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    LOL!   You are probably right.........

    A420TuRbO wrote:


    Jameson! wrote:


    I agree......   Sort of........


    I'm thinking it's that firmware used to manage the dual antenna system in the i5.   It appears that this software is in use, even in 6.01 installs on i4 and i4s phones.   Now, that software is designed to manage the new antenna design and is causing the battery drain (my opinion).   Is the problem solvable with software revisions, or is the dual antenna design a problem that software cannot solve?    Only APPLE Engineers know for sure.


    I'm guessing we will have a solid answer when iOS6.1 is released.   If the batttery drain problem is not solved with that, it will never be solved.   I still believe this will be the case and we will have to wait for iPhone 6, to be released next fall, with more battery capacity!

    Wishful thinking with the iphone 6 with more battery capacity... Every iphone as far as i can remember is the same size or thinner... My guess we will be able to sequence DNA with the iphone 6 but the charge will only last 10 min at a time

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    I have updated to 6.1beta 3................






    This is my 4th replacement phone and none of them worked correctly.


    As I stated in my earlier post(attached to this post), when you restore "as new phone", and use as is from factory settings the battery is perfect. Add some apps and music, battery still great. Add icloud, battery still great. Add a mail account and bam, battery *****!


    I was really hoping that 6.1beta would solve these issues and still nothing Apple is doing is helping matters.


    I have been a loyal Apple customer for years and would never even think aof switching to another device, until today. I am seriously thinking of getting a full refund from Apple and moving on.


    This is completely unaaceptable and needs to be fixed immediately.


    After weeks of troubleshooting and profiles installed on my iphone 5, Apple and I couldn't figure out a solution. They are aware of the issue and the engineers are working on a fix.


    The power management profiles they had me install showed a drain but coulnt pinpoint the cause. I was getting a 1% drain every few minutes and my battery would last about 5 hours of usage before dying.


    The apple rep states the only way to figure out where the problem is coming from is to start from scratch and restore the phone and only use the stock phone at first. Then slowly turn on one feature at a time and add one app at a time until we noticed a change in battery life.


    Well, a fully restored phone with the following setup has AMAZING battery life:


    Full restore, set up phone AS NEW

    Sync your CONTACTS ONLY!

    don't install any apps

    Don't add any mail accounts

    Turn off and delete all iCloud accounts

    LTE off

    Location services off

    Bluetooth off

    Push off

    Brightness 50%

    WIFI off

    Siri off


    Of course the downside was not being able to use pretty much all the best features of the phone lol. This was very hard to chew, but I realized it needed to be done to really see if it was software or hardware.


    The phone had great battery life until I added a mail account. Once I did this, the battery life went back to dropping 1% every few minutes. Charged the phone to 100% and went to bed. Didn't use the phone at all the entire night and when I woke up at 8am the battery drained to 81% and said close to an hour of usage time. Funny, I was sleeping the whole time, something seems to be problematic with the mail app.


    My suggestion (even though it's a pain and we shouldn't have to) is to restore your phone and set up like I did above and watch how great the phone is. Use the phone barebones for a day or two.


    Then, turn ONE thing back on and monitor. Maybe you try LTE first. Everyone will be different.


    If everything still seems good, then turn on another feature and monitor again for a few hours and see how it goes.


    If the battery is still going strong, turn on another feature, or download one of your most used apps. Test, monitor, take notes (screenshots)


    Continue this process until you find the culprit. My personal experience says its the mail app.

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    I plugged it in when I woke up this morning then snatched the cord out so that I could take a pic of the screen before it erased my usage.

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    Attention to Cocktail and everyone else.


    I believe I have solved the issue.


    Cocktail, A month ago (maybe more) I posted on this thread that the culprit was mail, and that for some reason when mail was set to do anything BUT manual that the drain would occur. Since then I have had my mail set to manual and have had OK battery life. I too was hoping that the new software update would fix this, and tried to see if it would earlier last week but it didn't.


    I went into apple store last week and they couldnt help me either, I grew frusturated and got a new phone and decided to turn on one feature at a time at a few hour intervals. I now realize that MAIL is NOT the problem. In fact its CALENDARS. If Calendars are set to fetch settings other than manual the battery will drain (weird yes, but I have found it to be true). And remember, this is ONLY when you are using data, on WIFI your phone should be great.


    SOLUTION: Since its important to me to have mail fetched at timely intervals I decided to add my calendars via the microsoft exchange account and set those settings to manual while having my mail (through gmail) fetch every so often.


    I easily get 8-10 hours of usage over the past three days assuming I don't play games too much.


    This solution is still being tested out, but I hope its correct. Something that is reassuring is that the main cause of the drain: dataaccessd (from the diagnostics log) has stopped.


    Hope it works, ENJOY =]


    EDIT: As an alternative solution you could just delete calendar synchronization as well if you rather not use exchange.

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    @dmarwha how do you actually set your calendars to manual?

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    You can't set calendars specifically to manual. But you can set a "mail, contacts, calendars" account to manual. To do this:


    1) First add the account you need for calendars through if its google calendars add your google account through exchange.


    2) Add your mail client through a different option...if its GMail add it through GMail.


    Then go to settings >mail, contacts, calendars > fetch new data > advanced > and you can now set different fetch settings for each account.


    If you find that calendars is not the problem, then it might be mail. In such a case toggle around what you set to manual and what you set to fetch (or push) to find out what is causing the dataaccessd bug.

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    I have been working with a rep from Apple for weeks now on this issue. We tried a couple weeks back setting everything to MANUAL.


    BUT, that didn't help the issue at all. My phone had awesome battery life when I restored and set up as new with no mail accounts set up on the phone at all. I got like 8.5 hours of usage and over a full day of standby.


    I have 8 mail accounts on my phone too. I NEED them fetching as I run three businesses and get many emails


    Never had any battery issues with my 4 and ran the exact same setup and apps.

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    That is really interesting. When you go to your diagnostics and usage data (under settings, general, about) do you see dataaccessd as a common report (first make sure you have your phone set up in a situation where you are losing battery at a rapaid rate).


    I understand that you set mail to manual. Did you add calendars along with those mail accounts? Perhaps you might want to try just adding all your mail accounts w/o calendars. And then vice versa as well.

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    I've always had all my mail accounts set to manual and still had the battery drain. The other day I had 20% battery left so I turned off cellular data and had a few back and forth text messages and battery would still drain fast until it was at 1% an hour later. It was about 1% drain each text. For me this has nothing to do with network or leaving radios on.


    Looked through my crash logs and can't find anything that could be the culprit. I need to find that one process that keep on running to drain my battery.


    Does anyone else find that battery drain isn't linear? For me it stays at 100% for a long time to give me the false hope the battery is better, then drains pretty slow until 80%, then speeds up. Once it hits 50% it just drains a heck of a lot faster. Anything below 35% and I don't even want to touch my phone as I see the percentage dropping while scrolling through menus/apps.

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    Just to add I closed all running apps and streamed an NBA game over WiFi with full screen brightness just then. It stayed at 100% for 15 minutes, then dropped 1% every 4 minutes or so. From 5% battery I've gotten about 30 mins of streaming (including a 2 minute call and an iMessage).


    Seems like the battery is holding up well while all background apps are closed. Anyone else find this? (Meaning it's definitely not a hardware issue)

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    I only have my iCloud calendar set up. All my mail accounts are IMAP only and don't sync notes or calendars.


    I have checked the diagnostics as your requested and only see two things there:

    Mobile Mail - 12-4-2012

    Mobile Mail - 12-4-2012


    Any suggestions or ideas?

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    I just set all mail accounts to Fetch 15min and set iCloud to manual. I can't be without my calendar and don't feel like using google calendar again.


    We will see if that does anything.....

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    While anywhere using wifi my battery life is ok, it is only when it switches to the LTE that battery life becomes a problem. Even on standy the battery drains in less than 3 hours and I have noticed the temperature of the phone increases

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    Holy Moly, something good has happened to my phone!


    0:47 usage

    4:23 standby



    NB. I have had mobile data switched OFF the whole time as I've been on wifi except for 10 min cycle ride to work. But I've done this before and at this stage of the day I'd be typically at approx 80-90% depending on usage. Also, as you can see I've hardly used the phone except for a 5 min call and some brief email checking.


    However what I did last night which might have made a difference is to change my Gmail Exchange account from "No limit" Mail days to sync to "1 day". It's still set to push (though I might change this*). I've also turned off all notifications for this mail account.


    I did this because I've now downloaded Google's newly updated Gmail app (which seems much better now) and so no longer need all my Gmail emails in the Mail app. However I didn't want to delete the account entirely as I still want to be able to easily email photos from the Photos app using that account.


    This still leaves me with my work Exchange account (Push) in Mail, and another work related Gmail account (15 min Fetch). My two iCloud accounts (calendars, reminders, notes etc) are on 15 min Fetch too.


    * I've just changed my 1 day sync Gmail Exchange account from Push to manual and am going to leave it in this configuration for a couple of days to see how it pans out (using Mobile data only when necessary). Then I'm going to see how it fares with Mobile data left on when on wifi.


    Dunno whether this will be of any interest / help to anyone!



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    Hallo everyone,


    Bought Iphone 5, 4 days ago. Having major battery problem! Overnight 25% battery drain with all apps closed 3G OFF Bluetooth OFF. I sleep for 8 hours and the battery goes from 100% to 75% ... without touching it ... this is not acceptable !!! I can't charge my phone during the day and i need it a lot. Mailing, taking pictures, like to read RSS in the break, facetime calls, normal calls, .... things a SMARTphone are made for ... but i'm just anxious to use this since battery isn't making it till the evening!

    Apple sells this phone telling it has a stand-by time of 225hours but if you do the calculation my phone only lasts 40hours standby... when in use this phone isn't even capable to make it trough the day... And i'm not playing games not watching movies or video's, ....