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    Well if its showing only whats on "" then u r absolutely right about the app.. Wait, hold up, and every other website dealing in tech news quote the iphone 5 as having an 3.8v 1440mAh battery capacity. "My Chineese" app shows a mAh reading of 1424. On the 4S it shows 1430 and ipad 3rd gen shows 11560. Question 2 u, the battery physician. Y is it this "Chineese" app so close to the mAh readings on the other 2 devices but so far off on the iphone 5??



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    You might want to ask the developers why it shows this or that number. The number 1424mAh was mentioned by iFixit, for example.

    If you take a look at the battery, it's written on it that it's 3.8v  5.45Wh. 5.45/3.8 -> we get 1.434 Ah, which is between 1440 and 1424.

    Anyway, the difference is about 1%, so I wouldn't be so concerned about it.

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    Then y not just say 1424mAh instead of 1440. Here is a way to test the accuracy of the app. Download 3 to 4 free apps after getting an initial reading of disk storage space. After apps r downloaded, check to c how accurate the readings r. After the experiment simply delete the apps.

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    Sorry I didn't get what does disk storage have to do with battery level. There is an official API to get the storage values, there is another one to get the battery state (charging or not) and one for battery %. There is no voltage or current or anything else.


    PS It turns out, Apple never mentioned the battery capacity.

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    Seeing if the disk space adjust was only a suggestion to test the apps accuracy. Go to it shows actual battery specs listed for all smartphones as published by phone producers. Plus u just mentioned the ifixit video/documentation. The teardown performed by Ifixit on youtube shows the iphone 5 battery as being 3.8v, 1440mAh.



    PS, u just stated in an earlier post that the  app might b posting numbers based on their findings on so which is it guy?

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    HwyHawk1976, I do not say that either number is wrong, what I say is this 1440mAh/1424mAh is NOT a measured value.


    as of PS - obviously they took the values not from Apple's site but somewhere else.

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    OK guy. Ifixit got their numbers off the Iphone 5's battery during the teardown. Go to youtube and look it up. Seems to me all of your post r only assumptions. Statements without actual proof.

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    Having posted a couple times on this thread regarding my battery issues, I thought I would add  this info to this discussion to see if anyone else has experienced these occurrences:


    Has anyone noticed when doing a hard reboot it takes a long time for the apple logo to come up and then for the phone to restart?  In addition, after the reboot, my battery is great for a few days.  The phone will stay at 100%  for 10 hours or more and then begin ticking down in an acceptable manner.  However, the more days that pass after the reboot, the battery then will move for 100% down within only a few hours on standby.   I find this very weird and curious if anyone else has noticed this occurring with their phone.


    Lastly, I have also noticed this issue with notifications on my phone.  I have had apps that are not in the notification center, send notifications. Anyone else seeing this happen?  I thought if the app was not in the notification center, the app was not to send notifications? 

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    I also have a problem like this. Application is Top eleven, a facebook game. I turned off notifications in the settings of the iphone, but as associates to facebook, don't know if is that association.

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    It comes down to the principal of the difference. When you pay so much for a phone ($1200 in my case) and find that you may potentially have substandard parts compared to others you get a bit ticked off. Also, when the statement from the CEO (and I'm paraphrasing here) is that we've gotten "moer battery life out of a slightly increased battery capacity" to potentially find out that the battery is smaller that either shows a misspeak from the CEO in a very VERY public arena or a short-coming in manufacturing. My bet is on the second if this all shows to be true. Unless we open our phones (which I doubt any of us want to do, including myself) we won't know what battery is actually in these phones. The math alone would dictate that a 3.8V 5.45Whr battery would be roughly 1434mAh instead of 1440mAh anyway so if our readings were correct it would be 10 mAh off. The bigger question is, if indeed these readings can be trusted, is do we all have the same battery or do some of us have a lesser battery which potentially will cause us problems sooner rather than later. I keep stressing that word as this is all assumption at this stage. I'm trying to find a list of all the system calls available to an iSO developer which isn't the easiest thing when you don't have a Mac, Xcode, or the iOS SDK to poke around in. Not impossible mind you, just very difficult.



    Now, completely off the physical battery subject, I do believe, after the whole mess I seem to have started above that this is still mainly a software issue. The rogue background running of apps, the greatly improved then dwindling battery performance after a hard reboot, the rogue apps running in the background that can't be stopped (where's the ps command when you need it), and the slow reboots some are complaining about seem to all be software issues to this user's (not iOS developer's) eye. I'm hoping that anyone running 6.1 Beta 2 are seeing improved battery life or do in the later betas and this problem gets sorted. This is one time where I think Apple would truly do well to get the beta out in the wild at a later stage and let the likes of us beat the thing down to shake out as many potential bugs as possible. ****, give us a checklist for those willing to truly test it that we need to fill out every day and report back to Cupertino. I for one would LOVE to do that if it means a potentially better release than this one and helps everyone.


    Ok, I think I'm done with my babbling.

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    I updated to the 6.1 beta 2 yesterday. So far the battery has been pretty much the same on wifi. Will run it for a few days at normal use and try and update u later...

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    I've had enough with the battery drain on my iphone 5.

    Went to the Apple store this week to return my iphone 5 (after a month of poor battery performance, and trying everything in the book to fix it.)

    They did their standard "battery diagnostics": conclusion - battery was normal.

    However, I insisted on a new iphone 5 (after a Telstra [Australia] phone store agent remarked that it fixed his problem.)


    Results: new iphone 5 has the same battery drain - exacerbated enormously - like previous phone - when using LTE.


    By the way: Apple suggested turning off LTE --- which  nullifies the purpose of owning this phone.


    I am about to plunge into the Samsung Galaxy.


    Good luck to all!

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    I owned the 4s when it came out and now the 5 has much more battery life than the 4s, i dont know what apps your running but for me, moderate usage via phone, text and web, I can go 2 days easily, this is way better than 4s or any other droid I have owned, i leave LTE  on when I'm away and always leave gps for some apps and also wi-fi so I dont know whats up with your phone, do you know how to properly charge it, once a month, you run it under 20% then full uninterupted charge, I have zero complaints with battery power, best phone i ever had and i have had at least 10 phones in the last 12 years.

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    Okay, so this is off topic, but this is the forum I am already in, so I thought I would throw it out there.  So remember 10 years ago when your phone would ring and your car stereo would go crazy.  Well, I haven't had that problem for years now until the iphone 5.  It makes my clock radio go nuts anytime I get even an email over wifi.  Anyone else have this problem.  I really can't believe it because I think I have owned 4 phones at least since the last time that heppend to me.  It's really irritating.  I have been a pretty big fan of apple the past few years and have highly recommended to friends and family.  Last night I sent an email to one of my friends who was thinking about switching from her android phone over to apple and told her to reconsider. 

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    I took the plunge and signed up for a Samsung Galaxy 4G (please refer to my previous comments on the iphone 5 battery life).


    I will keep you all updated on a battery comparison.


    I was hesitant about changing over after a re-seller phone agent's advice that all smartphones have batteries issues - especially those enabled with LTE.


    However, after seeing my battery reception decrease by 15% in 30 mins. - albeit in a poor reception area - I decided to take the plunge.


    It was a difficult and emotional decision; as I was one of the earliest adaptors in Melbourne, Australia (from my immediate area) to the iphone; and was always full pf praise for Apple and eagerly awaited every hardware/software update.


    My first impression of the iphone (and I hope to be more objective than comparisons on youtube) : the phone quality seems not to be refined as the iphone 5 - being slightly echoey and metallic; however, I only used it for less than a minute.