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  • AlwaysLookin4Answers Level 1 (5 points)

    Unfortunately Jameson has probably been right the entire time .. iOS 6.1 beta 3 has not patched this up at all. It might even be a bit worse now. It's a beta so I'm not saying for sure but if they knew a way to fix this, by this point in the beta process.. I feel like they would've. Ah well. Apple, you really ****** up.

  • projector Level 1 (0 points)

    My iphone like everyone here batery life like a joke today i got some carrier setting update and my phone start generating crash reports like crazy some apps take 5 min to lounch they staying freezing for the long time after that crashing. My questions if any one here from Sprint carier and running ios 6.1 betta try this carrier update? May be this carrier setting update designed for ios 6.1 ? If you press general about this carrier setting should pop up then press instal and reboot you phone. I read erlier posted messages that ios 6.1 betta 3 doesnt fix batterry isuue. Did anyone tried ios 6.1 betta with this new carrier settings?

  • coolkenny13 Level 1 (15 points)

    I too got the carrier update. And i stay in India. I thought this update was going to fix things. But no it didn't. It's still the same. I guess i was hoping for 6.1 to fix all the issues , but i guess not               

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    Ughhhhh 1 h and 25 mins usage and 2 hours standby and already 25% battery gone ***???????

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    Just a quick update.  I disabled all email Push a s set to manual and I've gone all day using the phone as normal.  Battery is at 76%. 

  • spyd4r Level 1 (40 points)

    Ya push seems to be the killer for me as we'll.

  • coolkenny13 Level 1 (15 points)

    So this is interesting. After calibrating my battery atleast 4 times i managed to get 7 hours 15 mins on wifi when it reached 1 percent.


    I first calibrated when i got the phone , and then 2 weeks later the rest 3 i did in a row and charge all 3 times after that on usb

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    I was actually able to do a video on this phone and my experience with it.


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    I am able to get a full day on my iPhone 5 after fresh install since I am coming from iPhone 4S. And my father has been able to get full day since day 1. So I am going to say some iPhone 5 are fine.

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    I believe that was crisis you were playing. And how did you manage to get 900 views already. Nice. I totally agree with you and I have no choice but to stick with this now but unless they acknowledge this my next product is def not apple

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    After 1 month of use ! I can tell my Iphone 5 battery is horrible ! I cut push mail, LTE, reduce brightness, cut all GPS services ... I cannot do more than a day and my usage is like 2h use and 10h standby ! I had Iphone, Iphone 3g, 3gs and 4 previousely and their battery last for more than a day with all services on. My friends who have Iphone 5 can do all day with full service and the iphone battery is like 80% at the end of the day. All Iphone5 are not equal. Apple had the reputation to sell good products with good quality and now they do cheap with lack of quality but sell products at the price of good quality products. When I went to the Apple Store, the stupid Genius told me the Iphone work fine and the problem is me !! The fact is Apple do ****** products and they tell the problem is the buyer not the product. Apple think that buyers are stupids !!


    This Iphone 5 will be my last Apple product !!!  Never buy again Apple products !!

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    i've tried the USB charge but does not make any change ... in contradiction i charged for 100% and after 3 phone calls , 6 messages , 2 e-mails , 1 facebook status update and 2min Fancy app scrolling (with wifi) the battery is already at 95% ...


    "better battery" settings that are not helping for me:


    New iphone configuration (set as new phone) (so not restored from other previous phone)

    3G OFF

    FETCH instead of PUSH email

    USB charged


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    just accept the facts guys,they screwed up big time on this phone and there is no fix,learn to live with it or sell it and get another phone.although i'd keep it,maybe in a couple of years it will be worth something,since it will be the device that started apple's downfall..

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    since only charging through usb my phone is working perfectly. It may not work for all but it has for me

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    I am in India too. I am planning to get a replacement. Do you know people who have good battery life on their new iPhone 5?