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  • Player8 Level 1 (20 points)

    If this person was only on 3G and in an area with a good cell signal, that type of usage is certainly possible to achieve assuming its light web surfing (low data rate usage).


    But no matter how light your data usage you would not be able to achieve 9 hours actual device usage on LTE, this has been shown to be not possible by various users.

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    He got that over 2 days with only using safari. Nothing else. He did that for testing purposes for me to see if he could achieve good battery life. He has location services on and mail set to manual.


    There are so many reports of you getting a refurbished phone. Also, in the terms and conditions of apple care it says that they are allowed to swap you a new or refurbished phone. Somewhere in a discussion, apparently a man knows two apple store managers and they confirmed that all they do is send faulty phones back for quick refurbs and it comes back in a white box. I could understand if those white box iphones were new last month but now that its Nov theres been plenty of time for them to get refurbs. Also, some people are reporting that their "white box iphones" have fingerprints all over it and even crumbs".

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    @player8, yes windows contacts

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    Just make sure that you are getting a new phone when you are at the apple store.  Ask them to see the box and make sure the plastic is still on it.   I am sure when you exchange it at the store, they will have no problems issuing you a new phone.   9 hours straight browsing would def be impossible on my phone, and like I said my phone drains the same as the phones in the apple store, so do I and the 3 apple stores all have defective phones if we can't browse for 9 hours on wifi?  Just seems like most people here are expecting a bit much.  I have never gone 2-3 days without charging my phone for the past 5-6 Years, so for me, lasting the majority of the day with moderate usage is ok.

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    @Win 0880, I'm pretty sure that apple don't issue a brand new set for one to one exchange as I've got friends working in telco who told me that. However, in some occasion they do but it depends on luck I would say.


    You can actually tells by its model number, refurbished set has it's own model number.

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    Your mobilemail proccess is coming on everytime you look into your contacts? Do you have facebook integration or iCloud on?

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    Nope, no fb app & integration, no icloud setup but i have whatsapp accessing my contacts.

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    When I had "Carat" installed it told me to kill the "Whatspp" background process to save a bit of battery life (10-15mins).


    Maybe worse on your setup for some reason?...

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    I had all my notification off including whatsapp, no icloud service, no location service, everything off in system service, no Bluetooth.

    Facetime and imessage were set to reach me by my mobile number instead of e-mail address.

    No e-mail account setup, push mail off, manual fetch.


    Asides from that, I don't have many 3rd parties apps downloaded on my phone.

    Apps on my phone:

    - Lost Islands (game)

    - Battery doctor (utility)

    - Chrome (Browser)

    - Poems (Stocks trading)

    - Whatsapp (Messaging)

  • Player8 Level 1 (20 points)

    I don't mean notifications, if you double tap the "Home" button the multitask bar shows up at the bottom showing all your background apps running.


    To remove them you read the guide below:


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    By the way, someone mentioned somewhere in the forum that disabling "Ping" will help to improve battery life. However, it was not in the restriction menu.


    I remembered I did saw this "Ping" in restrictions menu, but when I tried to disable, it disappeared.


    Look up "Ping" on my old 3GS (IOS5.1.1), it was there.


    Weird IOS6!!

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    I don't have a habit of leaving apps running on background, so whenever I'm done, I'll definitely close it on multi-task bar.

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    Question: Does anyone have this same problem?


    One of my biggest frustrations with the iphone 5 so far is the trouble in certain areas with LTE. This poor communication is helping to drain my battery. In some areas I can try to use LTE to download email or surf the web and the phone just hangs up and spins. It can't complete the download. It just eats up battery. The strange thing is that this happens irrespective of how many bars of signal strength there are. In some cases if I move a short distance then the phone starts to work. In some areas the phone downloads instantly and in others it just will not work. In some areas with 3 to 4 bars the phone will not work at all. Sometimes if I turn the phone off and on it helps.


    I use Verizon in California

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    Mobilemail running on background FIX.


    Mobilemail on background didn't launch by itself again once an email account was being set up with push off, fetch manual.


    This is kinda stupid, why the heck mobilemail keep running on background without  any email account setup on the device itself.



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    I've read that mobilemail is always in the backround regardless.... I don't know how you fixed that because I am actively monitoring what's going on in the backround and no matter what .. .Push off/manual/ no mail accts set up in MAIL, it still runs... I've also read that it doesn't eat the battery being there... Like i have said...use battery doctor and look out for GEOD, webbookmarksd, and Dataaccessd.  Those are the ones you truly need to worry about