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    What troubles me the most is the fact we're discussing what each of us have done to troubleshoot this issue. None of the efforts being made are the same and results vary. I'm not buying it. I didn't do anything other than an IOS update and my battery issue started. I made no changes to Apps, Notifications, Email or Calendars settings, WiFi or Network and no change in usage. NONE.


    Went yesterday to the local Apple store and had a Genius check my phone. Running their diagnostics showed no issues regarding battery or otherwise. FB had crashed at some point but that was it. While there I watched the battery % starting at 69%. After diag the Genius said he'd make notes and I could return if things continued. Well that's what I love to do occasionally is hang out at the Apple store, NOT. While he was typing I noticed the % had dropped to 64% within the 10 minutes or so and I brought that to his attention. We watched and approximately every two minutes it was dropping 1% with nothing running. That prompted a DFU. From there I was informed not to restore a backup as that could potentially bring the issue back if it were something corrupt code or the like. I was ok with that thinking my iCloud services would cover things I needed. Battery was up to 67% after the DFU (charging while updating) I used the phone with only my email and a couple of Apps the rest of the day until I could Sync at home. Battery was fine, not dropping below 50% after 4 hours.

    But that's when I realized my sync hadn't recovered all of my data so I chose to restore from the last backup. This morning after charging all night my charge lost 8% in an hour. It seems whatever the issue is might be with something corrupted.


    I will continue to play around and try to keep the details on what steps I take but I don't think iPhone users should be stuck with finding the cause! There is an issue and if DFU/restore or Apps/Network has anything to do with this Apple should track that down and provide a solid resolution.


    Anyone know of a "sniffer" or process viewer for the IOS?

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    Just to clarify with users with 7hrs of usage.

    Could you elaborate more on your activities throughout this 7hrs as in web surfing, gaming, checking of mails, messaging etc.


    I had best 5~6hrs with very very extremely light usage, just curious on how people can actually achieved 7hrs of moderate usage.

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    You are right i guess

    But its really frustrating when you pay£600 for a phone,and the keep the charger in your bag in case you run out of steam by mid-day.I relay on my phone as an entertaiment provider since most of the day i do nothing at work,and all my old iphones have delivered in a neat way.

    I exchanged 3 ip5s allready and its all the same.

    I think finaly i would have to say ta-ta to apple,i just cant live with the think anymore,and that its a problem aswell.i got too much used to the thing.but as soon as any good windows phone comes out,im off that train

    Good luck all

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    Question, why would you restore the backup against Apples advice knowing that the DFU resolved it? You could have simply redownloaded your apps or sync'ed with iTunes to get your stuff back without restoring the backup. Certainly this is a little more trouble I will give you that BUT if the battery issue is resolved it would be worth the extra effort yes?


    One thing you can try that has helped in previous iOS versions. Once you restore and setup as new, then restore your backup such as you have done,  go to the settings>reset and perform the "reset all settings". This will leave you data and apps intact but typically will resolve any corruption. That has worked countless times for others who restore their backups. Again the best option is dont restore the backup and just re-sync or download apps fresh.

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    Just to let you all know once again, someone I know gets about 7 hours usage with 40-50% battery left. No music, just surfing and playing games. This is on WiFi BTW. Also, when he turns wifi off and goes to 3G, he gets about 6 - 7 hours with 100%.

    Literally sums up my thoughts on something with the antennas or software is draining the battery

    LEECK78 wrote:


    Just to clarify with users with 7hrs of usage.

    Could you elaborate more on your activities throughout this 7hrs as in web surfing, gaming, checking of mails, messaging etc.


    I had best 5~6hrs with very very extremely light usage, just curious on how people can actually achieved 7hrs of moderate usage.

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    I possibly tried every fix out there including fresh restore and re downloading every app. But i still get severe heating issues and battery issues. As you can see in the below picture. I charged my phone and it was 100 % at 4 pm. Been using it on 3g till 7 30 pm and after that wifi. I used Tune In , Youtube , A few calls , Whatsapp , Safari , and 2 mins of Game.  On my 4s @ 15% would be somewhere around 6 hours. Im getting only 4.5 hours at the most @ 0 %


    I hope we all post screenshots of battery and compare . This would provide some insight rather than all of us saying ' our battery is draining too fast'

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    I also find that because I spend the vast majority of my day on wifi (both home and at the office), I easily get 8 hours of use out of a charge.   This fact has been well covered earlier in this thread.  

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    This is actually one of the best posts in the thread. I too am a victim of this battery issue. I don't think it's hardware related because many have reported exchanging their phones for new/refurbished iPhones with similar results. My guess is as good as the next guy. Perhaps iOS 6.0.1 is just horrible for iPhone 5. It's really unfortunate that a lot of us have to turn off a lot of the better features of the phone just to save battery life. I too think this is a step down for Apple. It's still a quality phone and Apple is still one of the best overall, but there is no excuse for this. CLEARLY this is an issue that they don't want to talk about since it's been happening since release day.

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    This may be total coincidence but worth trying. I have only had my phone for a week and to begin with had no problems. It was only 3 days ago that the battery drain became an issue. I have tried a number of the suggestions here and some made slight improvements but nothing that would make it a viable phone. Today as it was approaching zero I plugged it in to my laptop to charge. I have been using it for nearly 2 hours and the battery is showing 98%. It suddenly struck me that I had only ever charged the phone via USB until Monday morning when I used the mains electricity and since then each time I have recharged has been via mains supply. Could this be the issue?

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    I may have read that wrong. Are you saying there could be a slight issue with the lightning cable and charging with a computer as opposed to wall charging?

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    Actually the opposite. I am wondering if it is wall charging that is the problem. Only when I have charged from the wall has there been a battery drain problem.

    I may be totally wrong so it would need others to comment if they have experienced the same but something different happens to mine when charged using the different methods

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    My apologies, In my experience charging from my PC has given me the same results. I will say that following these steps:


    1. WIPED your phone

    2. You DID NOT restore from a backup

    3. You rebooted your phone after the sync/config


    gave me a slight boost in battery life compared to before. It's better, but it's nothing to jump and down about.

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    Quick an interesting story. I just hit 68%. After finishing the last message, I sent two txts and it went down to 66% just like that. lol

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    Now, one can argue it's a better phone than previous entries with iPhone, but there is no excuse for a phone draining 1%-2% every few minutes on standby

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    THANK YOU! I said the same thing two pages back but got no response here is what i wrote:


    I believe something is wrong with either the wall chargers for the iphones and ipads in compatibility or the usb charging cable being reversable in that it doesn't matter which side you insert the small end into your phone. What makes me believe this is try charging your i5 in a computer usb port or laptop, a full charge meaning even after you see the little plug icon continue to charge it about one hour longer after seeing that and see how long your battery will last. My results were significantly longer than using the wall chargers on several tests. Also ive noticed using my wall charger over night and unplugging my i5 in the morning with little use my battery would immediately drop 100 to 99% within a few minutes of use and the. 98 but if i hard reset the phone it would pop back up to 100% and stay there for about 45- 1hr of use. But never noticed this when charging from computer usb port. Next test i will try is marking one side of my lightning cable end that plugs into the i5 and seeing if for some reason one side charges better than the other due to a bad wiring scheme in that apple says the cable doesn't matter which way it goes into the phone it will charge it both ways. Im thinking there may be an issue here as well and that it only gets a good charge by inputting that cable connector in one way. I may be on to somethin or on somethin ;) let me know what you think...