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    I'm kinda sick and tired of this.. Felt like dumping this **** phone into the trash bin..

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    I know the feeling. I make my decision tomorrow whether or not I keep this phone or return it and go to another phone (decisions decisions). The worst part is all of this tension could be resolved with word from Apple that at least acknowledges that they are reading, listening, and testing to try and help resolve our issues. Deleting posts is not acknowledgement of anything and is intensifying this a bit more than it needs to be. Well, regardless of my decision tomorrow I will eagerly be reading these posts, inputting where I can, and hope against hope that there is acknowledgement and a fix soon for all of those suffering from this. It may be too late for me but I hope others get what they want....

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    I'm definitely not jumping the gun here and saying ITS FIXED. I've done that too many times and i've never been right.  What I will say is that Ponglong might be onto something with either the instagram or the battery percentage indicator thing... I don't know yet ... but my battery usually looks alot lower than this after 45 mins of heavy usage.

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    Ok.. Later guys.. There's very clearly something wrong.. I keep coming back here in hopes someone can figure it out but I think it's beyond our control at this point. Apple needs to do the right thing. They are probably getting a huge laugh out of how desperate we all sound but they really need to realize that this is a huge problem and if I'm completely done with them and their products after this.. I'm quite sure I do not stand alone. Good luck everybody

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    I doubt all the troubleshooting we do is gonna fix the issue.  Not sure why Apple doesnt acknoledge this.  We as loyal customers who consistently shell out hundreds and even thousands of dollars, some who even do this every year as per Apple's schedule on iphone releases.  I myself have had each one since the beginning,  For some reason I always believe apple products to be superior in quality and style but am very dissapointed with the iphone 5.


    We should not have to be here doing experiements day in and day out trying to figure out what is causing the battery drain.  For the money we pay, this should be taken care of for all of us.  It's no coincidence that we are all here day in and day out complaining about battery life.  We don't want to complain, but it gets frustrating when many of us can't get through a day with our iphone 5's, this s the 6th generation, this should be an issue.  If you advertise certain specs, those specs should be acheived by everyday users and just the way the phone is out the box.  We should not have to turn off everything on the phone, when all is tunred off, not a huge differnce compared to any other smart phone.  Also, there are many that rely on this phone for business so that should be a bigger reason apple should look into this.  I know what i am saying has been repeated plenty of times already.  But its the truth.


    I am sure Apple is not responding because they have no idea how to address the issue or they are aware that many phones were released with faulty, not up to par batteries, but still had to meet a scheduled deadline.  Bottom line, many people are not gonna accept this.  Most will return or continue to exchange the phone.  But eventually you will lose your loyal customers.   Persoanlly I am tired of trying all these different experiments attempting to fix the battery issue, either let us know you have a solution and or working on it, or tell us there is no fixing it as its a hardware issue.  Leaving us in the dark will only cause us to move on to another phone.  The same way the iphone got so popular in just 6 years, it can also lose a majority of its fan base in that time as well.

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    Yes the problem is definitely on Apple's end and they need to fix it.


    One of the problems I've come across is that the phone doesn't seem to tear down SSL and HTTP connections after certain apps are opened and the phone is placed on standby. This morning I saw a constant Instagram connection, and I can also see Facebook and Safari keeping connections open while my phone is supposedly on standby.


    Even though there's no significant data being sent keeping these connections up will drain battery. I can only monitor while on WiFi and somtimes that connection stays up for a long time that it keeps my WiFi activated during standby when it should turn it off.

    Randomly those connections would seem to close down and turn off my WiFi but I have no idea what it's doing on 3G/LTE as I have no way of monitoring..


    The only way to close these connections is to force quit the applications but I don't want to do that every time I put my phone on bloody standby!

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    Ponglong: just out of curiosity are you seeing these connections staying open even if you close the app from the Multi task ?? Safari has a process that stays open and working in the background even after you close it out completely. Facebook does as well? Thanks

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    It's a bit of a shame Apple employees wouldn't take note of neither one of these discussions nor take anything into consideration, we are clearly wasting our time and effort trying to get their attention here. Anyone with me?

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    Apple is 100% aware.  All companies monitor customer feedback, but i guess Apple feels that as long as the majority continues to buy there stuff, who cares about the few that complain or dislike the product.  I wouldnt say we are completely wasting our time, its still good that we post these issues so potential future customers may avoid these issues and decide to buy from another brand.  I have used iphones since the initial one, but i was a die hard blackberry guy before that and said i will always use a blackberry.  So as easy as i can switch to apple,  I can easily switch to another brand smart phone.


    Honestly, i am over the whole needing apple products.  They are nice, but with all these issues, I can cre less about future iphones.  I hope the population will realize this as well.  You advertise a certain product, we pay hundreds, some thousands for this product, there are obvious issues with the battery, but apples acts like there are no issues at all.  I am pretty sure there is no fix for this and most people who have exchanged their phone encountered the same problem.  I hear some people say " I am on my 4th or 5th iphone and still havibg battery problems.  So as of now, there seems to be no solution for this other than return your phone and maybe move on to another company.

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    well guess what guys,after a whole week of very good to great battery life i can now report that today my phone is draining like crazy again...dropped 1% typing this message so im seriously getring ****** off now.about to throw this phone in the trash

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    ok so what im experiencing now is beyond me,PLZ READ THIS!!!

    after my lunchbreak my phone was at 32 %,i closed all running apps,hit the sleep button and put it in my no usage at all.about 15 minutes later i noticed my pocket getting really warm,so i grabbed my phone and it was really warm.checked it and all was still here's the shocking part ; in those 15 minutes my battery went from 32 to 14 % !!!!! so it was doing something on its own.god only knows what...all i know is that thats crazy!!! what the f was my phone doing that made it heat up and lose 18% of battery life during 15 inactive minutes ?????

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    Apple is sleeping tight on this issue as has no respect and care for the customers.

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    Wow, dude that is crazy. Like it could ignite and catch fire!
    Really sorry to hear that. On the other hand. Apple should be sorry.

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    ok and now someone who's not high plz :p :D

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    Right, now im almost 100% sure that battery drain is due to something with out cellular networks. Today I thought whenever I'd play a game on my phone id turn the phone onto airplane mode. Yes, I know that whatever situation, airplane mode will conserve more battery but not with the results I was getting.


    With normal 3G browsing, I will drop a % in 2 - 3 minutes. Standby will be about 1% every 1 - 2 hours. I can standby on 100% for 10+ hours, then its down hill from there.


    With airplane mode on and gaming on 2D and 3D I dropped 6% in 45 mins which equates to 7.5 mins per %. I could understand that being for browsing but not for gaming.


    Even with my cellular on and leaving my phone on the homescreen, I would lose 6% in 10 - 20 minutes which gives me an average of 4.1 hours for 100%. This is ridiculous as they claim 8 hours on 3G yet I would get 4 hours just leaving my phone on the homescreen.


    WIth gaming on airplane mode. I would lose 6% in 45 mins. This would give me an average of 12.5 hours for a fully charged iPhone. Logically, gaming should drain the phone way faster than just maintaining a signal.


    For those thinking, Thats bollocks, you cant get 12.5 hours. Well, a person I know who all of you would envy hits 10-11 hours most days. Browsing on 3G and WiFi and playing games.


    As you can see, theres something wrong with our handsets and Apple need to sort it out. I wont be buying an iPhone until I know that the battery life is fixed.