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  • LEECK78 Level 1 Level 1

    Agree with ebrown711, I deleted my email account and followed by a DFU new phone setup yet battery still drains like before.


    Best usage on cellular 4.5 ~ 5.5hrs

    Battery last longer when on wifi.

  • spyd4r Level 1 Level 1

    there could be multiple issues, thats for certain.. but i'm telling you what fixed mine... I am truely **** off I had to disable push to obtain battery life that would be expected.. PUSH IS A FEATURE! Push should not cause drain like this. Overall I am still 100% unhappy with this phone.


    But to think the charging cable or how you charge it could be the cause? come on.. if the battery is 100%, the battery is 100%.


    Or complaining that the battery is 1424mAh instead of 1440mAh, even if it is slightly smaller then advertised, that is a 0.98% difference..


    I understand everyone on this thread is frustrated and just trying to help.. But almost everyone is just grasping at straws.


    Apple needs to fix this, or admit they can't.. If you're a moderator and work for Apple..  TELL YOUR BOSS THIS NEEDS FIXED. You are really ******* off your customers.

    ebrown711 wrote:


    I'm am going to have to debunk the theories that the mail accounts are what is killing the battery. I've deleted my mail accounts from the phone and the battery life is exactly the same. As stated be several people in this post, the best battery life I get is on wifi.


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  • spyd4r Level 1 Level 1

    I believe this as well.. Even with LTE disabled.. the battery drain can be crazy while the data connection is in use..

    I remain convinced that this is a power management issue with the LTE/3G dual antenna system.   Whether or not firmware changes can fix it in my OPINION, is doubtful.   I think it would have been fixed already, if it were possible.   We'll know for sure soon, when iOS 6.1 is released.
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    I hear ya spyd4r!


    I have refused to turn off any features I use, so most everything is turned on for me.   Instead, I bought a car charger and a lightning adapter for use in the office.   I use the car charger because I pair the iPhone with my radar detector (Escort Live APP) which has the screen & GPS on while driving.   This drains the battery very quickly.   I can't remember the last time I used the office charger.  Just very occasionally, when streaming radio.   


    I charge the phone overnight while sleeping.   The battery problem can be a PITA when I'm out and about for longer periods of time, but on those days, I am careful charge it whenever I have the opportunity.   Not the ideal situation, but not the end of the world for me either.   If I were in a situation where I did not have access to power for long periods of time, I might be more anxious over the issue.  


    I've resiged myself to the fact that there will be no fix.   Hopefully, I'm wrong!  

  • danog1 Level 1 Level 1

    Only reason I would think a difference a USB charge versus a Wall Charge would be the rate of charge.  The power difference would make the USB more like a trickle charge.  I've not tried this before so I doubt this is the root cause. 

    I think it's likely code related since the code is what manages the device/apps and their functionality.  It's not unlikely that a certain combination occurs which pushes the device over a threshold and causes the battery to drain prematurely.

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    I get to 4.5 hours  on 3g celluar. Whereas on wifi at the most i can pull out 5.5 hours.


    When you say your getting more on wifi , how much time ? . and are u getting 4.5-5.5 on 4g/LTE

  • danog1 Level 1 Level 1

    Charged via USB completed roughly 3:15 reaching 100%.  Powered device off then turned on and will track drain, check 10:25 CST.  All activity and use will remain consistent.

  • ponglong Level 1 Level 1

    I don't even think it has anything to do with whether it's WiFi or 3G/LTE (although I have noticed WiFi does use less battery). I turned off my cellular data at 20% and it still drained like a mofo with just texting.


    I think it's a background process that keeps running and trying to execute some code all day long. The only process I could see always running was "ubd" which starts up every 10 seconds. Anyone else get this? I've seen someone else around here who has it.. Download a monitoring app that shows running processes. It supposedly has something to do with iCloud, even though I have it turned off and my iCloud account deleted..

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    Hi ponglong,

         If you have the option, leave the data on and turn off the 3G. You can only do this if your current network supports EDGE (which I'm assuming a lot don't anymore). I've noticed I can leave the data on and turn 3G off to get significantly better battery life (better than 2+ more hours over leaving data with 3G on). Beyond that, I would strongly suggest filling out a bug report to Apple and going from there. I'd encourage everyone to actually. I have done so and am sending back powerlogs on a daily basis so at least there is a record of this happening and some actual logged data they can work from.


          With regards to the USB versus Wall charging earlier, count me in as seeing the same thing. USB charge (from a USB charge port on my latop) seems to give a better charge than a wall charge charging for the same amount of time. Very very strange and something I thought I was imagining as well.

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    This is ok

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    I did the USB charge way and got 4h 42 mins usage and 18h 13 mins standby with

    10% battery left.... I guess that's ok

  • MissRN208 Level 1 Level 1

    How did you do that???

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    - Rapid battery drain (100% to dead in 20 hours on standby)

    - 'Usage' and 'Standby' times reported as almost the same even when the phone was on complete standby in airplane mode




    For me, the problem was a bug in the 'Settings' app. Whenever I had the app running in the background, the symptoms listed above would appear. Exiting the app from the background fixed everything. 'Usage' and 'Standby' times are now accurate and the battery drain isn't excessive. The picture shows statistics after the fix:



  • ponglong Level 1 Level 1

    I've had a suspicion it was the Settings app.. I'll look into this as well.