal whenever I walk out from my bedroom. (Router installed in my bedroom)

    Unlike my 3GS, I can still receive wifi signal when I was in my living room.


    Something is definitely wrong.

  • Lance Mcvickar Level 1 Level 1 (100 points)

    I have pretty good battery life on my AT&T 32 gig iphone 5, if I use it as a GPS then the battery is sucked dry pretty fast but I always use my car charger when I do that and the same went for my iphone 4.

    Perhaps there is just a crop of bad phones out there. At first my iphone 5 did seem to have less battery life than my iphone 4 when I first got it, but something changed and unfortunalty I dont know what. I am running ios 6.0.1 and now it seems totally normal. Faster processors and graphics can take a tole on battery life so I would not be suprised if the iphone 5 is less robust than an iphone 4 as it is much slimmer and is way more powerful.

    As a test I ran my iphone 5 for two days with alsmost everything turned on LTE, WiFi, push email, no blue tooth as I dont use it much, locations services on etc. I downloaded asphault 7 and played on and off through the day, my iphone 5 did not get really hot as some have mentioned, it was warm but not hot. I shot some video, checked emails, made calls and I still had about 30 percent battery before I wen to bed that to me is pretty good battery life.

    Also my phone does not loose charge when in standby.


    I am just putting this up here to say that perhaps it is a bad batch of phones that got shipped out. I have a about 6 friends with the iphone 5 and have not heard anyone complain about the battery life. I got  my phone shipped from China about a week after they were realeased.

    I would try to return the phone to apple and get another one. Also people should perhaps list which iphone 5 they have ATT&T or Verizon etc, as they make different phones for different carriers and perhaps one is worse thatn the other as far as battery life goes.

    My phone has been on standby for about 5 hours so far today with very little use and the battery is still at full charge.

    Perhaps as a test put your phone in airplane mode and see if the battery is still getting sucked dry after a few hours, if it is that would proove to an apple genuis that your phone has undeniable battery issues. Also try going without wifi for a bunch of hours and see if that makes a  diff.

    Just trying to help out, as I know this must be extremely frustrating for the folks this is happening to, but I know it is not happening to everyone who has an iphone 5.

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    I was having same issue which sucked up my data plan quickly til i realized i wasnt on wifi but rather, cell.  Used my data plan up in 3 days.  Which also seems messed up somehow...

    Do u have a cAse on your ip5?   If so remove it and check wifi reception.  I found out saturday that one of my cases was blocking wifi signals unless i was on top of my router.  My other case does not block at all.  Lemme know.  And pass it on...

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    Well did a fresh restore not for back up to see if that's what may be causing the drain and was sitting at 38% after a day at work with 2hrs 17mins of usage and 13hrs 31mins standby. iCloud on, push every 15mins. Made no difference whatsoever on battery life in comparison to restoring from back up. I just shut cellular data off while at work I realize this is not the solution but battery is down to 75% after 2hrs of usage and 12hrs standby so it is the cellular data that's causing this. Apple may not be telling us the whole story here but battery life on the iPhone 5 is dreadful regardless of what you do by shutting off all the magical features this should not be the solution.


    They sacrificed looks over functionality of the antenna and paid for it dearly designing the 4, the 5 may be thinnest phone out there but the battery was unfortunately sacrificed here as well.


    It's a bit like having an expensive sports car that's capable around the track but having a 20 litre gas tank somewhat limits you lasts you half a lap and you can only fill up once a day.


    Are we all victims of false advertising here...? Won't be the first time. Shame... whilst they are working on 5S or the 6 that's going to get even thinner than before I will be prepared to have the bloodthirsty latest model plugged into the wall wherever I go.

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    I went in to Apple store to make a third swap, i.e. this is my 4th iPhone 5 and all due to the same problem. When using the mobile carrier on 3G, battery drains like there is no tomorrow. 3-4 hours of actual usage (talk time). The last two handsets; I have tested them with the factory settings only, i.e. no apps, no icloud, not even logged into the apple store. By switching off stuff here and there it may max up to 5 hours. Putting the handset to airplane mode while using wifi only and usage times get better than double.Lets see how the new replacement set goes. So far battery % is dropping at same pace of 1% per 2-3 minutes. But will do a couple of full battery recharge cycles to see actual performance.


    Also looks like this problem is not  present in every handset. I have a friend who gets more than 8 hours of talk time out of 3G usage. Don't know what to do if this 4th handset is as bad as the previous ones or may be worst.

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    Taking it to the Apple store isn't going to help battery life because the replacement you get will get will have the exact same battery capacity. For now only solution we can enjoy our phones longer is by toggling the Airplane mode ON.

  • Faheem12 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    But battery capacity isn't the issue as i get specified usage when mobile data is off on wifi? Also some users get excellent usage time on their handsets while others don't. Probably more related to mobile radio hardware draining battery and pathetic QC by Apple.

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    Godzilabob , i did encountered a similar issue that you are facing right now.

    I had a sudden surge on my data when i 1st got my handset 2 weeks ago.

    900mb utilized in less than 4 days, i was like 'hey!! what the fxxk, what's wrong with this ip5, this is some kinda joke man'!!

    Search through webs, forums trying to get solutions and realize that users around the world are having such issue. Thus, i called up my service provider and told them what's happening, however they insisted that nothing's unusual over on their side but will keep a look out on my usage and see if any unusual activities going on.


    Issue was actually rectified after 6.0.1 update, didn't had any sudden surge in data usage so far and it's running good except for the battery drain.


    Are you running on IOS6 or 6.0.1?

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    Sorry godzilabob, what do you meant by signal block? As i realized that my handset isnt that great in terms of wifi coverage.. Range is somehow confined within my bedroom only.

    However, my 2yr old 3gs's coverage was so much better than my current iphone 5 as i did a comparsion with both handset.

    I placed both handset in my living room, both in airplane mode, wifi on.

    On 3gs, i had 2 signal bars, but as for ip5, i had empty bar.

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    I have an IP5, and with a certain case i was getting no wifi signal.  I took the case off and full bars.  Put case on gfs ip5 and she lost wifi.  So that phone case somehow blocked the wifi signal.  

    FYI.  i had ridiculous data usage.  Like 2+ gigs in a few days when i used to average .5 gigs/month.   I attributed this to unknowingly losing my wifi signal (bc of the case) and DLing alot of updates on 3g/4g.  

    Try removing the case if u have one and see if your wifi reception improves...   Good luck

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    I removed my case just to see if anything would happen as far as CELLULAR usage(4G):battery drain goes. I went from losing 1% battery every 2 minutes with the case on. I took the case off and now I'm losing 1% every 4 minutes... That's nuts. So the case is blocking the strength a ton causing the phone to work harder to maintain. I mean, it makes sense. Still bad battery life but definitely better now.

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    I am going to try that.

    Right not I'm getting around 5 hours usage and 12+ hours standby. I use online apps(facebook, instagram, TeamLava online games, Tapped Out) text, occasional music, brightness at 50%, LTE on/off, wifi on/off but I feel I should be getting more out of the battery?

    I was wondering if this is good battery life?

    I don't find it draining more than 1ish percent overnight.

    The battery lasts pretty long in the 90% but in the 80/70/60 it seems to drain faster.

    I cycled it twice and am trying to figure out!

  • iLoveiPhone85 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Didn't keep up :( sorry. It's not consistent. It'll drain one percent every 4 minutes, and then every 2 mins, every 1 minute, every 5 mins etc... I've turned off my battery percentage indicator. It just drives me crazy. I wish this was a Software thing and would just go away!!!

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    Godzilabob, I do have a case which is actually a metal bumper.

    I remove it and see if this help.


    Thanks a lot

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    Is anyones battery life amazing when your iphone is on standby? Mine drains rapidly when using the iphone but is fine when it is on standby. I was getting 6 hours standby on 100% but when I started using it, I was losing1% every minute or 2.