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    but anyway,i dont know if anyone remembers my post that after 2 months i suddenly had exellent battery life....well i still have very decent battery life since then..i have no explanation except the fact that i am using a different charger...oh and before you guys comment,i had **** batter life before,needed to charge twice a i go to bed with 20-30 percent left,and same usage than before

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    Like i said before, ill be able to get to my iPad charger this weekend so I will try that out and update you all.

  • Keja3600 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    but like i've said before im not sure it has anything to do with the charger..just mentioning it.

    1 question : for the past 3 days whenever i check my usage,my usage time is the same as my standby time.

    for example yesterday it said : usage 23h 17 min. and standby 23h 17 min. now i know im

    not getting 23h of usage :D ,but has anyone experienced the same problem?never had this issue before

  • david vaillant Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    Same for me !!

  • AlwaysLookin4Answers Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Yes that happens sometimes. You have to restart the phone. Sometimes I have to plug it back in for that to stop.

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    Forgot to add. Does anyones phone do this?

    Ill fully charge my phone to 100% and 100% will last ages. Like 20 mins of usage and however long on standby but once I hit 99%, it all drops rapidly.

    Today I was at 100% with 20 minutes usage and 3 hours standby

    99% lasted 1 minute usage

    98% lasted 5 minutes standby


    Standby at 100% is phenomenal for me. It can last 10 hours but like I said before. Anything below 100% drops fast

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    I have exactly the same issue.  It will stay at 100% for a while but then it is all downhill from there.

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    SO this will be my last post.  After averaging 4 hours of usage at my home, i've followed a combination of all the different pieces of advice here and im happy to say i now love my IP5 like all my other previous iphones.  Im averaging 8-9 hours at home now. For those who have been following, i was getting great battery life at work in a major metropolitan area and very poor life at home in the 'burbs...

    ADvice i followed but domt know which if not all that worked:

    * Restore as NEW phone

    * deleted icloud

    * reset everything in reset

    * deleted email acct then re-activated it

    * disabled safari (theres dozens of other free browsers)

    * clear background apps regularly

    * REPLACED case

    IM at home now and just got back from an hour  ride using cyclemeter (an exercise/gps tracking app). Ive got 3+ hours of usAge and am showing 73% remaining.  Before making these changes, i'd be at about 20% remaining with this usage.   Needless to say, I AM ECSTATIC.

    i Truly truly believe my issues were due to cell coverage or lack thereof.  I believe certain things in previous setup were draining battery searching for a stronger signal. Thisnew set up is NIGHT and DAY.

    CHanging my case had a significant effect on wifi reception and most probably cell reception as well.  Good luck. Please browse thru earlier posts in this thread.  It is filled with great advice.  PROOF: ive been typing this for over 15 min...and im now at 71%.  Before i'd have lost 15%.  Not 1.5%...

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    This is my 3rd replacement and I went all the way to the US (I live in Windsor - Canada, and there's no close retail store around). I went to have them test out my phone because I couldn't believe how many faulty and not to mention scratched replacements I was getting... And an apple "genius" said that the diagnostics were ok..... Oh that's funny. Because even after doing a dfu restore of 6.0.1 I'm still experiences the same battery issues, even when setting it up as a new phone. I shut off all other cell communications like wifi when not in use, Bluetooth is always off, spotlight search is off, mail push is off, etc and I'm still experiencing garbage. This is the worst disappointment of a phone ever since the iPhone 3G. Get your act together apple, and get your developers off their lazy butts to fix this. Why should thousands of us be plagued by this issue with a device that cost 3/4 of a thousand dollars. Such bullcrap

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    I have tried all of the things you mentioned many times in the past with all the replacement sets apart from disabling Safari. May be that is the culprit. Will give it a try.

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    The thing about disabling safari is that the process "webbookmarksd" stays in the background and pops up whether or not safari is disabled. It would pop up when I would switch networks and do a bunch of other things as well. Disabling safari didn't stop that from happening. I use battery doctor pro. Let me know if you see webbookmarksd in the background because I've READ (I don't know but it seems very likely) that is is a HUGE battery drainer.


    Congrats tho! That sounds great!

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    @Alwayslooking4answers, there no way we can stop webbookmarksd from running right?

  • AlwaysLookin4Answers Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    I can't figure out for the life of me how to stop it! I've tried everything that's "out there" to try. I do believe that it's the cause of this battery drain though.

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    After waiting a month for my iphone it finally came in  last wednesday and same thing with mine. I don't even go on it that much to save it and the battery percent goes down by the minute.. Is it just my phone or is it a software problem? I have had my iphone 3g for 3 years and my battery lasted throughout the day even on it's last leg. I never had the 4 so i can't compare that to the 5.