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    Ok please calm down...


    The rattle that you hear is "normal". I've had 5 iPhones now and only one of them didn't rattle. It has something to do with the vibration mechanism, I believe.

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    Wow guys. I'm definitely having a "holy ****!" moment.


    Please go here ...


    I did it and its working!!!!!! I don't know the extent yet but IT'S WORKING!!!!!

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    Relax because I am calm down..

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    Ok... so initially I wasnt happy with my ihone 5 battery life.  Standby seemed ok, but usage was pretty much draining 1% every 2 minutes or so.  I would just watch the meter drop as i texted or emailed etc... receiving the phone i inititally restored from my previous 4s, after a week i did a restore as new, but immediatey manually put back all my previous apps.  Battery was still not performing up to par.  I keep everything on but bluetooth and keep only a select few thng on for notifications.  Screen is automatic and 50% brightness.


    2 Days ago, i decided to do one more complete restore as new, then fully charge it, slowly putting back one ap at a time to see if things perfrom better.  For the last 2 night i purposely charged the phone to 100% before bed then take it off the charger and leave it on standby as i sleep. Both mornings i wake up after 8-9 hours as the phne is still at 100%... both days usage was about 24 hour standy by  and 4 hours 35 min usage with 60% remaining, i would say that is close to meeting apple specs.  Usage consists of texting, browsing, emailing, a few calls, listening to music ( stored music ) but alot of messing around witht he phone and continuous checking to monitor battery level, so that all accounts battery drainage, as long as the phone is on and not in standby, it will use battery.  I have ran mutltipe time tests and now getting 5-6 minutes per 1% of battery, that seems to be ok since playing around with 4 iphone 5's at stores, they too were draining at 1% every 2-3 minutes.  I also slowly am putting back each app, one at a time.  until all my apps are back.


    So it seems like the second restore helped my battery life., i was suppose to get an exchange this week but i guess i wont anymore, incase i get another with even worse battery issues.  oh i also took off push email and just left it on manual.  Push was drainaing battery overnight, as tons of emails were comming in and would cause the battery to drain even on standby, since i am notified everytime i had an email.  So maybe those who tried a restore as new, give it one more try.  It does seem like it helped my phone.  24 hours standby with 4 hrs 35min usage with 60% remamining is pretty good. works out to about 10 hrs usage and i am on wifi most of the time.  I will continue to monitor the phone the next few days. 


    Also comparing side by side to an iphone 4... battery seems the same, i dont think iphone 5 has a superior battery life then the 4... so those specs are all messed up LOL

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    The battery drain on the iPhone 5 is atrocious. I was going to try and get a replacement at the Apple Store, but it seems like they ALL have the issue.

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    thanks for that but it hasnt helped anything. Lost 10% in 30 mins of light usage. Ill have to try another restore which prbably wont solve anything

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    Depends on what you are doing  with it John, for medium to heavy usage, Id say its great. For light usage, Id say its ok. Please see my posts a few pages back on how to get the better battery life and performance using the lithium ion battery.


    On that note, I am about to charge my phone after using the 3 charges to 80% approx and 1 charge to 20% remaining approx charging routine. I've proven it helps in a semi scientific waty in my report results a few pages back and a week later Im charging my phone with 15% remaining battery life with Standby at 1 day and 18 hours and usage in that number of 9 hours and 1 minute. In this time since last charge, I racked up 59 minutes of calls inbound and outbound on less then 3 bars of signal, I sent 311kb of data and received 965kb of data. This is approx 1/10th of the data traffic rate I had when I first set up my phone (my settings are in my report a few pages back) and its stable at that too. I have not being tweaking or resetting my phone, I gave it 7 days to settle down data wise and it did. My phone is giving me great performance for a smart phone of this calibre which is meeting my expectations. That said, there are a number of features like Siri and Safari bookmarks set up in iCloud that I dont use and have given others issue on battery life. Ive no idea what they are like now but what I do know is that iCloud does work and its meet my expectations as selling point. The synch ability to my macbook was a huge selling point for me.


    Best Regards


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    I got a new iPhone 5 in Paris, France a week ago. Never having owned a iPhone before, I set it up as completely new. Another important point is that I have not yet put a sim card in it; I'm cancelling my contract with my French mobile company because I'm moving to Turkey at the end of the month and didn't think it worthwhile to chase after a nanosim only to use it for 10-15 days. I've only been using the phone with a wi-fi connection


    Like many others, I've been disappointed with the performance of the battery. It's sort of strange to watch the battery icon drain before my eyes at the slightest use of the phone. Overnight, while the phone is in standby, I've seen drops of 15 percent of battery power.


    Upon seeing it referenced in one of the messages here, I downloaded the app, Carat, which is apparently put out by UC - Berkeley as a data gathering tool for a research project. The app, according to their statement, "helps detect and diagnose battery problems". It is supposed to run on the phone for about a week or so before it's fully useful, but I got some results that might be interesting to you all after running it for a day.


    The first is the screen shot of data on the apps "my device" tab. The J-score of 33 indicates that my phone's battery performs better than 33% of all phones measured by Carat - hardly what Apple would be happy to advertise.


    The second screen shows two processes that were identified as "energy bugs". The weather app appears to shorten the life of the battery by an amazing 3 hours, give or take 39 minutes. The assistant-servic process shortens the battery life by just over 2.5 hours. I think, but I am not sure, that this refers to Siri. I turned Siri off upon seeing this and did not find this process in the list of running processes afterwards. I also turned off the notification for the weather app and have since made sure that is does not appear as a running app. Still, I can't say I'm thrilled with the battery life.




    Today, I took the phone off charge at 8:20 am or so. At 3:20 pm, this is how usage looks. This still doen't look all that good to me. I made an appointment at an Apple Store for Monday. I will take the phone in to see if they can run a diagnostic on it.




    I hope this information is useful to somebody.

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    Hi, among others, I'm finding my iPhone 5 to be lacking in battery life. I've tried numerous fixes and tips here. Restoring, Set up as NEW. Disabling icloud, re enabling icloud, resetting network settings. Etc etc. And all I can say is. Sure, some may have helped. It all depends. Some days I'm at home. Having wifi, not using my device as much. Some days I'm at work or maybe running around in town. It truly feels like it depends on WHAT apps I use and have on. And where I go. A combination between location and what im using.



    I also think that:
    Phones are getting better and better. Let's take iPhones for an example.
    The iPhone has evolved enormously since its start (iPhone 2G). But has the battery technology developed so much that it can cope with the faster phones. Better processors. Dual core, quad core. More memory. Faster iOS. everything. It seems so much that the phones are going forward in technology and maybe not as much backwards in batteryconsuming as we may need? How much has the lithium ion battery in the iphone 5, changed in comparasion to the iPhone 2G? Is it pretty much the same battery or has it changed in capacity and performance?


    I hope Apple tries to find the solution. Whatever it may be.
    I'm not saying I'm pleased with the performance. Overall, I'm not happy with my iphone 5 and its performance and batterylife. And I truly hope and feel that it will get better soon.

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    Cld u plz post pic of results after trying that fix??!

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    hmmm... What about other phones - what is 'normal' Battery life? Seems hard to find info on this.... some say that still have to charge every day .... Can anyone let us know outside of the apple universe what is normal?


    Here is a few comments...


    The Samsung Galaxy S3 managed to get to only 82% battery power by the end of the test – compare that to the 60% of the HTC One X and 74% of the iPhone 4S and you can see why we're impressed.


    note: I'll bet that was with IOS 5 not 6?




    The battery life on the Samsung Galaxy S III is terrific—it easily got me through the day and into the next under normal usage. And, the Galaxy S III has a removable battery, unlike the HTC One line.



    also - one friend on his 4s with IOS 5 - showed me 9 hrs usage and 12? hours standby - way better than ios6

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    Sorry HwyHawk.. It lasted about two hours. Back to draining... Wifi performance IS better since I have cleaned out my mailbox and corrupt contacts. But on cellular... Hmmmmm.. I don't think it did much. Still on that charge cycle. I will see later when I'm at 10% and let you know if it in fact did ANYTHING to actually help.

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    Ok I've tried numerous fixes but still get the battery drain issue. I used our PacketLogic packet inspector here at work to see what network traffic is passing through my phone on standby and at the moment there are only 2 constant connections while the phone is on standby:


    -Instagram, although there is no traffic going in or out but it is maintaining an HTTP connection. has a constant secure connection (SSLv3) with no traffic but I assume it's for push connections?


    I've turned off all my push notifications for Instagram but by keeping a connection constantly open on standby is very suspect. I don't think everyone has Instagram so obviously this isn't everyone's problem, but may be a contributing factor for some.


    Another rumour I heard of was turning off the battery percentage option (probably mentioned here but haven't had time to read through all replies). Maybe it is constantly polling the kernel.. I'm going to try this today.

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    I wish we could delete our own posts. Sorry guys. My post was no fix... 15 hours standby (this is good I think?) and 4 1/2 hrs of usage all on LTE...