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    I have good battery on my iPhone 5. Lasts a day. From morning till when I get home at 9ish.

  • Jameson! Level 1 (40 points)

    How many hours of usage and how many hows of standby?  

    Knightkam wrote:


    I have good battery on my iPhone 5. Lasts a day. From morning till when I get home at 9ish.

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    Jameson! wrote:


    How many hours of usage and how many hows of standby?  

    Knightkam wrote:


    I have good battery on my iPhone 5. Lasts a day. From morning till when I get home at 9ish.


    My guess if its high usage time its light usage ex music etc... no way heavy browsing/gaming/nav but I think I found the solution to everyones battery problems...


      Business insider summarizes comments from Jeffries analyst Peter Misek who claims that Apple will release a new iPhone in June. Misek claims that this new iPhone will be an “S” upgrade, calling it the “iPhone 5S.” Misek says that it will feature such hardware updates as an improved camera and NFC. Additionally, he says improved battery life will be in the mix.


    There you go problem solved everyone!

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    Apple: I will be returning my iPhone 5 to you when the iPhone 5S is released for an exchange. You sold us all product that should be ILLEGAL for you to have done. You sold me something that I didn't buy. I bought 8 hours of usage. I get 3 1/2-4 1/2. This phone should have been recalled. How dare you let us spend our hard earned money when you knew **** well that this couldn't be fixed but went ahead and shipped them all on their merry way.

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    If my 2 year old iPhone 4 battery life is better than my brand new iPhone 5 battery I cant even begin to fathom what my iPhone 5 battery will be like before my upgrade is up 18 months from now. If its bad now it will prob be almost unusable by then.

  • AlwaysLookin4Answers Level 1 (5 points)

    This whole thing is beyond confusing. I restored my phone because I didn't want to use beta anymore and without anything but my contacts, iMessage, and safari the battery is like nothing I've seen from this phone thus far. It's definitely been on the same percentage for a long time now.. Going to charge it to 100 and use it this way until 1% and see what happens. So crazy

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    Almost 3000 replies spread over 200 pages and still not a peep from Apple. They screwed the pooch and they'll probably try and fix it with the release of the iPhone 5S next year.

    I won't be fooled twice tho Apple. Time to check out the competition again for the first time in many many years. Like the saying goes: what goes up, must come down. And if this whole debacle is any indication of Apple's future: it looks like it is finally Apple's time to crash and burn.


    You have to admit; they had a pretty good run.

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    Alleuliah !!


    But that's what you think. And it's an assumption. Apple is going to flourish for the years to come. And believe me when i say this, but the problem will be rectified in the 5s. So its a bloody vicious cycle. The 5 has major fu***** problems and they will never acknowledge this but instead fix it quietly with the 5s. So this will end up fooling everyone that yet again they have released another perfect phone , while all those who bought the 5 will remain in a lil black hole weeping and waiting for a fix which will never come


    I had a 4s , and when i had the chance to upgrade my phone free with Note 2 or Lumia 920 , i ask myself Why, Why Keke ? Why didn't i go for that phone. Why did i go for 5 ? Just to show off ? For a style statememnt ? Look where that got me buddy.. 


    Page 201 and nothing :/ I lead a sad life with the iphone 5 buddy         


    From India

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    Im on the third ip5,and same ol story.

    But atleast i know what drains my battery now.

    I did gaming for 1 hour(Rage,witch is pretty demanding)and i had the celluar off.the battery droped 10% for the whole hour of gaming.then i closed the app,turned on celuar,and an hour after browsing and reading this forum,im down with 24%.

    So gaming for an hour,lost 10%

    Surfing for an hour,lost24%

    I can actualy see the battery going down like **** while writing that post


    Not happy


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    This is the third day of my ownership...


    Description of the Problem


    I fully recharged the battery two days ago and this is what I got:


    Usage:5 Hours

    Standby: 10 Hours

    Battery: 0%


    I recharged the thing this afternoon (5PM fully charged), and this is where I am now (10PM):

    (5 hours later)


    Usage: 1 Hours, 49 Minutes

    Standby: 5 Hours, 2 Minutes

    Battery: 74%



    I am guessing that this is far from normal right?



    1. Why won't my usage time and standby time add up? The phone was fully charged 5 hours ago, yet it seems to believe that it has been fully charged for 7 hours.

    2. I noticed that it took quite a while for my phone to drop from 100% to 99%, but then it went downhill very quickly. The battery drains really fast when I am using it. It's almost 1% in every 1~2 minutes. This is not normal right?


    Personal note

    I am a victim of the Macbook Pro with Retina Display image retention nonsense; went through 4 display replacements and my current display is still flawed. I really don't know why I thought it was a good idea to spend $1000AUD on a new iPhone...

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    Lemme know which phone your taking : ) i might end up buying the same one too


    Even 5 hours later judging by the way your going your still going to get 5 hours usage time , at the most 5 hours 15 mins. I was fooled a couple of times thinking my battery was alright when it took ages to drop from 100 to 99 % but once it reached 99 % after that it  just drops and drops. And its not normal to answer your question.


    PS: We all thought it was a good idea to spend 900-1000 $ . Next time ill do my research 10 times before picking up an apple product.

  • Ca1eb Level 1 (0 points)



    Samsung galaxy skin looks pretty tasty,and it should be released at some point,early 2013

    Untill then i have to suffer with the £600 phone that is plugged to the wall :)

  • coolkenny13 Level 1 (15 points)

    Skin is the foldable one right. Im definetly not waiting till March. It's too long to suffer. I rather sell it off and get the blackberry 10. I had a good exp with them. And yes i know they did suck majorly in the OS and some other features but i think they may be on the right track for bb 10. While they haven't disclosed wht 10 is about , i do hope i will be able to pick up one and get back into the blackberry eco system.


    Then again im not too sure. Apple always provided good and rich apps as compared to their counterparts. So hopefully by jan ill have a good choice and choose another phone.


    But i dont want to deviate too much , the fact is apple ***** and they need to have 6.1 with a battery fix update rather than creating ****** passbooks apps or siri apps. I dont need those. While those serve brilliantly well in the US , majority of their sales happen abroad too. So get the battery thing fixed in order to make up for the other apps we can't enjoy ..          

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    Just did a quick test of my standby battery drain


    Duration: +- 17 minutes (from 10:58 to 11:15)


    Time: 10:58

    Usage: 2 Hours, 7 Minutes

    Standby: 6 Hours

    Battery Level: 67%


    17 minutes later


    Time: 11:15

    Usage: 2 Hours, 18 Minutes (+11 minutes)

    Standby: 6 Hours, 17 Minutes (+ 17 minutes)

    Battery Level: 66%



    Within 17 minutes, the battery dropped 1% in standby

    My iPhone thought it was in use for 11 minutes, and on standby for another 17 minutes

    --> a short 17 minutes of standby was interpreted by my iPhone as 28 minutes.


    What can I do to address this problem....

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    Hi there,


    i am on orange (EE) in the UK, and am experiencing similar problems maybe not as bad as some users.


    Sth I wanted to add is has anyone else recently had the problem that the Iphone can't reconnect to the networks again after e.g coming out of the tube ?


    I live in London and coverage  was always pretty good. Now I have to switch airplane mode on/off to manually reconnect.


    I lost faith in the company and product as well and the whole excitement is lost


    hoping for a full fix soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!